OPI Nordic Collection (Fall 2014)

It seems that OPI has some people a little disappointed with their latest fall collection. The colors OPI chose to represent fall in their collection are questionable. Alongside some neutral shades are some bright colors that are reminiscent of summer. Although those colors do not suit this new season, those are the ones that I picked up. These bright colors are refreshing after all the dark dreary colors of autumn. I’ve been playing with these new shades for a while now and I am finally sharing them with you. Stay tuned for my thoughts on this year’s OPI fall release.


I am a sucker for a great sea green. I had to get my hands on My Dogsled is a Hybrid. It’s a breeze to apply and very very creamy. This color was one of the polishes I used during the transition between summer and fall. Even though it is much brighter than the colors that are normally associated with fall, I think it somehow fits. I believe it’s the slight dustiness in this polish, it’s bright, but it’s slightly subdued. For those experiencing summer on the other side of the world, here’s one that works for you too!

IMG_3626My Dogsled is a Hybrid- 2 coats, no top coat

Do You Have This Color in Stock-Holm? is a true blurple—that’s a mixture of blue and purple. When you have this on your nails, people will notice. I see myself wearing this paired with a gray sweater, that’ll really make it pop! Every time I’ve worn it I can’t help but stare.

Oh, this polish has the typical ‘pacific blue’ smell. If you don’t know what I’m talk about, take our your Pacific Blue from Sally Hansen and smell it. Almost all blues that are similar suffer from the ‘pacific blue’ stench. It’s not a big issue since it doesn’t hang around, but I thought I would warn you.

IMG_3632Do You Have This Color in Stock-Holm?- 3 coats, no top coat

The bright orange coral in this collection is called Can’t Afjörd Not To. Long story short, I’m not the biggest fan of this. The formula’s just okay; 3 coats needed. I don’t think coral really fits in during the fall, but it is pretty refreshing next to all those other fall polishes that are out. One summer comes back around, I’m going to sport this on my toes.

IMG_3647Can’t Afjörd Not To- 3 coats, no top coat

Lookalikes of this polish are plentiful. I have two to share, OPI’s Hot & Spicy and Essie’s Tart Deco. These two are not exact dupes, but they are similar option that you may already own. Hot & Spicy is very close to Can’t Afjörd Not To, it’s just a hint more red, CANT has a strong orange in it. Tart Deco is a lighter, more pastel variant that is more on the pink side than CANT.

IMG_3649Index & Ring: Can’t Afjörd Not To, Middle: Hot & Spicy, Pinky: Tart Deco

One of the most popular of this collection is this dense micro glitter called My Voice is a Little Norse. There is micro silver glitter accompanied with glitter resembling the three colors I just talked about. Sea green like My Dogsled is a Hybrid, Do You Have This Color in Stock-Holm? represented by purple and some orange for Can’t Afjörd Not To. All this delicate glitter wrapped up in a transparent gray tinged base.  I really like how OPI did this, it’s ingenius. This way, the glitter will easily work with any of these three polishes. I love that it’s not just a boring silver that we’ve seen way too much. This was beautifully done.

I use My Voice is a Little Norse as a topper, but you can use this alone. Keep in mind if you want to do this it takes about 3 coats to build up opacity.

IMG_3629My Voice is a Little Norse- 1 coat over My Dogsled is Hybrid, no top coat

Of course I have to get a color that’s extremely popular during the fall season. For my last polish choice, I went with Viking in a Vinter Vonderland. This vampy purple with a fun name is one I know I will be using often. I love pulling out colors like this during this time of year and it’s a plus that the formula is amazing.

IMG_3658Viking in a Vinter Vonderland- 2 coats, no top coat

The closest shade I have is Vant to Bite My Neck? from OPI (again with the replacement of W’s with V’s…). They are both deep vampy purples. They are so close! You can’t even tell them apart in the bottles. On the nails, however, you can see the differences clearly. Vant to Bite My Neck? is lighter and has a more berry undertone than Viking in a Vinter Vonderland.

IMG_3667Index & Ring: Viking in a Vinter Vonderland, Middle & Pinky: Vant to Bite My Neck?

OPI almost always kills the formulas of their polishes and this formula features that amazing formula. Once again, the colors were a little disappointed. OPI usually does such a great job with their seasonal collections. I was just not very thrilled with this one. I’m sure if you’re into nail polish, you were just as disappointed as I was when you saw that this collection is comprised of mostly neutral shades. I personally think neutral shades aren’t very fun, once you have a favorite, you really don’t need to collect them. At least I don’t think there are many people who collect various shades of tan… I could be wrong. I honestly feel OPI could have done much better with this collection. I do have some favorites that I really ended up enjoying though.

My top three are My Voice is a Little NorseDo You Have This Color in Stock-Holm? and My Dogsled is a Hybrid. I recommend these three if you’re thinking of trying something from this release. My top recommendation is My Voice is a Little Norse. You really must see it in person, it works nicely alone or can amp up any base color.

Maybe OPI’s onto something by introducing these bright during the fall instead of summer. I ended up liking these more than I thought I would. Stay tuned for a review of OPI’s new winter collection, (spoiler) you’re not gonna want to miss this!


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