OPI Iceland Collection FW2017

I’m currently playing the balance game, trying to figure out how to juggle everything in my life right now. Hmm, I don’t think you ever quite figure it out. Once you solve one problem, another one pops up. Just enjoy life as it is, “don’t sweat the small stuff.”

We are now well into the fall and winter is most definitely on the horizon. How am I so sure? I need two blankets to sleep. So it’s about time I share with you my picks from OPI’s Iceland Collection for Fall/Winter. At the time of the release, I wasn’t very excited about the collection as a whole. I knew what I wanted and I got them.

I chose a mere three but these three, I am not disappointed with and I have no regrets. Too often I find I buy the same colors over and over again in new releases, then I wind up having a stash of too many dupes!

I am loving all the shifty shimmer polishes mainstream polish brands have out. It seems that this year, it’s all about the shimmer rather than the full on glitter. When I compiled my list of Fall Picks for 2017, I knew I was going to feature some shimmers.

This is Turn On the Northern Lights, featured in my Fall Picks post (additional photos here) so I’m sure you’ve already met. This deep eggplant is sprinkled with fuchsia shimmer that shifts to gold. When this is on your nails, you can’t help but hold it up to the light and squeal in delight.

2 easy coats, in the bottom photo with flash, you can see some VNL (visible nail line) but that is only due to the flash.

Turn On the Northern Lights

Let’s continue on with the shimmer and take a look at Check Out the Old Geysirs. This cement blue has an icy blue shimmer. I find that the bright shimmer contrasts perfectly with the cool darker base. Easy OPI formulation, 2 coats.

More photos in my Fall Picks post.

Check Out the Old Geysirs

The last color I chose because of it’s uniqueness. This Isn’t Greenland is a light mossy green. I have seen many similar polishes, but this one leans more towards the warm side. It’s like a beige with a few drops of green. This polish is perfect for the winter time, when you’re transitioning from the dark colors of fall to lighter, dustier versions of the spring colors you will soon be wearing.

This Isn’t Greenland

This full collection is also available in OPI’s Infinite Shine formulation. You get the same exact colors but with a stronger, longer lasting formula.

I found that I wasn’t thrilled with the selection in this collection but I was very happy with my three picks. They are all very fitting for this time of year and I currently am wearing Turn On the Northern Lights!

If you’re tired of using your cremes and have a distaste for metallic shades, give these light shimmer polishes a try. They aren’t as flashy as a full on glitter. A little shimmer never hurt anybody, no one will be blinded. They may stop and as you what you wearing and who doesn’t love a little recognition?

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