OPI Holiday 2014 Gwen Stefani Collection

Yep, you read that right. Holiday collection. This post has been long overdue! The holidays are over, but hey! It’s still January (barely) and I should definitely put up this post. These have been sitting in my drawer of “future blog posts” for a while now and I felt sorry for their little lacquered hearts. Wait, this happened late time with the OPI Nordic collection for fall as well… I was late putting that blog post up too. Man, I’m terrible.

Well, if you remember a few weeks months ago, I posted a holiday set featuring some polishes from this collection. The Rollin’ in Cashmere set featured 2 stunning glitter polishes and a gorgeous gold. Those 2 glitter polishes, Snow Globetrotter and Comet in the Sky are now a couple of my all-time favorite glitters! Anyway, here are more polishes from the Holiday 2014 collection in collaboration with Gwen Stefani.

Let’s start with one of my favorites, I Carol About You is a deep purple with very fine shimmer. OPI has one of my very favorite nail polish formulas and brushes and I Carol About You did not disappoint It’s formula is smooth and can easily be a one coater, but because it applies on the thinner side, I used 2 to build thickness.

I Carol About You- 2 coats, no top coat

OPI has a number of deep purple shades so I compared I Carol About You with the two I own from recent collections, Vant to Bite My Neck (OPI Fall 2013) and Viking in a Vinter Vonderland (OPI Fall 2014). Of these 3 vampy purples, I Carol About You is the lightest while Viking in a Vinter Vonderland is darkest. These shades are so alike, I’d say there’s no need to own all three. I Carol About You does contain some slight shimmer, so that sets it aside from the others.

I&R: I Carol About You, M: Viking in a Vinter Vonderland, P: Vant to Bite My Neck

Holiday collections must have a holiday red right? In this collection, there was a whole range of red polishes. It was jam-packed with reds of different tones and undertones, with and without shimmer. I would normally skip on reds but since this collection had its own section of the sultry shade, I knew I had to grab at least one or two.

In A Holidaze is a jelly red with a slight raspberry tone. It reminded me of a sheerer jelly version of Dress to Kilt from essie’s recent fall collection. Don’t let the word jelly scare you. It’s super buildable, just 2 coats and it’s perfectly opaque.

In A Holidaze- 2 coats, no top coat

Here’s a look at it next to Dress to Kilt. Dress to Kilt has a thicker formula and is a darker creme polish. It’s just a touch darker than In A Holidaze. Of the two, I easily pick Dress to Kilt, simply because its fantastic formula and glossy shine without even adding top coat. If you haven’t checked out the collection it’s from, be sure to do so. Every polish from that collection deserves two thumbs up.

I&R: In A Holidaze, M&P: Dress to Kilt

Onto my second red, Red Fingers & Mistletoes. What a cute name. This shimmery red looks like In A Holidaze sprinkled with a heaping spoonful of gold and red shimmer. The gold shimmer is less apparent on the nail than it is in the bottle. When painted, there’s just a touch of gold shimmer. I have nothing in my collection that look similar. If you want a red that’s a bit darker and with intense shimmer, I recommend Zoya’s India from the recent Ignite collection.

Red Fingers & Mistletoes- 2 coats, no top coat

Sleigh Parking Only is very hard to describe. The color is a plumy raisin sort of purple with a brown lean. If you have been looking to try the popular brown polish trend, this one is a good polish to begin with. The formula is nice and creamy and this brown toned purple is different and unique.

Sleigh Parking Only- 2 coats, no top coat

Other plumy raisin polishes I own include Carry On (Essie Fall 2011) and OPI Scores A Goal (OPI Spring/Summer 2014). To my surprise, it seems Sleigh Parking Only is a very close dupe for Essie’s Carry On. If you own this polish, its around for some time now, you should definitely skip on Sleigh Parking OnlyOPI Scores A Goal is a lighter creme, but it is still in the same color family.

I&R: Sleigh Parking Only, M: Carry On, P: OPI Scores A Goal

The one color I knew I wanted and the polish I made a beeline for in this collection was, Christmas Gone Plaid. This pretty pine green was something I was missing from my stash and this is exactly what I was looking for. Christmas Gone Plaid isn’t anything breathtaking, that is, if green polishes aren’t your thing. It’s just that perfect standard evergreen shade that’s surprisingly hard to find. Sorry about the swatch, the coffee I drank was kicking in and making it very hard to paint neatly…

If you want something close to this shade without the OPI price, Sinful Colors has some great greens to choose from for just $1.99. My favorite is Calypso. They often go on sale at Walgreen for just 99 cents as well.

Christmas Gone Plaid- 2 coats, no top coat

My last pick was First Class Desires. The sole reason I bought this polish was to compare it to Zoya’s Sansa (Zoya Fall 2014). This shimmery golden purple is beautiful nonetheless. It’s the purple alternative for Red Fingers & Mistletoes.

First Class Desires- 2 coats, no top coat

Here’s the comparison between First Class Desires and Sansa. To the untrained eye, they’re exactly the same. When you’re a nail polish collector, you can see some slight differences that makes these two completely different. I use completely very loosely though. Sansa is a smidge darker and more shimmery. The gold from Sansa catches the eye much more than in First Class Desires. I love both of these but I recommend getting just one of these with your choice depending on your shimmer preference.

I&R: First Class Desires, M&P: Sansa

I’m very happy with this selection of nail polishes. I’m also glad OPI wasn’t like Essie, they chose some colors that really scream out winter. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, take a look at the Jiggle High, Jiggle Lo(w) collection from Essie.

This was a pretty massive release. There were 3 whole sections to this collection, red shades, classic shades and nail effects. Be sure to check out my post on the Rollin’ in Cashmere trio, which includes 2 polishes from the nail effects selection. My favorites featured in this post were Sleigh Parking Only, Red Fingers & Mistletoes, and Christmas Gone Plaid. From the whole collection though, I’d say the Snow Globetrotter and Comet in the Sky were my very favorite! Seriously, take a look at them here!

Winter will be leaving us soon, so be sure to grab these and dress your nails in these gorgeous shades and nail effects from this Gwen Stefani x OPI release!

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