OPI Soft Shades 2015 Collection

Bright summer collections are taking over the nail scene and I am all aboard that trend. I love me some vibrant nail colors, but I also appreciate dainty shades as well. Essie’s Bridal 2015 Collection kicked of this new obsession I have with sheer, yet build-able polishes and now I have the OPI Soft Shades Collection to continue on.

This new collection is made up of six polishes. Three are soft and sheer nudes, one of the three has soft shimmer, paired along with a frosty soft silver and two glitter polishes. One is a shimmery sparkly white, the other full of soft matte pink flower and hex glitter. I was able to get my hands on every polish except for the gorgeous soft white with shimmer named Chiffon My Mind. That one’s definitely on my list! For now, here’s the rest of the collection. Let’s see if I prefer the dainty colors from the Essie Bridal Collection, or these from OPI.


Act Your Beige! is an almost-white beige. This milky pink beige is perfect for a french manicure or all over if that’s what you prefer. It can be sheer in one lone coat or built up to a fuller look in three. This coverage is great. It’s not one of those sheer polishes you need to put five or six layers to see anything and that’s what I love about it! This polish instantly makes your nails look clean and fresh.

It would be great to tone down loud glitters. You could use it in a jelly sandwich to make any dramatic glitter more elegant.

Act Your Beige!- 3 coats, no top coat

Put it in Neutral is a blushing nude color. This is a great polish to use when you’re trying to rush out the door and quickly bring some health back into your nails. However, this is probably the least exciting and the most common shade of this collection.

Put it in Neutral- 3 coats, no top coat

This Silver’s Mine! looks amazing in the bottle, it makes me think of a lavish gown. It’s a frosty pearly silver that gently reflects rose gold, you can see this better in the cover bottle shot. I was interested in this because it wasn’t plain silver. To me, it looks more of a champagne white gold rather than silver at all. As with most frosts, this one dries with plenty of annoying brush stroke streaks and they don’t get better with a top coat either.

These streaks may be a no-go for most people, but this color is so lovely, I might try the sponging technique to see if it will ameliorate some of the streakiness.

This Silver’s Mine- 2 coats, no top coat

This glitter topper, Make Light of the Situation, is full of pearly golden shimmer, tiny bits of iridescent shimmer and iridescent glitter in a mixture of small sizes. If I was one of those lucky polish namers over at OPI, I would name this one Snow Flurries Make You Blurry. Please don’t hate it, I think it’s a cute name! Doesn’t it suit it just perfectly too?

Make Light of the Situation- 1 coat over Act Your Beige!

For a glitter that is less sparkly, try Petal Soft. It’s a pretty mix of pink and white matte glitter with white large flower shaped glitter pieces. The white base isn’t thick in this one. It’s very easy to apply. You need very little effort to get the glitter on the brush. The flower pieces are a little harder to come by, I had to do a quite a bit of fishing.

Petal Soft- 1 coat over Act Your Beige!

Petal Soft- 1 coat sandwiched in Act Your Beige!

Petal Soft- 1 coat over Put it in Neutral

Petal Soft- 1 coat sandwiched in Put it in Neutral

Is this polish unique? No, it’s not. Formula X has a polish exactly like this once upon a time. Blossom was limited edition and I never got my hands on it because of the price tag so I’m very happy OPI not has an alternative. Petal Soft is pretty much a clone of Blossom, except perhaps with a little more white glitter. Sinful Colors recently released a limited edition polish very much like this in a green form, Shamrockin’ (blog post here). Everything about them is exactly the same, except for the color, green vs. pink. Nails Inc also had an assortment of limited edition flower glitter mixes name Blossom Polishes. IF you weren’t able to get your hands on either of these, either because of the price or availability, Petal Soft would be a great opportunity to try out whimsical flower glitter.

Garden Bouquet from L’Oreal’s Haute Florals Collection for spring 2015 is a great drugstore option. It’s a mix of pink flower and hex glitter with some green short bar glitter. If you’re thinking OPI is too expensive and would like a cheaper option, this may be your best bet. The Haute Florals Collection has been out in stores since March so it may be tough to get your hands on now. If you’re able to locate it and don’t mind the green bar glitter, Garden Bouquet would be a great alternative to getting Petal Soft.

Petal Soft, Shamrockin’

This collection looks so pretty all together. If you ever want to have a sophisticated nail look, chances are you can look through the OPI Soft Shades Collections and find the perfect polish. Essie’s also a brand that does soft sheer shades well. So do I prefer the Essie Bridal 2015 shade selection or the OPI Soft Shades 2015 more? I like that Essie decided to be more daring and added some splashes of color this year, still, I love this collection more. There is an assortment of finishes and more choices. Instead of having a ton of sheer jelly nudes, like most of Essie’s collection this year, OPI has two sheer nudes, one sheer with a whisper of shimmer, two glitters and a frost. That’s a pretty variety.

If you want to grab any of these. They are out in stores now, April 2015. There is a mini set available with four polishes, Put it in NeutralAct Your Beige!, This Silver’s Mine! and Make Light of the Situation. You can find them anywhere OPI is sold, such as Ulta. They’re even on Amazon. Now, excuse me while I get my hands on that last one, Chiffon My Mind!


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