OPI Venice Collection for Fall/Winter 2015

This collection has been out for some time now. I’m currently swamped with fall collections and I’m finally getting around to reviewing this. I think part of the reason why it’s taken me this long is because anyone and everyone was reviewing these and I saw them everywhere. I kind of got tired of seeing them. It didn’t excite me to see them anymore. Now I have finally pulled them back out and I’m ready to share my own thoughts about the Venice Collection.

There are 15 polishes in the whole collection. Three of them are limited edition shades. They all have adorable quirky names, in typical OPI fashion. I picked up 7 polishes. Now, let’s get into things ’cause this is going to be lengthy!

Before I get into the seven I picked up, let me first talk about the ones I skipped on and why. I feel like sharing what you don’t like is just as important as sharing what you do like. By all means, you can skip this boring part and go on to the swatches. I don’t mind, go right on ahead.

I wasn’t into the warm peachy nude A Great Opera-tunity. It didn’t look like a good match for the skin tone. Seemed like it would make my skin look sallow against it.

OPI is known for their reds. There are tons of good ones in their core line. So many that I feel like every new red release seems like a dupe for something they probably already have. I’m biased of course, I’m just not into red so to me, they’re just a little repetitive. Amore at Grand Central and Gimme a Lido Kiss were skips for me. Gimme a Lido Kiss is a nice shimmery red with some pink, very red slipper-esque.

O Suzi Mio is a deep eggplant that OPI seems to release a variant of every year. I haven’t gotten much use of the others in my collection, so I thought I would save some cash and skip over this one too.

I was a little interested in the pastel pinky lilac, Purple Palazzo Pants. I didn’t end up getting it though purely because I don’t see it as a fall-appropriate color. Perhaps when spring rolls back around. I also feel like it not a particularly unique shade of purple, I probably have something similar in my vast stash of polish.

I didn’t grab any of the limited edition polishes. None of them caught my eye. Baroque… But Still Shopping, a metallic gold with gold glitter is an interesting one. An odd interesting. It boggles me that they would choose to add glitter into a metallic polish. The base covers the glitter so you end up with a chunky weirdly textured look. Not something I would go for.

The other two limited edition polishes are St. Marks the Spot and Venice the Party. Metallics are trendy for the fall, as you can guess by now with all the ones I have been reviewing recently (Wet n Wild, Zoya and more fall releases)! Venice the Party is a metallic peacock blue that never looks good on me. St. Marks the Spot is a metallic blue that I feel I have seen before. Zoya Estelle seems to be a dupe and I’ve seen a few pictures that have convinced me. If I already have something like it, I’m not going to spend more cash to get a second! I’m trying to save where I can! That way I can get other new polishes instead!


Glad I got that out of the way! Now here are my picks from the collection. First I have Tiramisu for Two. I love this name and it is such a lovely color. Tiramisu for Two is a pinky biege nude creme. It was very easy to apply. It’s on the thin side, yet it was opaque in an average two coats. I had no trouble with this formula. With thinner formulas, you don’t have to be as careful as you would need to for thicker more pigmented ones. This is pretty good, application is easy and it’s a nice nude creme.

Tiramisu for Two- 2 coats, no top coat


I couldn’t find a dupe for Tiramisu for Two in my stash. Here are the ones that look the closest. These two are very popular pinky neutrals from OPI. If you have tried these and feel that the undertones don’t fit with you, give Tiramisu for Two a try. Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around has cooler undertones, more gray and purple and My Very First Knockwurst is more pink.

(L-R) Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around, Tiramisu for Two, My Very First Knockwurst

I Cannoli Wear OPI has such a cute name, I couldn’t resist bringing it home! This is a very thin soft dove gray. So thin that it’s almost watery. It looked very sheer on the first coat but covered well on the second.

I Cannoli Wear OPI- 2 coats, no top coat


This polish is more gray that OPI’s My Boyfriend Scales Walls. I liked the formula of it better and if you don’t have either and want to get one of them, get My Boyfriend Scales Walls. If you want to be picky, I Cannoli Wear OPI is a tad more gray. It just depends on preference. You really don’t need both of these, they’re too alike to justify having both. I prefer the more crisp, creamier formula of My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

I&R: I Cannoli Wear OPI, M&P: My Boyfriend Scales Walls

(L-R) I Cannoli Wear OPI, My Boyfriend Scales Walls

Here’s another light shade, Be There in a Prosecco. The formula of this yellowy nude is just as thin as I Cannoli Wear OPI. This gave me some streaking and I need 3 coats for this one. I didn’t like this one. I feel like there are many other nude polishes that perform better. This is way too yellow for me.

Be There in a Prosecco- 3 coats, no top coat


Here’s a pic of the two nudes side by side.

(L-R) Tiramisu for Two, Be There in a Prosecco

At first glance, I wondered how this would compare to My Vampire is Buff. OPI released this a couple years ago in their Fall/Winter collection. These two only have a slight difference. Be There in a Prosecco is paler in comparison. My Vampire is Buff is more of a yellow, creamy vanilla. At the time of this post, My Vampire is Buff is on sale at Sally Beauty for just $3.99!

(L-R) Be There in a Prosecco, My Vampire is Buff

Now for the mind-boggling int polish in this fall collection. Gelato on my Mind is a shade that isn’t very fitting for this season. It doesn’t excite me either. The mint fad has come and gone! It’s still a lovely color but I’m over it, for the most part. By now, I have chosen my favorites and I don’t need another one. The formula of this is similar to the others, a thin but pigmented formula. I managed to get it opaque in 2 coats. I like my nudes a little thinner, when it comes to pastels though, I like a thicker formula. I’m such a Goldilocks.

Gelato on my Mind- 2 coats, no top coat


I’m surprised OPI didn’t release this sooner, perhaps during the warmer months. What is my current favorite mint? Essie Blossom Dandy from the recent spring Flowerista collection, review here. These two polishes are extremely similar, so close I can’t even tell on the nail. I’ve added a bottle comparison of Gelato on my Mind and other mints in my collection. All the mints show below aren’t exact dupes for Gelato on My Mind. Somehow, it’s just a few shades lighter than all of them.

I&R: Gelato on My Mind, M&P: Blossom Dandy

(L-R) Eternally Turquoise, Gelato on my Mind, Blossom Dandy, Mint Candy Apple

My Gondola is Yours is a black polish with fine pearl-like micro shimmer. In the bottle you can see the shimmer clearly. The formula is relatively thin giving the polish a smokey quality. In two coats, you’re left with a seemingly normal, ordinary black creme. The shimmer almost disappears entirely. At certain angles and in direct light you can make out the shimmer but it is so fine that it almost looks like dust particles stuck in the polish. When I said I love dusty shades, I didn’t mean this. I was really disappointed and did not enjoy this one at all. I expected better from a brand like OPI.

My Gondola is Yours- 2 coats, no top coat


I really liked this next one. When I hear that the OPI fall collection is coming out, this is what I am looking for! It’s a Piazza Cake is a burnt orange. I would call this a cayenne color. The formula was one of the better ones from this release. It was almost a one coater. It’s just creamy enough to glide on, while still maintaining a thin formula like the others. This is the type of formula I’ve come to expect and appreciate from OPI. It’s a Piazza Cake is making its way right into my fall polish choices!

It’s a Piazza Cake- 2 coats, no top coat


I was curious to see how this would look compared to the burnt red from the Essie fall Leggy Legend collectionWith the Band looks berry in this picture but that’s only because of how orange It’s a Piazza Cake looks! These two are extremely different! Take a look at how With the Band looks and the other polishes of the Leggy Legend collection, here!

(L-R) It’s a Piazza Cake, With the Band

Worth a Pretty Penne is a shimmery pinky copper with gold and silver laced through. It had alright coverage in one coat, I used two for opacity. You can probably get away with just one. This is something you can paint on fast and easily if you ever need a quick mani change. I thought this would look like other copper polishes but the laced metals made this one a keeper! I find this polish isn’t very fussy and the light brushstrokes left don’t bother me.

Worth a Pretty Penne- 2 coats, no top coat


For the curious ones, here’s a pic of Worth a Pretty Penne next to a popular copper. I’m not gonna explain this one! The difference is huge!

(L-R) Worth a Pretty Penne, Penny Talk (Essie)

It’s also different from China Glaze Meet Me in the Mirage (review) from the recent summer Desert Escape release.Meet Me in the Mirage is more pink and rosey, whereas Worth a Pretty Penne is more orange and copper.

(L-R) Worth a Pretty Penne, Meet Me in the Mirage

I&R: Worth a Pretty Penne, M&P: Meet Me in the Mirage

I was strolling around the drugstore the other day and happened to spot a polish that looked like a possible due for Worth a Pretty Penne! It’s from the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel line, named Terra-Coppa. It looks very close! So if you’d rather find something you can get on sale and use your coupons on, try Terra-Coppa!


This collection has been in stores for a while now. Not only are they available in the regular polish formula, they also have corresponding gel versions. There’s out anywhere OPI is sold! Sally Beauty and Ulta to name a few. Each individual polish is between $7-9.50, depending on where you buy it. Try Amazon for cheaper prices. There is also a mini set with 4 polishes for $13.95 which includes A Great Opera-tunity, Worth a Pretty Penne, Amore at the Grand Canal and My Gondola or Yours? here’s a link to it.

My favorites from this collection are It’s a Piazza Cake and Worth a Pretty Penne. If you don’t have a off-white blue/gray, try I Cannoli Wear OPI. These were all some solid polishes but I was kinda let down. OPI is a huge brand and they’ve never done me wrong. This collection doesn’t scream out fall to me. Sure, you can wear pastels any time you want to but I can safely say that many of us don’t. This collection was just eh for me. If you want some true fall collections, take a look here at all the ones I’ve recently reviewed. So far, my favorite would have to be the Revlon Fiery Temptress polishes! They’re gorgeous!


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