New Year’s Eve Nails (2015)

Happy New Year’s Eve! I’m sure everyone’s enjoying themselves tonight! I have to rush out in a little bit but I thought I would quickly share with you my nail look for tonight. Who am I kidding? I’m going to be wearing this all week! It is beautiful and the best part is… it was quick and easy!

I apologize for how dim the lighting is in my pic, I literally just finished painting my nails and the sun has already left the sky here on the east coast! I knew I needed something that was going to be fast so I could head out the door afterwards so I turned to my multichrome flakies from I Love Nail Polish (ILNP Brand).

All I did was start off with a black base, I used OPI Black Onyx as always, then I painted on two toppers. I went with two so that there would be a rainbow effect and depending on how I tilt my nails, you’ll see a kaleidoscope of colors. The two I used for this look were Brilliance and Paradox. I just needed one coat of each but if I was feeling extra blingy, I could have kept layering to get a foiled look.



L-R: Black Onyx, Brilliance, Paradox

Even without top coat, this look is dazzling! Super sparkly and very New Year’s Eve appropriate. Don’t you think?


Then take a look what happens when you add on a shiny top coat. I wish the camera could have captured the effect better. The gloss makes it complete and molds all the layers into one.


Here’s my thumb!

For your viewing pleasure, we most certainly need to include more pictures with different lighting.


ILNP makes some of my favorite indie polishes and they have the biggest assortment of multichrome flakies I have ever seen! One in every color. There are even versions of some from the line with added holo scattered in them! I highly recommend trying something, anything from their line. Their polishes are a little higher in price at $10.00-$12.50 for each but the quality makes them worth it.

I also recommend trying out the ones from KBShimmer. They don’t have as much variety as ILNP but they have a collection of six great ones that deserve some recognition. Green Weaver is one of my favorites! Here’s a link to them. They’re $10.75 each so you do save a little by going this route.

This type of glitter is only available in the indie world for now so these will cost you more. Please don’t forget that with every purchase you are supporting an independent polish maker as well as bringing home a phenomenal nail polish!

This is my look for tonight and I’m really happy I went with this. I had originally planned on doing some type of nail art but this was an painlessly easy method with an amazing outcome! This is almost as dazzling as Formula X Lightning I reviewed and swatched a few days ago. That’s another NYE nail polish option for a sparkly in-your-face look!

Stick around tomorrow for an update of how this looks matte, be sure to follow me on Instagram for that. Now I really must go! I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Year’s Eve and a Happy New Year!

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