NYC City Samba Collection

Is it me or are new collections popping up everywhere these days? I feel like I’ve been stalking my drugstores like crazy this past month or so. To my surprise, Wednesday night, during a random trip to Rite Aid, I found the new NYC City Samba Collection. I’ve been eyeing these polishes since I first laid my eyes on swatches (thanks to the brilliant and wonderful, Nouveau Cheap). I never cared for NYC products until 2012, when I stumbled upon their City Sweets Collection. I fell in love with those inexpensive gorgeous bottles of polish and from then, I started to try some of their polishes from their core collection and I kept my eye out for new limited edition displays. For $1.99 a piece, these are quality nail polishes and I am very happy I decided to stop by Rite Aid before heading home.

Here are the six I walked away with from the collection. Starting from the left, here is Carnival RedJacaranda FlowerTropicoral, Sweet MelonAmazon Green, and Palm on the Beach. IMG_2804 First we have a pinky coral creme, Tropicoral, the image below is 2 coats, no top coat. I’m not a big fan of pink, but I’ve gotta say, I am actually really enjoying this one! It’s a hot coral, but subtle enough for my taste. The formula was easy to work with and dries with a nice shine. Here is a comparison with (L-R) Sally Hansen Coral Reef, NYC Tropicoral, and Essie Cute as a Button. Compared to these two, Tropicoral definitely is less pink and more orange. Tropicoral also has the best formula of the three. If you have these other colors, you could probably skip on this one, it’s not very unique. However, if you are a fan of coral shades, you should surely pick this one up. The price tag and formula are a plus!IMG_2753 Onto this spicy scorching red named Carnival Red. Stunning red with a very smooth easy formula. Image below is 2 perfectly glossy coats and no top coat. My collection is lacking in reds and I’m not willing to pay a ridiculous amount for a color I rarely ever use. If you’re looking to drip your fingers, or fingernails, into red, I would say to try this one out! Carnival Red is not what I would call a unique color; it’s a classic red shade. It reminds me of Essie Fifth Avenue, sadly I do not have this polish to compare. Once again, my collection consists of a few red polishes. Luckily, I recently purchased the China Glaze Off Shore Collection. Here is a comparison between NYC Carnival Red (left) and China Glaze Seas the Day (right). Carnival Red is more orange, while Seas the Day is a red with raspberry tones. Both formulas are great, but I do favor NYC’s brush a little more. One of my favorites from this collection is Sweet Melon, a beautiful cantaloupe color with slight shimmer. The formula, on the other hand, was not as beautiful. Below is 3 coats, no top coat. This was a finicky formula, an outlier compared to the great formulas of all the others in this collection. This color is so gorgeous and unique, that I actually think it’s worth the slightly annoying application process. It’s not at all as troublesome as say, Essie Fiji. Here’s a shot of the bottle, here you can see the shimmer better. The shimmer does not show on the nail though. I love creme nail polishes, so I have to say, I’m not disappointed by this at all! What a delicious melon! If you guys have seen these polishes anywhere, I’m sure you’ve been waiting for this one. Here is Amazon Green, 2 coats and no top coat. In person, I was not very excited about this frosty satin finish, I just don’t care for them. When I was applying this though, I started to really like it. This summer, I have really become obsessed with green and this is no exception. I love it! You know what this polish reminds me of? Toothpaste. Yep, toothpaste. Maybe it’s the addition of the brushstrokes with this cool minty color?  It’s just so refreshing. This is definitely one of my favorites. This polish is unique. This polish is eye-catching. This polish is fueling my obsession. I don’t own anything similar, nothing even within the proximity of this. It does though, remind me of Zoya Dillion from the recent Spring 2014 collection. Dillion is a minty polish with a very strong metallic shimmer. I would say Dillion and Amazon Green could be ‘cousins,’ Dillion would be the life of the party and unreserved, while Amazon Green would be the more demure and coy of the two. Here’s another shot for your viewing pleasure. While on the subject of green polishes, let me introduce you to Palm On The Beach, the image below is 2 coats, no top coat. Be warned, this polish is a stainer, which is not uncommon for this color family. I wore for the swatches below and it had slightly stained my nails.

Please ignore the dent on my index finger, I guess I couldn’t help but touch this beauty and thus, ruin this swatch. This one is so glossy, I almost don’t even need to add a top coat (notice, I said almost), I do love myself a glossy glass like finish though. This is a true green that does not capture well on camera. Below, I have it compared to 3 other polishes. Starting from the left, we have Revlon Posh, Sinful Colors Peppered Amazon, NYC Palm On The Beach, and Essie Ruffles & Feathers. All 2 coats each and without top coat. My camera couldn’t help but distort the colors, Posh and Palm On the Beach are very similar in real life. This photo exaggerates their differences, Posh is more a true St. Patrick’s green. It seems like if you were to mix a little teal (like Ruffles & Feathers) into Posh, you would get Palm On The Beach. From the swatch above, POTB looks almost like a dupe for Essie’s new summer 2014 release, Ruffles & Feathers, but when swatched together, you can see R&F is much more teal. If you added some sparkle into POTB, your result would be Peppered Amazon, a newly released Sinful Color shade, I believe it’s also limited edition.  Now, to the last polish I picked and my very favorite from this collection, here is Jacaranda Flower. Glossy creme purplebelow is 2 easy coats. This was a delight to apply, so perfect, so easy. I did not expect to love this one so much, it’s not very unique, but the formula is so perfect I’m actually thinking about going to get myself a backup! I’m fighting the urge! I have here a comparison with (L-R) OPI Do You Lilac It?, NYC Jacaranda Flower and Wet N Wild On a Trip (I personally like to call this one its french name, En Voyage). Jacaranda Flower and On a Trip are almost dupes, Jacaranda Flower is a hint darker. If you already have On a Trip in your collection, you don’t need to go out on the hunt for Jacaranda Flower, though I have to mention once again that the formula of this is one is a winner! Do You Lilac It?  is one of my favorite purples, so I decided to swatch them together. I agree, it does look out of place, but it’s a beaut nonetheless. These are the 6 of the 8 polishes from NYC’s new City Samba Collection for summer 2014 that I decided to get. Along with the 6 I’ve shown, there is also a shimmery pale yellow and a blue very similar to Pacific Blue from Sally Hansen. I chose not to buy the yellow because it looked like a typical pain-in-the-butt yellow and the I could not justify buying the blue because I had just bought 2 back ups of Pacific Blue (RIP original formula). I can’t say I dislike any of these polishes. I like every single one. My favorites would have to be Sweet MelonAmazon Green, and Jacaranda Flower. If you decide you only want to buy one from this collection, I would suggest Amazon Green or Sweet Melon, depending on your preference, green or orange. I’m new to this whole blogging world. Thank you for stopping by and reading my review. I purchased these myself and these are my own honest opinions.

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