OPI Love OPI, XOXO Collection | Holiday 2017

I am well aware it is now the second week of the new year and the holidays have come and gone. However, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t share the holiday collections. These are still available in store and just because it was geared towards the holidays, doesn’t mean you are suddenly unable to wear them the day after New Year’s.

I know what you’re thinking. Holiday collection? Really? Been there. These aren’t just holiday polishes. They’re not boring. OH boyyyyy. Just click and see!

Going with the color of the holidays, here is the red I got from the collection. There are two reds in this collection, I chose this poppy red over the true apple red. My Wish List is You is a bright poppy red with a crelly formula, which gives it a crazy shine. The drawback with this is that you’ll need 3 coats to reach opacity. The formula glides on easily so it’s not too much of a hassle.

I do like this, buttttttt… I wouldn’t put down my favorite poppy, Essie Color Binge. For more holiday reds though, take a look at my Holiday Reds post!

Feel the Chemis-tree is a shimmery purple with a very regal look. This would make a gorgeous debutante ball gown. For me, this is a little too magenta to my liking, although I do like the polish overall.

This reminds me of a purple version of Muir Muir on the Wall. For a purple shimmer, I would much prefer Turn on the Northern Lights from OPI’s recent Fall/Winter Iceland Collection.

This winter must be the year of charcoal. First it was Essie Social-lights now OPI has a new fun take on charcoal. Coalmates is a gray full of tiny glistening iridescent-like blue and purple shimmer with a veil of pearl shimmer, with hints of flakies. The complexity in the components that make up this polish is mind-boggling!

The next is probably the polish you overlooked in the store. It may seem like a plain black but in reality, Holidazed Over You is a shiny inky jet black. It has a slightly jelly formula, giving it an unbelievable shiny finish. The blue doesn’t show much on the nails, maybe it’s all in my mind, but I feel like it gives it a fresher appearance as compared to a normal black polish. Did I mention it was just one coat?!

For more flakie fun, this is Top the Package with a Beau. The gold flakes in this deep gray jelly base makes this polish look brown. Giving an unpolished base a polished addition with the gold is am interesting look and I think I’m okay with this weird mix.

Those were my picks from the OPI Holiday Collection and I must say, I’m slightly impressed. Usually with holiday collections, OPI tends to oversaturate it with reds and gold in different finishes and I took a breath of fresh air this time.

The two that stood out to me were Coalmates and Top the Package with a Beau. I like that OPI has stepped into the flakie/shimmer game and I hope they continue to experiment more! Take a look at those pictures again, see how dimensional they are?! Ughhhhh! I need to wipe the drool from my mouth.

As always, each one of these polishes have an Infinite Shine equivalent. If you want a longer-lasting look to last days and days, look to the Infinite Shine line.


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