OPI Holiday 2014 Gwen Stefani Rollin’ in Cashmere Set

This holiday season, OPI is releasing a collection with Gwen Stefani. This would not be the first the the pair has collaborated, earlier this year a collection was released named after her. I wasn’t very thrilled by the selection last time, there were only a select few that I liked enough to buy. This time around, the press release and pictures I could find online got me excited. There are some shades I have to get. Whoo, the glitters though. They are alluring. The moment I set my eyes on them, I knew I would have to hunt them down.
The official release date for this collection is October 2014. That being said, I managed to get them a little earlier. Today I have the Rollin’ in Cashmere set, a set of 3 polishes, two glitters and a gold. I can’t wait to share these with you. Read further to find out more.

To start things off, let’s talk about the gold that this set is named after. Honestly in the beginning, I didn’t like the gold. I thought it didn’t look like anything special. I thought I had so many gold polishes that there was no place in my collection for another one. I was wrong. What does Rollin’ in Cashmere look like? How can I describe it?
Rollin’ in Cashmere is what I would like to call a sophisticated gold. Yep, that about sums up how this polish looks like. The way this paled out gold shimmers ever so slightly makes it look so luxurious. It’s so soft, OPI I couldn’t have named it anything better, it’s cashmere. The qualities of cashmere is all in this gold. Oh and it also looks amazing on my medium skin tone.

IMG_3305Rollin’ in Cashmere- 2 coats, no top coat

I have nothing like this. For comparison purposes, I chose to compare it with one of Stefani’s polishes from the earlier collaboration, Love.Angel.Music.Baby. It was the only color in my stash that was remotely close to Rollin’ in Cashmere, that’s how unique it is. LAMB is much more shimmery and a whiter gold as to RiC. I would say they are closely related, but not quite the same tone.

IMG_3308Index&Ring: Rollin’ in Cashmere
Middle&Pinky: Love.Angel.Music.Baby.

If I was limited to just one nail polish from this whole holiday collection, I would choose this one for sure. That I am able to automatically pick a favorite out of 18 total nail lacquers says something. Comet in the Sky is a glitter topper that is breathtaking both in the bottle and on the nail. In the bottle it may look like it has a black base to the glitter, but it’s just due to all the black hex glitter. Inside the clear base, various sized matte black hexes and holo hex glitters twinkle with shine. Like a comet in the night sky, the holo glitter beams through the black background, reflecting off gold, green and blue along the way. It is stellar.
Just an observation, doesn’t Comet in the Sky remind you of OPI’s DS Titanium? I just did a post on that yesterday and am wearing it right this moment. The more I stare at my nails, the more I’m thinking if you crushed up CitS, added a little bit of silver, it would look almost identical to DS Titanium! Hm, I’m going to need to layer these two on together… Follow me on instagram, I’ll post it there when I execute this idea!
In the image, I paired Comet in the Sky with Essie The Perfect Cover Up (Dress to Kilt-fall 2014). This glitter looks best on dark colors, to boost the galactic look. It’s a very easy glitter to apply. If you want the larger chunky black hexes, you might need to fish a little.

IMG_3310Comet in the Sky- 1 coat over Essie The Perfect Cover Up

Snow Globetrotter is the polar opposite of Comet in the Sky. The black is replaced with white. A mixture of white matte glitter and holo hexes of different sizes float in a clear base. Imagine shaking up the bottle and waiting for the glitter pieces to settle on the bottom. It’s a snow globe!
To play up the look even more, I chose a wintery color to pair it with. I painted a coat over Essie’s Parka Perfect (Shearling Darling-winter 2013). Application was also easy, but the larger hexes are a little hard to grab. Mix up the bottle before painting and those large hexes should get onto the brush easier. I hate how the holo glitter makes it look like there are holes in the polish, so sad. Very pretty though.

IMG_3313Snow Globetrotter- 1 coat over Essie Parka Perfect

That’s all I have for you today. Three preview swatches of these new polishes to get you hyped up for this upcoming release. Again, I need to reiterate, if I had to choose just one from the entire collection, I would go with Comet in the Sky. I’ll link to my instagram post when I go through with my pairing idea of DS Titanium & Comet in the Sky here!

All three of these lacquers are amazing. I am so glad that this release interested me so much more than the previous Gwen Stefani & OPI collab. Keep an eye out for these and your bank account in preparation! Snatch up those glitters first and make your wishlist now! I have a feeling these are going to fly off the shelves.

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