OPI Icons of Happiness Collection (Coca Cola 100th Anniversary)

Just a week ago, I posted my review on my picks from the recently released Nicole by OPI Coca Cola 100th Anniversary Collection. OPI didn’t just release one new collection with the soda brand, they’ve come out with two new shades to join last year’s Coca Cola Collection. These two shades are available in an adorable due set or purchased separately in a new display with slots for these newly released polishes and last year’s.

I bought these at my local nail supply and I am so happy I was able to get them before their official release! Keep reading to see swatches and my thoughts on these two new polishes.


Here’s a picture I found on this site of the duo set. I purchased these separately from the big display. I do wish I had gotten the adorable set but it doesn’t bother me too much. The hoarder in me would probably leave it somewhere “safe” and forget where it is the week after!


As  I said in the beginning, these polishes will be in a display with all the rest of the OPI Coca Cola shades. Here’s picture from the same site of the display. They’re also available in an adorable mini set too!

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Centennial Celebration is such a brilliant name. Very fitting for this momentous occasion. It is a centennial celebration after all! This warm silver foil has a golden reflect. In the bottle, you can see a slight prism effect and it can look this way on the nail at extreme angles. It’s also full of elegant shimmer to liven things up. Don’t be afraid, it’s not prom shimmer, it’s gala shimmer. Tastefully done. Haha, seriously. The first coat applied sheer but the second coat covered everything up nicely. This shade is one you must see for yourself to truly understand its beauty. I’ve included many pictures so you can see the beautiful shift.

In the bottle shot below, you can see the prism effect I mentioned above.

Centennial Celebration

Centennial Celebration- 2 coats, no top coat



This polish reminds me of Sally Hansen’s Bridal Bling from the recent Wedding/Bridal Collection. It holds the same golden sheen. Bridal Bling is more olive in comparison and the texture isn’t as fine as Centennial Celebration. Unless you want Centennial Celebration as a collector’s item, you really don’t need both.


Visions of Georgia Green is gorgeous. I love greens. I have plenty of green polish and I can’t pick a favorite. I may just have found the queen of all green polishes. Visions of Georgia Green is a green chameleon shade. It jumps from a pearly sea green to a flash of purpley pink, with a dash of soft green shimmer. This is My Gecko Does Tricks’ prettier sister.

I didn’t pick up My Gecko Does Tricks from the OPI Hawaii Collection (review here) because lime greens almost never look good on me. All others agree with my skin tone, lime greens tend to clash.

The first coat was very sheer. You can get away with two coats but I could just barely see visible nail lines so I went with a thin third coat.

Visions of Georgia Green

Visions of Georgia Green- 3 coats, no top coat



I know we are wondering how this looks next to the green from last year’s Coca Cola Collection, Green on the Runway. Here’s a pic for those curious. Totally different. This is just for those who are wondering. I know I would want a picture of them side-by-side.

I’m sad to say Green on the Runway is not re-released with this collection. You can see in the picture above of the full display that it’s missing.


I don’t know about you but I think it’s clear one looks more like a Sprite polish than the other… Which one do you like out of the two?

I love these two shades. I was on the fence with buying Centennial Celebration in the beginning. I was afraid it would be like all the other silver polishes that have come out this past year. Upon closer inspection did I see that it had a golden sheen that separated it from the rest. Once I applied it on the nails, I feel in love with it. It’s the most elegant a shimmery polish can be! Visions of Georgia Green is just as, if not even a little more, beautiful! This is a must have. If I had to choose between the two, I’d pick this one. It’s a mermaid green that’s different from all those other mermaid shades that tend to lean towards the blue side. OPI did an amazing job with these, I’d like a repeat! These will be releasing this month, June 2015. Some places have them on preorder now.

Did this review make you want some soda? I could go for some Sprite right about now, or some Sprite nails! Have you seen my post on the Nicole by OPI Coca Cola Collection? I have some gorgeous shots of my Sprite nails over there so check it out!

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