NYC Makeup Your Spring Collection (LE Spring 2015)

I may have just posted about some new summer collection, but spring has only just begun! The drugstore is the place to spot new spring collections from your favorite affordable brands. What brand comes to mind when I say inexpensive quality nail polish? Wet n Wild and NYC (New York Color)! I already did a review on the limited edition Silver Lake Collection from Wet n Wild, now it’s NYC’s turn.

For this spring, NYC has debut their new Global Ambassador, Demi Lovato. This new display features the star made up with some of their new makeup, which includes blush sticks, lip crayons, eye shadow palettes, colored mascara and nail polish. You may want to take a look at the whole display, there’s something for everybody! If you’re interested in the nail polish, I’ve got you covered.

Which shade caught your eye first? For myself, it was this light blue. Blue Lagoon is a light blue creme with some turquoise. The formula is nice and creamy, in line with my experience with NYC nail polishes.

As with all blues like this, beware of staining! Lay down a nice thick base to prevent it.

Blue Lagoon- 2 coats, no top coat

This color reminds me of Sally Hansen Big Teal (dupe for Essie In the Cabana) I recently did a review on. Between the two, I like the formula of Blue Lagoon much better. Big Teal is on the watery side and is a little darker. If you’re looking for a light turquoise blue creme, skip the others and grab this one for two bucks.

I’ve also thrown in China Glaze UV Meant to Be which is a a true sky blue from the Electric Nights Collection (review here). Compared to UV Meant to Be, you can clearly see the green in Blue Lagoon.

I&R: Blue Lagoon, M: Big Teal, P: UV Meant to Be

Volcanic Orange is a peachy coral creme. The formula of this one was thinner than Blue Lagoon. It was a bit streaky on the first coat, two coats seemed to even things out.

Volcanic Orange- 3 coats, no top coat

Essie Tart Deco is similar, though I believe it may be brighter. Volcanic Orange is very close to Wet n Wild Warm Filter from the new Silver Lake Collection, can you even tell the difference below??

There are so many peachy coral cremes out there that, you can probably skip on this one. You know what? Hamptons Peach from NYC’s core line is actually extremely similar. I’ll pop up a comparison shot soon! Remind me if I forget!

I&R: Volcanic Orange M&P: Warm Filter

If you want a brighter, hot coral shade, try L’Oreal Sweet Nectar. It’s in stores now part of L’Oreal’s Haute Florals collection for spring (review here).

The last polish is a hot magenta pink named Pink Moon. Although I’m not loving this color, this was a one coater! The formula is fantastic. Perfect consistency.

Pink Moon- 1 coat, no top coat

This is a color seen time and time again. I was never into these types of shades, so I don’t own anything similar. For reference, here’s a picture next to Maybelline Fiery Tulip and Essie Flowerista. They are new for spring 2015 and I have swatches and reviews on both (Fiery Tulip, Flowerista). These two polishes are totally different from Pink Moon. They are both not nearly as bright.

(L-R) Flowerista, Pink Moon, Fiery Tulip

I almost forgot to include The Berry Thought of You from OPI’s new Brights Collection for Summer 2015 (review here)! It’s not as bright as Pink Moon and less pink, it’s more berry (surprise surprise).

I&R: Pink Moon, M&P: The Berry Thought of You

Let me just flat out say that none of these shades are unique. They are colors that every brand has in their permanent line. What makes them special is that they are of great quality and are less than $2. Nonetheless, they are only available for a limited time, so you may not even get the chance to see these in person. Don’t fret. There’s nothing from here that you absolutely need. Although these shades are no doubt shades essential for spring, there is no need to go mad trying to hunt these down.

They are great polishes with a great price. If you do happen to come across them, buy one or two! Pink Moon is a must if you like pink, did I mention that it’s a one coater?!

Sure this collection didn’t knock my socks off, maybe it’ll be a different story for you. If nothing seemed to strike your fancy, there are a load of new collections out right now for you to invest in. If you haven’t noticed, which I’m sure you have, I’ve linked to some throughout this post too. I’ve been cranking out the new collection posts like a mad woman recently! Head over to the home page and browse around!

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