OPI Infinite Shine Soft Shades 2015: Eternally Turquoise & Go to Grayt Lengths (Review & Swatches)

Another Soft Shades Collection you ask? Yep. Here is an extension to the OPI Soft Shades collection, in their newly released Infinite Shine formula. What are these Infinite Shine OPIs you ask? I did a review on the whole three step system a while back here, complete with a wear test! If there’s any information you want to know on the whole Infinite Shine range and system, my review from before is the best place to find out. It’s jam packed with all the info you would want to know!

Just when you thought the bridal collections were over, here’s another! I like categorize the Soft Shades collection along with all the other bridal collections. I had no idea there was an extension to the OPI Soft Shades Collection at the time of my review so this was a happy surprise. I wasn’t ready purchase each polish in the full collection, so I walked away content with two. After all, these cost more than the regular OPI polishes. They’re a long wearing gel/polish hybrid so you’ll have to drop $12.50 on each. Yea, I’ll take just two for now…


First up is this pretty minty blue named Eternally Turquoise. What girl doesn’t love minty blue? I’ve been seeing this color everywhere because it’s what everyone turns to in the springtime. I thought I was over it but I guess I was mistaken ’cause I am just swooning for this one. This mint’s different from all the others, there’s a bit of a gray tone running through it. In darker settings, it can look like a subdued pastel blue. In the light, it’s a pop of mint.

I may have many mints in my nail polish collection but this one is going to have a place of its own. How amazing does the bottle look too? That silver cap and this minty blue it holds within is such a pretty sight!

The formula is creamy, smooth and shiny. This self levels perfectly, too.

Eternally Turquoise- 2 coats, no top coat


Of course we want to see comparisons to other blues like these. I have it next to Essie Blossom Dandy from the recent spring collection and the well-known Essie Mint Candy Apple. These two are both brighter minty pastels compared to Eternally Turquoise. Blossom Dandy and Mint Candy Apple look pretty alike here. If you want to see comparisons solely between those two, there’s one in the Essie Flowerista Collection post I did a while back.

I&R: Eternally Turquoise, M: Blossom Dandy, P: Mint Candy Apple


This soft shimmer gray makes me think of a gray chiffon dress. Go to Grayt Lengths gives excellent coverage and can almost be a one coater. I feel that this is what I was hoping Sally Hansen Aisle Be Yours (Bridal Collection 2015) would be like, just a little more golden and white. Anyway, Go to Grayt Lengths has amazing silver shimmer generously sprinkled all throughout. It’s the perfect polish that gently nudges for attention instead of obnoxiously asking for it. Just to prove what I mean, I’ve got more than one shot of this!

Go to Grayt Lengths- 2 coats, no top coat



After all the gushing about these, I’m sure y0u can tell that I’m happy with my purchase. I’m glad I ended up getting these two. I feel that I picked out two winners. They are both gorgeous colors and I trust that these will perform like the other Infinite Shine polishes I have tried and last one me for quite a while. If you’re interested, I have a review on the system here complete with a wear test with day-by-day updates. Well, would you wear these to a wedding or would you choose from the other bridal collections out now?

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