OPI DS Titanium

I’ve heard about the release of DS Titanium for weeks now. Ever since the first pictures, I knew I was going to have to pick this one up. Until I could get my greedy little hands on it, I fed my hunger with older DS releases I went out to purchase. DS Lapis satisfied me for a while, I even found myself getting distracted every now and then throughout the day, stopping to admire it my nails. It was a serious problem. After that experience, I went looking for DS Titanium. I needed to get this baby into my life. Oh man, I must sound really crazy right now…

OPI named this Designer Series release “Polished Quartz,” DS Titanium is one piece of this two piece release. The second is DS Tourmaline, a pink. Of course, with my distaste for pink, I didn’t pick that one up.

DS Titanium

DS Titanium is full of small pewter colored and holographic glitter bits in a sheer gray base. In the bottle, it looks amazing. Just one look and it’s highly likely you’re drooling, at least I was. On the nail, it’s on the sheerer side. I’m not a fan of the way it looks by itself, in my opinion, it looks better applied on top of a dark polish. It has a cosmic feel to it, must be that dark base and all the shimmery/holo glitter. All that glitter might make you think that it would have a textured finish, but nope. It’s smooth. Here’s a look.

IMG_3323DS Titanium- Index & Middle: 2 coats, Ring & Pinky: 1 coat over OPI Black Onyx

I am aware that picture is horrible, but that one doesn’t matter. Take a look of it over just the black, this is this is the picture that matters. Just because it’s so breathtaking, I added an additional picture at a different angle for your viewing pleasure.

IMG_3326DS Titanium- 2 coats over OPI Black Onyx

IMG_3327DS Titanium- 2 coats over OPI Black Onyx

Okay, no more talking. I’m sure you are finding a way to get your hands on this polish ASAP. I definitely support it. Get it. No question about it. Retail value of this polish is a little on the hefty side at $12, but it’s worth every penny.

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