OPI Fifty Shades of Grey Collection

I’m sure everyone has heard of the book or movie Fifty Shades of Grey, some way or another. With the movie release fast approaching, I thought I would put up this review as fast as I possibly could. I need to break my habit of posting OPI collections late. For example, the Nordic Fall collection and the Gwen Stefani Holiday collection.

When I heard OPI was going to have a collection dedicated to coincide with the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, I was excited for the all gray shades I knew they were going to put out. To my surprise, there were only 3 gray cremes. There’s a red, a darker gray, 2 lighter grays, a silver, and a silver and blue glitter. Out of this 6-piece collection, of course I went with the 2 lighter grays. Naturally, I’m drawn to dusty shades, and these two seemed perfect. They both had some blue in them and I was instantly intrigued.

Stick around to see how these two polish perform and one of these may be a possible high-end polish dupe. More information below!

Embrace the Gray is a slate blue gray. More like a steel blue gray. Oh wait, I meant to say a ‘Steele Grey,’ a combination of both the main characters’ last names. Genius. I wonder if that was OPI’s intention. I’m sure it was, they’re polish name geniuses over there.

The formula was nice and creamy, just like what you would expect from the pros.

Embrace the Gray- 2 coats, no top coat

When I painted Embrace the Gray on my nails, I thought of my favorite high-end polish, my only Dior, Junon. I immediately compared the two and I was not surprise to see that they are not dupes. Junon is more blue and Embrace the Gray is well… more gray of course! They are very close and the price difference is so distinct that I’m willing to say that if you were looking into getting JunonEmbrace the Gray is a good substitute. Save some money and get this one.

I&R: Embrace the Gray, M&P: Junon

(L-R) Embrace the Gray, Junon

Cement the Deal is a cement gray as it implies, just with a blue tinge. Let me just say, I love this color. In certain lighting, it looks like a simple gray, in others it looks like a dusty blue. I love dusty shades so this one is a winner for sure! The formula’s gray as well, 2 coats and you’re good.

Cement the Deal- 2 coats, no top coat

As for a dupe, in short, I don’t have one. The closest match I have is China Glaze’s Intelligence, Integrity & Courage from The Giver collection a few months back. This shade is more blue, while Cement the Deal is more gray (surprise surprise!). It’s a light blue with gray rather than a gray with light blue, if you know what I mean.

I&R: Cement the Deal, M&P: Intelligence, Integrity & Courage

Since Intelligence, Integrity & Courage was limited edition and is hard to get your hands on now, I have a drugstore suggestion. Revlon’s Sophisticated, part of their new permanent shades release for 2015 is a very similar color. It’s not a straight creme formula like Cement the Deal. It has some light pearly shimmer in it, if you look closely, you’ll see it peeking through. The color is very close. It’s a dash lighter, but you can barely tell the difference.

I&R: Cement the Deal, M&P: Sophisticated

Even if Fifty Shades of Grey seems stupid and something you do not want to read or watch, don’t knock these polishes from OPI. If you love gray colors, these two are musts. They are both great shades that show up more blue or gray depending on the lighting around you. You really don’t see their true beauty until you try them out for the first time.

If you don’t like dishing your money out on the OPI price tag, at some places like Ulta, it’s $9 (be sure to use the coupons they offer!), I’d say you gotta get Embrace the Gray. It’s a dupe for one of my favorite high-end nail varnishes. If you skip on Cement the Deal, there are other alternatives I went over above!

If you’re a lover of gray polishes, what better chance to get them than from a collection named “Fifty Shades of Grey”? Even if you’re not into grays, check out the other colors as well. I heard the red color is gorgeous!


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