NYC Fashion Queen Collection LE Fall 2014

I have been searching high and low for this collection. One day, I was walking around in a different part of the city and randomly walked into a CVS, expecting to be let down once again on my hunt for all things new. I was shocked to stumble upon this new collection, completely untouched, like it was just waiting for me! Okay, maybe not. I’m a little dramatic when it comes to new collections.

NYC’s so affordable and because of that and the coupon I had in my wallet ready for action, I chose to snatch up all nine polishes. There’s another mini collection of 6 nail polishes called Crystal Couture within the Fashion Queen Collection, complete with their own special label design. They might look like nothing special in the bottle, but wait until you see them swatched. Can you even bare the anticipation? The other 3 polishes in this collection are very fall appropriate. Don’t just look at the Crystal Couture polishes and forget about them! You need to check them out too!

Two things you need to know, all these nail polishes from this collection have great formulas and I only needed 2 coats for all of them. Now, do I need to say anything else to get your attention? Go on now, get to reading!


IMG_3257Crystal Couture

Blue Majesty is a very bright blue with some green pushing it faintly into the realm of teal. Much of the Crystal Couture nail polishes have jelly cases and here’s the first to show you. Suspended in the jelly blue base are some fine blue glitters nearly the same color as the polish and many smaller silvery blue glitters. I usually reserve this type of blue for winter when wonderful snow appears.

IMG_3201Blue Majesty- 2 coats, no top coat

Moving on with the jelly bases, there’s Ruby Queen. This pinky red polish holds small light pink glitter and micro red glitter. If you know me at all, you would know pink really isn’t my thing. I love a milky pink every now and then, but that’s as far as I enter into the world of pink. Thus, this one just isn’t my cup of tea.

IMG_3208Ruby Queen- 2 coats, no top coat

Queen’s Jewels is a green jelly with tiny glitter sprinkled in that wonderful jelly base. Some are a green color like the base and others are a silvery green. It looks absolutely incredible painted. The bottle does not do this polish justice, it looked like a messy glittery mess, but it’s downright gorgeous on the nail. I love this one, it really hits the soft spot I have for greens.

IMG_3216Queen’s Jewels- 2 coats, no top coat

Copper gold glitter makes up Fashion Queen. No jelly base for this one, just lots of tiny copper glitters and some larger gold ones. The copper glitter particles are so heavily packed that its ability to easily build. Take a look at the picture, that copper color you’re seeing is made up of very fine-grained dense glitter particles. Fascinating. You need to see this one yourself to believe it.

IMG_3220Fashion Queen- 2 coats, no top coat

Onto my top pick from this whole collection. NY Princess deserves a crown for sure. A purple jelly base surrounds micro light purple glitter and smaller blue glitter is scattered among them. It looks like a nice purple glitter nail polish indoors, but to see its real beauty, you’re going to need to step outside. It’s so full of liveliness and demands attention. NY Princess is a jewel.

IMG_3267NY Princess- 2 coats, no top coat

12NY Princess- outdoors

To complete the Crystal Couture collection, Rule the City has a gray base packed with smoky silver shimmer as well as lots of tiny red glitter. It was very opaque, a one coater! I wasn’t very excited about this one though, I’ve seen it before. In fact, I own 2 similar polishes, which I have included for comparison. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice. Surely one to get if you don’t have something like it already.

IMG_3212Rule the City- 2 coats, no top coat

Like I said, I have two similar polishes,  Maybelline Cocktail Dress and Sinful Colors Black Magic. Sadly, they were both limited edition. Cocktail Dress is much chunkier with larger glitter and seems like a more saturated version of Rule the City due to the black glitter instead of silvery gray. Black Magic takes many more coats to achieve opacity, so it’s more used as a topper than on its own. It also has orange glitter instead of red. I suspect Black Magic would be very similar to China Glaze’s Loco-Motive from their new All Aboard collection.

IMG_3237Index & Pinky- Rule the City
Middle- Maybelline Cocktail Dress
Ring- Sinful Colors Black Magic

Now onto the other polishes of this collection that aren’t part of the Crystal Couture line.


Chocolatey brown with a red lead, Royal Chic is a cheaper alternative to Essie’s Partner In Crime, which I skipped on, from their fall 2014 release. I like it, but I don’t see myself choosing this over other colors. I’m still glad I have it as a choice for a future manicure though. Who knows? Maybe I’ll change my mind and start loving it. I’m really glad I was able to try a dark chocolate polish for only two dollars!

IMG_3242Royal Chic- 2 coats, no top coat

Fashion Queen isn’t the only coppery bronzy gold. Crown Gold is a bronze metallic that’s very easy to apply. The brush strokes aren’t very apparent, they seem to smooth themselves out. This one seems like a cheaper alternative to OPI’s With A Nice Finn-Ish, part of their new Nordic Collection (fall/winter 2014). 2 polishes from this collection that mimic the look of two other popular brand’s fall releases? Score.

IMG_3240Crown Gold- 2 coats, no top coat

Oxblood is always very popular for fall. Introducing, Queen of the City, a red oxblood polish with slight shimmer. It’s very pretty, the shimmer just barely peaks out. Right when the light hits it at that perfect angle, they show themselves. It’s much prettier on the nail than in the bottle.


9 polishes. Great job New York Color! This was a really good buy. I love the jelly glitters. In general, I find jelly glitters are much more wearable than flashy sparkly glitter polishes and their subdued look is more alluring in my opinion. If you happen for find these, GRAB some! There are only two slots for each on the display, that should be motivation enough! I’m not sure how much stock a store receives, but two slots?! You need to grab them if you see them. They’re so affordable.

Of all, I would say my top 3 favorites, in order, are NY Princess, Queen’s Jewels and Queen of the City. Even though the glitters tend to catch more attention, please don’t neglect the other three, they’re perfect for fall. Maybe even step out of your comfort zone and try out a chocolatey brown like Royal Chic instead of going with your typical berry shade.


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