OPI It’s a Boy from the Oh Baby Collection

I was browsing through a beauty supply store the other day when a tiny display by the register caught my eye. This cute little OPI display sparked my interest and I picked one up. The Oh Baby collection features only two polishes, It’s a Girl and It’s a BoyIt’s a Girl is a soft shimmery pink while It’s a Boy is a soft shimmery blue. It’s a Girl has been out for a while now, it was part of the Soft Shades Collection in 2010. From the looks of it, It’s a Boy is a totally new release! When I bought it, I had no idea. Here’s your first look to this new polish.

It’s a Boy- Close Up Bottle Shot

It’s a Boy is full of soft pearly silver, pink and blue shimmer. This dainty baby blue has a bit of dustiness, making it like no other blue I own. It’s a thinner formula, I used 3 thin coats for the pictures below.

It’s A Boy- 3 coats, no top coat



In Dim Artifical Light

In Natural Light

I love how this color looks. This is the perfect polish to be named It’s a Boy. The soft shimmer is just as delicate as a newborn baby. Ah, this is perfection. I love my greens more than anything, but baby blues get me every time!

Oh Baby Collection Display
Image-1 copy

I’m surprised it took so long for OPI to release a polish named It’s a Boy. Surely everyone was expecting a counterpart to It’s a Girl, right? Well, about 4 1/2 years later, we have the long awaited polish and it is so much better than I had hoped. Please tell me you feel the same! It’s a Girl is purely a sheer baby pink, I am so glad OPI didn’t just put out a blue version of that formula. This is way better!

I don’t own any blue similar to this. The shimmer from this polish does remind me of another one I own, OPI I Don’t Give a Rotterdam. The shimmer in these two are very similar, though I Don’t Give a Rotterdam has a light gold sheen whereas It’s a Boy has a silver sheen. If you’re looking for a blue with more gray to it and almost identical shimmer, try I Don’t Give a Rotterdam. Another alternative is I Have a Herring Problem which is a darker version of I Don’t Give a Rotterdam. Sadly, I don’t own that polish to show you. It’s actually been on my wishlist for a while!

(L-R) It’s a Boy & I Don’t Give a Rotterdam

I’m not sure when this collection is to be officially released. I’ve scoured the web to no avail. There’s not really any info on this yet, I’ve only seen it on one international website. Keep your eyes peeled! Beauty Supply stores should be receiving it in the coming months. I’m hoping Ulta will receive this soon so it’ll be easier to get your hands on.

If you’re looking for more on new OPI collections, I will be reviewing and swatching polishes from the Hawaii Spring/Summer 2015 Collection soon and the Soft Shades, too. For now, feast in the plethora of new collection posts on here on my blog!

Edit 03/30/15: I found a pink version of It’s a Boy! It’s also from OPI and part of their permanent selection. Pedal Faster Suzi! (OPI really likes their exclamation marks, huh?) has the same pearly shimmer, same formula and gives exactly the same look. The only difference is that it’s a pink. I just posted a Mani Monday using these two. Click HERE to see how similar these two really are!



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