OPI Hello Kitty Collection (Jan 2016) Review & Comparison

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Are you into cute stuff? I’m into cute stuff. OPI and Hello Kitty have teamed up to create this new collection just in time for the new year. I have been keeping an eye on this collection ever since pictures of them surfaced on the internet, maybe two or three months ago. Then I saw them in action on OPI’s official snapchat (OPIsnaps) and I knew I was going to need to pick a few of them up.

Funny thing is, I’m really not that into Hello Kitty. Not anymore anyway. She’s cute, sure. She’s just a little too hyped up, in my opinion. Due to the fact that I used to browsed the Sanrio store every now and then when I was young, I do have a soft spot for Ms. Kitty.

When I went in the store, I had the mindset that I was only going to grab three. When I walked out, I ended up with double that amount. Darn this cute packaging!


Look at these stinkin’ cute caps! How could I possibly resist? That’s how I went from just three to six. Again, darn this cute packaging!

The Hello Kitty x OPI collection consists of 12 polishes and one special edition shade. So in total, that’s a 13-piece release! As you may have guessed, this collection is very pink. A majority of the shades are pink. The others are bright, cheerful shades with exceptions of a pearly white and black creme.

Spoken from the Heart is a nice bright coral that many will adore. If you like that, you’ll probably go for Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel, a fuchsia pink super-glitter. Never Have Too Mani Friends is the ink black creme that I skipped over only because I have a few blacks and there’s really no reason to have more than one straight up black creme. I am really interested about the formula on that one so let me know how it is if you get it! I chose the six from the collection that stood out to me. Before I get into showing you these six, there was one that stood out to me but I didn’t get. 5 Apples Tall is an apple red (of course). I thought the name was so cute since Hello Kitty’s height is actually 5 apples tall. I don’t remember where I heard that from but it has stuck with me since! Although I loved the name, I couldn’t bring myself to purchase another red that I would probably never use.

Now that you know a little more, here is the first one I tried out. Super Cute in Pink is a pink with a lavender tint. The crelly formula on this makes it very easy to apply and builds very well. It’s more jelly than it is creme and that’s proven by it’s wonderfully delicious finish. If this was a true creme, I don’t think I would like it as much. It’s what makes this even more unique. I didn’t think I would like this one and took a chance but in the end I ended up really enjoying this one!

Super Cute in Pink

Super Cute in Pink- 2 coats, no top coat

I don’t have anything quite like this. The only thing I can pull out is NCLA’s Endless Summer (review here). It’s much lighter and has a crelly formula but in no way are they dupes. If you’re thinking this looks like Essie Flowerista, it is much darker than Super Cute in Pink. Take a look at my review here for swatches of Flowerista.


Everyone has a color they don’t really reach for. For me, that would be yellow. I think for most people that would be the color that’s the most neglected. Still, I gave My Twin Mimmy a chance. You’ll often find that yellows apply streaky and patchy and that was the case with this on the first coat. The second coat evened it out quite a bit but I still had to add a third to smooth everything out. It has a nice smooth formula, not too runny or thick.

I was surprised to see that it looked different in different lighting situations. In a dim lit place, it looked like your typical yellow. It looks less like a primary yellow and more orangey when in a brighter area.

My Twin Mimmy

My Twin Mimmy- 3 coats, no top coat

How can one review a yellow without comparing it to one of the best yellows in the game, OPI I Just Can’t Cope-acabana? As you can see from the picture below, My Twin Mimmy is a golden yellow, whereas I Just Can’t Cope-acabana is a true yellow.


This next one has the cutest name. OPI, you always seem to get it right! Small + Cute = ♥ is the name of this crelly light pink. Yes, this polish has a heart symbol in its name! Is that adorable or what? Soon, polishes will be named with emojis… That’s not a bad idea actually, I’d love to see an emoji collection from a mainstream brand.

When it comes to light pastel shades, I always get a little nervous because the amount of effort it takes to get them to look nice. Due to the crelly formula, it went on very well. The first coat amazed me, the amount of coverage from that first coat blew me away. Just be sure to let that coat dry and you’ll only need two coats for this stupendous pink. I never thought I would ever say those words!

Small + Cute = ♥

Small + Cute = ♥- 2 coats, no top coat

Small + Cute = ♥ isn’t like any other pink I own. It’s darker than China Glaze Spring in My Step and warmer and a tad lighter than OPI Pink Friday.


My Pal Joey is a medium blue creme that seemed a little bland to me from the beginning. Lo and behold, this packs a punch. It was perfect in one coat. One coat! If you’re someone who likes thinner coats, you’ll need two thin coats. A tiny drawback is that this suffers from the stinky blue smell, the same smell as other pigmented blues you’ve had.

It’s not super bright and it’s not exactly a primary blue. It’s just this perfect shade of medium blue with a nice creamy formula. There might even be a touch of crelly to get this to flow so easily on the nail. Although the coverage was opaque in one, I decided to add a second coat to get the plumping effect. Look at that shine!

My Pal Joey

My Pal Joey- 2 coats, no top coat

In no way is this a dupe for Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. They are both saturated blues but Pacific Blue is very purple in comparison. Zoya Sia is also darker and not as vibrant when next to My Pal Joey.


The last creme I picked up is Let’s Be Friends, a whisper light pink. Originally, I was going to skip this polish but something about this soft pink paired with the adorable Hello Kitty cap made me purchase this one as well. I’m pretty glad I did. Here’s another pink that wowed me right on the first coat! With pinks like this, I expect a watery mess but this one had the most amazing coverage I had ever seen from such a pale pink. The formula was just amazing. Get rid of all your other pale pinks and replace them with this!

Being the perfectionist that I am, I could spot some lighter patches so I had to add a third coat for maximum opacity. On a real note, just stick with the two coats. It barely makes a difference. Let me know if you achieve the same results if you grab this!

Let’s Be Friends

Let’s Be Friends- 3 coats, no top coat

There may be a few pinks out there that are similar to this baby pink but nothing beats this formula so far. This was the easiest a soft pink has ever gone on. Essie Romper Room may be a color dupe but it is definitely not a dupe formula-wise.


My final pick is Charmmy & Sugar. I had to get this one, it looked very unique and fun against all these plain shades. There is so much going on inside this bottle. There’s a light pink pearly base packed with iridescent micro glitter, metallic pink and icy blue micro glitter and a huge helping of fuchsia pink glass shimmer. If you’ve seen any Hello Kitty stationery before, this is the typical color scheme in lacquer form. You can’t skip on this one if you’re a Kitty fan.

Charmmy & Sugar

Below I have swatched one coat of Charmmy & Sugar over each of the shades. The shimmer payoff is crazy! I only needed one coat! You could try to get it opaque on its own but I wouldn’t recommend it since most of its coverage comes from the strong pearly shimmer which would not build up on its own very well.


What a great way to start off the new year. These are great colors that can be used year round, regardless of the season. Some may argue that the yellow isn’t winter appropriate but why not?! I love it when a collection surprises me. I started out not feeling any particular way about these and then after using them, I’m all for this collection. These’s something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of the character or not, these are for the Kitty lover and those who could care less about Ms. Kitty White.

I liked every single one I picked and the glitter was fantastically versatile, as proven from the many swatches above. If I had to pick my top two, they would be Small + Cute = ♥ and My Pal JoeySmall + Cute = ♥ is the perfect pink for a fresh and girly look. My Pal Joey is a lovely shade of blue that dried with a glossy shine and it had a fuss-free application process.

Be sure to pick some up from this new OPI x Hello Kitty collection! Set to release this month, Jan 2015, they are rolling out to stores right now so be on the lookout! You can find these online right now over on Ulta, JCPenney, Sally Beauty, even Macy’s. You can grab single polishes for $9.49-10. There’s also a collector’s edition, a 6-piece set for $54.95 at JCPenney that comes in a gorgeous collector’s box. For those that want to spend less and get more, there are many little sets ranging from $15-25. Then there’s the special edition polish I mentioned before for $19.95, the polish comes with a pair of Swarovski bow crystals, found at Macy’s and JCPenney. The little sets are adorable! Be sure to take a look at all of them before settling on what to get!



  1. Ariadna says:

    I’m so glad you’re reviewing these!! I loved Hello Kitty as a kid and I love her now too, just not as much, lol. I want to run to the store and get at least 3 and the special edition one but I have to wait. Where did you get these from? I’m a cheapskate so I refuse to pay full price for nail polish so I’m waiting to find them on ebay or use a coupon at Ulta or something. But I’m going to the Mall of America on saturday, and since you mentioned the Sanrio store, I might have to stop in there and see if they have them there. I’m not a huge fan of pink, but all the pinks in this collection I woudn’t mind having. I don’t think I have any dupes for any of the pinks you reviewed, maybe Small + Cute = ♥ looks similar to Essie’s Van D’goh but I don’t know. I’m glad you liked them, I can’t wait to at least buy a couple!!! Oh and happy new year! I read your previous post, loved all the sparkle! Perfect mani for the NYE!! 🙂

    • chezadrienne says:

      I went to my local nail polish supply, their pricing is a little better than eBay so I tend to do most of my polish hunting there. Do some looking to see if there’s one near you. Choosing to go there rather than Ulta has been a HUGE money saver for me! Although, with a good coupon, it’s worth the trip to Ulta! I love going on eBay too, especially when free shipping is part of the listing! Not to mention it’s pretty darn convenient too. All my polish shopping right from the comfort of my bed hahah.
      Van D’Go is more warm and peachy compared to Small + Cute = ♥. The formula is the best I have ever used for a pastel pink. Though I urge you to take a good look in person, I know I’ve regretting getting a pink or two before because of how it looked in a picture. I need to make sure I’m going to use it before purchasing, or at least know someone who is willing to take it off of my hands (lucky them!). Small + Cute = ♥ was one of my favorites so I really hope you like it too! If you like blues, you should try My Pal Joey. The formula was really good but if you already have some great blues, there’s no rush.
      Thank you SO MUCH! I hope you had a fantastic year and hope you’ll have an even better one to come!

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