OPI Brights Collection for 2015

Last year’s OPI Neons collection was a hit. So much so that this year, they’ve decided to remote three of them with the release of this year’s Brights Collection. Joining Life Gave Me Lemons, Down to the Core-al and Hotter Than You Pink are six new bright shades. I bought four out of these six. The didn’t thrill me when I saw them, but I ended up really liking each one I grabbed! These are bright colors, but not exactly what comes to mind when you think of bright. They didn’t excite me when I saw them, but I ended up really liking each one I grabbed. They’re a little different, in a good way. Read more to see for yourself!

I started off with My Car Has Navy-gation. This is a deep navy indigo shade with a thick jelly formula. It’s not extremely thick, I didn’t have as much trouble with my bottles as others have reported. I used a thin first coat and a thicker one for the second. You end up with this deliciously squishy navy that can look lighter depending on the lighting. I didn’t think much of it in the bottle, but I really ended up loving the finish. This polish would be great for jelly sandwiches. Be careful with the top layer though, as this polish is loaded with pigmentation. So for that last layer of color, be sure to apply it nice and thin.

My Car Has Navy-gation- 2 coats, no top coat

My Car Has Navy-gation (natural light)

I believe Revlon Royal would be the perfect dupe for My Car Has Navy-gation. I don’t own that polish, so I can’t confirm it. I haven’t seen it around either, the Top Speed line from Revlon has slowly been disappearing. So, polish detectives! If you can, let me know if they’re dupes!

When I say berry nail polish, you’re thinking of that vampy berry shade you pull of for fall right? Here’s one that’ll bring you into the brighter and warmer days of summer! The Berry Thought of You is a bright berry magenta. This polish has a formula similar to My Car Has Navy-gation but even more jelly. Meaning it’s got a little less full-on color and a thinner formula. So squishy! This goes on the nail much lighter and brighter than it looks in the bottle. So pretty and I don’t even like pinks! I think I found my next pedicure polish.

The Berry Thought of You- 2 coats, no top coat

If you’re wondering how this polish compares to the other vibrant berry shades I’ve reviewed here recently, here’s a pic.

(L-R) Flowerista, The Berry Thought of You, Fiery Tulip

Flowerista is several shades darker and Fiery Tulip is more muted, like a dustier verison. The Berry Thought of You looks extremely bright next to these two.

There were two shimmery new polishes, a blue and pink. The pink one had a cute name I Can’t Hear Myself Pink, but I left it behind and grabbed the blue. I Sea You Wear OPI  is a shimmery ocean blue with a pink flash at certain angles. The formula on this one was very thin, which is normal for polishes like these. I used 3 coats to reach opacity. This would be a great polish to lay over any color as a veil. Ya know, it’ll look great over My Car Has Navy-gation! Hmm, Mani Monday post coming soon? Or an Instagram post?

Please take note of the more apparent pink flash from bottom of the bottle!

I Sea You Wear OPI- 3 coats, no top coat

The color reminds me of What’s a Little Rain Forest? from the OPI Brazil Collection mini set, the bright blue. That one dries with a texture finish though. I’m not keen on texture (without the sparkle), so I don’t have that one to compare this to side by side. If you’re interested there’s a listing for the Brazil mini set on Amazon for sale ($10).

If you’re wondering like I was, this is how it compares to This Color’s Making Waves from the Hawaii Collection.

(L-R) I Sea You Wear OPI and This Color’s Making Waves

My fourth polish was something that I did not think I was going to like. On Pinks & Needles is a glitter polish consisting of only bright hot pink glitter. To make it less boring, there are various sizes of glitter, from large hexes to itty bitty round glitter. I can see about five sizes of glitter in total and that’s what sold me. I love when a brand gets their glitter right. I could tell this was promising.

I unscrewed the cap and painted. No fishing! So easy. Perfect in one coat. I was able to get all the different sizes of glitter on each nail. I just wish this wasn’t pink! Ugh! OPI needs to release a whole collection of these glitters. I would buy them all. Pinky promise.

I like it. Will it get much use? Honestly, no. Unless…

On Pinks & Needles- 1 coat over My Car Has Navi-gation

On Pinks & Needles- 1 coat over The Berry Thought of You

Sandwichin’ it up too! You know when I said I wouldn’t use it? Yea, I’ll probably wear it this way.

On Pinks & Needles- 1 coat sandwiched with The Berry Thought of You

That was quite a lot of pink spam. This collection surprised me a great deal. When I bought them, I wasn’t expecting to be wowed by them. There are so many possibilities with these. I didn’t see that when I was just holding the bottles. Like I said many times before, I’m not a fan of pink. Especially not hot pink. Well guess what? My favorite from this collection was The Berry Thought of You. Did you see that sandwich I did with The Berry Thought of You and On Pinks & Needles? It made that hot pink glitter wearable for me!

If you’re looking at these polishes and thinking they’re nothing special, if you’re willing to, take a chance like I did. They might wow you the same way! This collection will be out in stores this May.

Don’t fret, there are a multitude of polishes out now for purchase! Like the OPI Hawaii Collection, I have a review here. Also all those spring collections! If you want some true bright eye-searing neons, there will be some on the way here soon (spoiler!). If you want something a little more soft and mild, get a taste of the Essie Bridal Collection. The new Soft Shades from OPI are on their way too!



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