OPI Starlight Collection for Holiday 2015

We are finishing up with fall collections and moving into the Holiday/Winter category. First up, I am happy to bring out the OPI Starlight Collection. OPI’s fall collection had me a little underwhelmed and I’m hoping that these will bring me just what I am looking for when it comes to winter nail options.

Out of this huge 18 shade release, I picked just 6. Why? I’ll explain in a little bit. Keep reading.

There are a number of glitters in this collection. One with rosy chevron and black-colored diamond glitter pieces named Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Meteorite and one with gold and rosy chevron with multicolored microglitter named Infrared-y To Glow that seemed to me, like something you would find in a nail kit aimed for little kids wanted to venture into the nail world. I was curious about them but really, I’m not going to spend the OPI price tag to get polishes that I’ll only swatch once and probably never wear again. If they do turn up on sale somewhere, I would like to grab them up for my collection. For now, I think I’ll be fine without them. I love the glitter I picked and ooooh wait until you look at the shimmers!

Before we get into the swatches. I need to address a couple of polishes from this collection as well as a few from past collections this past year. What in the world has OPI been thinking lately? Frosty metallics and glitter? A chunky tacky mess. I love the brand but they really need to stop this. I saw Pineapples Have Peelings Too (Spring/Summer 2015) and thought oh no, never. Never ever. Then I saw Baroque… But Still Shopping (Fall/Winter 2015) and thought now, why would they ever ruin a gold that way? Now they’ve gone too far. Not only do they have a silver counterpart named By the Light of the Moon but now they have a gold with holographic bar glitter named Is This Star Taken?. I don’t know what’s going on. I know there may be people out there that are completely for this trend but I know that there people, probably much more, that despise it. I don’t despise it… I just don’t think it belongs on my nails, to put it lightly.

OPI’s iconic. I’m just waiting for them to wow me again. Maybe these polishes will do it for me, we’ll see.

To start things of, I have something that’s perfect for this time of year when we want that vampy look. Here is Guys & Galaxies. It has the slightest bit of a crelly formula and a very good consistency, very easy to get on. It’s a vampy red with the perfect touch of brown to get the vampy blood red you’re looking for.

Guys & Galaxies- 2 coats, no top coat

Guys & Galaxies is much darker than In a Holidaze from last year’s OPI Holiday Collection. In the bottle they can appear similar but on the nail, they are noticeably different. In a Holidaze is a raspberry red. Guys & Galaxies is a powerful dark blood red.

Guys & Galaxies, In a Holidaze

This next one is a color I wouldn’t normally pick up for myself. The color was interesting and wasn’t like anything in my collection so I decided to take a chance with it. This plummy purple has the most beautiful gentle purple sheen and the pink flash got me when I saw it. I’m in the Moon for Love has a fantastic formula, nice thin consistency with great pigmentation. This was a brilliant one coater but I would wear two coats with this one for the added thickness that helps with wear. When I’m in a situation where I want to paint my nails and I have to rush to paint them, thin one coaters are what I reach for.

I’m in the Moon for Love- 1 coat, no top coat

The one and only glitter I picked up is Ce-less-tial is More a pale pink and gold full coverage glitter. It has the crushed gems type of look in the bottle that made me instantly put it in my basket. There is shimmer, silver micro glitter, pale pink metallic micro and fine glitter and to top it off there’s also holographic micro hex glitter and it is PACKED all of this! It’s the cheer of the holidays all in a bottle. I would love to layer this over Zoya Sue, a light champagne from the new Matte Velvet Collection. That would be gorgeous.

I got full coverage with 2 coats but at certain angles you may be able to see bare nail peeking through. I would say if you want to wear this alone, you would need 3 coats to get a flawless look or you could easily use matching color for a base. This glitter is way to dense to be used as a topper, it really does not look very good that way.

Ce-less-tial is More- 2 coats, no top coat

This sparkling cranberry is called Let Your Love Shine. It was an easy one coater with a very good formula. Very pretty. Great for those holiday parties.

Let Your Love Shine- 1 coat, no top coat

Let Your Love Shine is a shade that you may be familiar with if you were acquainted with OPI’s past holiday collections. It seems they release a shimmery red every year that’s just a bit different from their previous one. Last year’s Red Fingers & Mistletoes is more red and a shade or two lighter and brighter.

I&R: Let Your Love Shine, M&P: Red Fingers & Mistletoes

Cosmo with a Twist is one of the polishes I knew I had to have. Blue and purple shimmer is all in a midnight blue crelly base. You can even see a flash of red and gold at certain angles that make this unique. I love blue and purple polish and anything with both gets a stamp of approval from me! I can see this polish complimenting an all black, sleek outfit beautifully.

Cosmo with a Twist- 2 coats, no top coat

Just because this is such a gorgeous polish, here’s another pic in dimmer lighting.


The last is another pretty blue named Give Me Space. This is a night blue with fine silver and holo shimmer. The shimmer is beautifully mixed into this polish, it laces together perfectly. The formula was great, it was nearly a one coater.

Give Me Space- 2 coats, no top coat

From first sight, I thought this polish would be similar to another stunning blue I own, Dream by Zoya. The shimmer is replaced by flecks in DreamGive Me Space is more subtle and less as glitzy. Dream is also a brighter blue compared to the deeper, space blue in Give Me Space. These two are very different and there is surely room for both with me!

Give Me Space, Dream

I&R: Give Me Space, M&P: Dream

This collection was full of hits and misses, that’s why I only picked out 6 from the 18. Out of the ones that I chose, I would say they were hits. Some of these colors may be boring if you’ve been following OPI for a while. They always release tons of reds that look very much like existing shades from their range. Due to the fact that I rarely dabbled into reds, I don’t own many from the line so I’m happy with the two I’ve chosen. Let Your Love Shine is a sparkly metallic red that looks party-ready and Guys & Galaxies is a great vampy red that filled a spot that was missing in my collection.

My ultimate favorite from this collection would have to be Cosmo with a Twist, although I really did enjoy Give Me Space. These two and the two reds are my top picks. The Starlight Collection from OPI is available now in stores at $9.50 each. There is also a mini set with Love Is In My Cards, Guys and Galaxies, Is This Star Taken? and Press Star for Silver for $13.95. Currently, Amazon has this mini set listed for $4.89 plus $3.95 shipping. It’s not listed yet on the Ulta website but it’ll get there soon! Keep your eyes posted!

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