OPI Hawaii Spring/Summer 2015

This collection hit the blogosphere a month or so before the collection was released. There was an OPI event and the lucky attendees were sent home with some or all of these polishes. I saw swatches of these on Instagram and instantly made a list of the polishes I wanted. I waited and waited until these were released so I could get my polish lovin’ hands on them!

From this 12-piece Hawaii Collection, I bought 7. At the time of purchase, some of these shades were iffy, I wasn’t sure I was going to like them. Having tried them, I can genuinely say I liked each one. Of course I have my favorites though. I’ve also included possible dupes and comparisons as always! So read on to see the polishes. Here’s to experiencing the gorgeousness that is Hawaii through this new collection!


Do You Take Lei Away is a creamy beige nude with a hint of pink. I used 2 coats for my swatches. The formula was the perfect consistency for a nude, not too thin or thick. I generally don’t like beige nudes, it makes my skin look sallow. This one is perfect for me due to the pink.

Do You Take Lei Away- 2 coats, no top coat

Seeing Do You Take Lei Away next yellow cream nude brings out the pink in the polish. I have a side-by-side look at Do You Take Lei Away and You’re So Vain-illa below.

(L-R) You’re So Vain-illa, Do You Take Lei Away,

I really have nothing quite like this in my collection. Bare It All from Sally Hansen is the only polish I have that’s comparable. Though it’s a little more peach and less pale. I like the formula on Do You Take Lei Away better. Bare It All is a jelly creme, whereas Do You Take Lei Away is a creme. These two are very similar in color. If you want to save some money and you don’t wear nude a ton, you could opt for the cheaper Sally Hansen Bare It All. I have a post on that polish and a few more new permanent polishes here.

I&R: Do You Take Lei Away, M&P: Bare It All

Lost My Bikini in Molokini is a blue toned purple grayed out just a bit. There’s a bit of dustiness that tones this vibrant purple down a notch. This polish has the traditional blurple polish smell, like Essie Suite Resort and others. There’s just a touch of blue, you can barely make it out. I’m pretty surprised that this has the blurple smell because you can barely see any blue. I love dusty polishes and I love purples, so you know I love this one. The formula was good and this formula can be a one coater, but I usually prefer two when it comes to OPI. OPI has great pigmentation and their polishes glide on, but their too thin in just one coat, so I use two.

Lost My Bikini in Molokini- 2 coats, no top coat

Lost My Bikini in Molokini is a unique polish. The only polish it reminded me of was Wet n Wild On A Trip, a purple creme. When you put these two next to each other, it really brings out the gray tones of Lost My Bikini in Molokini.

I&R: Lost My Bikini in Molokini, M&P: On A Trip

Just for those who are curious, here it is next to OPI Do You Have This Color in Stock-holm?, a dark blurple shade.

(L-R) Lost My Bikini in Molokini, Do You Have This Color in Stock-Holm

Here’s another dusty purple. This one way more so than the other. Hello Hawaii Ya? is a cool taupey purple. I adore this color. Once again, I’m surprised this was released for this time of year. I can see this being on of my go-to colors for fall.

Hello Hawaii Ya?- 2 coats, no top coat

For a lighter more purple option, try Essie’s Warm & Toasty Turtleneck. It’s one of my fall/winter favorites. Hello Hawaii Ya? is a darker, more gray version of Warm & Toasty Turtleneck.

I&R: Hello Hawaii Ya?, M&P: Warm & Toasty Turtleneck

Here’s another shot of it next to the other purple in this collection, Lost My Bikini in Molokini.

(L-R) Lost My Bikini in Molokini, Hello Hawaii Ya?

I reserve orange creamsicle colors for the summer and this one goes right into that category. Is Mai Tai Crooked? is a bright pastel orange with a hint of coral. The formula isn’t as creamy as the others, but it needed two coats just like all of them. It’s nice, but I have definitely seen this before.

Is Mai Tai Crooked?- 2 coats, no top coat

Last year’s Brazil Collection (Spring/Summer 2014) had a color quite similar to this. I pulled out Where Did Suzi’s Man-go? the moment I got Is Mai Tai Crooked? home. These two are dupes. If you want to get technical, they are off my a hair. If you add just a single drop of white and a sprinkle of coral to Where Did Suzi’s Man-go, you would pretty much get Is Mai Tai Crooked?. If you have one, you don’t need the other. I’m let down by this polish, tweaking existing shades in your collection and releasing them under new names is something Essie is notorious for. Just speaking the truth. Come on, you know it’s true.

I&R: Is Mai Tai Crooked?, M&P: Where Did Suzi’s Man-go?

Now here’s a pastel perfect for spring. That’s Hula-rious! is a pale honeydew melon green. I love this color, this is a must have from the collection. The formulas of really light pastel shades are normally a pain, but this one has a great creamy formula. I used just 2 coats. This is going on my nails all this spring!

That’s Hula-rious!- 2 coats, no top coat

That’s Hula-rious! is very close to OPI Feel the Mo-Heat-Toes Green which was a salon-exclusive shade from last year part of the Hello Flamingo collection. Feel the Mo-Heat-Toes Green has a crelly formula and is more blue than That’s Hula-rious!.

OPI Gargantuan Green Grape is much more of a yellow green than That’s Hula-rious!. Gargantuan Green Grape is a beautiful color, but everyone knows the formula sucks. So you if you’re looking for a pastel green, go for That’s Hula-rious! instead.

(L-R) Feel the Mo-Heat-Toes Green, That’s Hula-rious!, Gargantuan Green Grape

I&R: That’s Hula-rious, M: Feel the Mo-Heat-Toes Green, P: Gargantuan Green Grape

This next one I was hesitant about getting. This strikes me as a grandma shade. Somehow, Just Lanai-ing Around works. This muted rosey mauve has a pearly sheen that spices up this shade. The pearly sheen just barely translates to the nail, giving it a hint of something special. The fine pearly shimmer makes this polish look ultra glossy. This is a polish in the marsala family that I like. This shade is completely new to me and I like it.

Just Lanai-ing Around- 2 coats, no top coat

This Color’s Making Waves a ultra shimmery, almost metallic, green-tinged sea blue. There is some hints of a duochrome from sea blue to indigo. There’s a mix of some scattered pink and gold reflective shimmer. The pink shimmer separates this polish from the other ultra shimmery reflective blues out there. The first coat applied sheer, but a second coat fixed it right up. I can definitely see myself wearing this for a beach trip! Then this color will make waves.

This Color’s Making Waves- 2 coats, no top coat

Those were the 7 polishes I chose from this Hawaii Collection. There’s one more polish I want to talk about that I didn’t purchase. Pineapples Have Peelings Too! was a horrendous polish. I’m all about experimentation but really OPI? Pineapples Have Peelings Too! is a thin frosty pineapple yellow with rainbow glitter. Does that even sound appealing to you? ApPEALing, hah. Jokes aside, this polish looked so ugly in the bottle that I put it right back down after picking it up. Don’t worry guys, I took a picture of it before doing so.

Pineapples Have Peelings Too!

How do you feel about these polishes? Seeing the display in person, I was a little disappointed in the shades. Some more than others… Ahem… Pineapples Have Peelings Too!

After trying the ones I picked out for myself on my nails, I ending up liking each one. Some where more unique than the others, but I really liked every single one I picked up. My favorites of all would be That’s Hularious and Lost My Bikini in MolokiniThat’s Hularious is the one you absolutely must get. This pastel melon green is going right into my standby spring polishes.

You can find this collection out in stores now. There’s a mini set available on ULTA featuring 4 shades, That’s Hula-rious!, Aloha from OPI, Suzi Shops & Island Hops, and Lost My Bikini in Molokini ($13.95). It’s a bargain over on Amazon for $5.95. I’m not sure how long they’ll have it in stock for that price, so you’d better hurry! Otherwise, these polishes out for purchase anywhere OPI is sold, I even found it at Macy’s!

Have you seen my post on the new Oh Baby Collection? A post on the new Soft Shades is coming, feast your eyes on the new Essie Bridal Collection for now, Essie’s version of a soft shade collection. Keep your eyes peeled this week for more on new OPI releases!



  1. LenaC says:

    I really love OPI, really, but Pineapples Have Peelings Too makes me wonder if someone let their toddler mix a color and promised to include it in the collection before seeing it. I tried to find something redeeming about it looking at the bottle and swatches online…just couldn’t. It would have been so much better without the glitter.

    • chezadrienne says:

      I feel the same way and couldn’t have said it any better! I don’t have no idea what the people at OPI were thinking. I’m all for trying new things, but how could they approve of this shimmery mess? I expected more from a polish with such an adorable name as Pineapples Have Peelings Too.

  2. LenaC says:

    I got so sidetracked looking at Pineapple that I didn’t mention how gorgeous all the colors you picked are. I want to decide on a favorite but they are all so pretty… I was trying to be good and avoid buying polish for a while (I think I’m near 400 bottles at the moment) but maybe…just…one…more….

    • chezadrienne says:

      I know how you feel. I have a little angel and devil on each of my shoulders every time I see a nail polish I like. I have no idea how many bottles I actually have, but I can easily tell you it’s 400 over TOO much! I’m trying to be good and every time I buy polish, I try to purge my collection to accommodate the newcomers. It’s just so hard! Especially when you know you have a whole cluster of polishes in the same color but somehow there are little details that make them oh so different. Best not to get advice from me, I have no control when it comes to nail polish…

  3. LenaC says:

    See, I just have a devil on each shoulder when it comes to polish and each one tries to out-do the other one. 🙂

    Aaaah, at least you have the resolve to purge your collection. I just hoard. And they are all different, even if it’s just the amount of shimmer. Or something. And even if the color is a total dupe, if it’s a different brand then the formulation is just a little different (and of course different bottle!).

    Once I bought two polishes on the same day from the same brand, same color name and number but they were slightly different in color. Different batches I guess. Ok, I’ll stop justifying my addiction. 🙂

    • chezadrienne says:

      Eh, I try to purge. I can’t even bring myself to throw out LE packaging sometimes… Embarrassing! I’m definitely a hoarder as well. I completely understand what you mean, I own so many polishes that share the same name but not the same shade. Essie Lilacism for example, I was at the store and saw two versions. Being the true nail polish “collector” I am, of course I bought both! Hah, have I no shame?!

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