Nicole by OPI Coca Cola Collection: Seriously Citrus & DC Lover

Remember last year when OPI teamed up with Coca Cola for a nail polish collection? Well this year, Nicole by OPI has drawn some inspiration to commemorate Coca Cola’s 100th year anniversary. This is 6-piece collection. Only two of the shades caught my eye, Seriously Citrus and DC Lover. I couldn’t find this limited edition collection in store to see all the shades in person. Time was against me but luck was on my side! I was able to find them on the Ulta website and you know what? They were on sale for $1.79! SCORE! At this moment, they are no longer listed on the site but they may bring them back, so here’s a link to the page just in case. On to the review and swatches!


Wait! I want to discuss something first. The bottle shape. I know we have all wondered about this oddly shaped bottle. What does it remind you of? For me, it’s like the shape of a shoe. A high heel. Can you imagine it too or is it purely my imagination?

Nicole by OPI regrammed my pic of these polishes on their Instagram page @nicolebyopi! I am so honored that they chose my picture! YAYYYY! Show me some lovin’ on my page and also on theirs!


Anyway, let’s start with Seriously Citrus. This glitter polish was the one I knew I had to have! There’s a mix of metallic green, metallic blue, lime green and white larger hex glitters and micro white and light blue glitter, this is all in a clear base. It applies pretty sparse in the first coat and is a tiny bit base heavy. I’m happy with the glitter coverage in two coats.

This is the polish that was inspired by Sprite. In the bottle you may not think that of it. Once you put it on your nails, you can’t help but instantly want a Sprite in your hands. Hmm, I’m gonna need to get a pick of that… Instagram will be updated shortly with a pic! It’s Memorial Day weekend, I’ll probably get plenty of chances to capture that!

Seriously Citrus- 2 coats over Bonita Cocktails in Aruba (review coming soon!)

Here it is over a silver chrome. I got the idea from ManiGeek over at Beautygeeks. I saw her picture and knew I needed to try it myself. This mani is so beautiful, I’ve had it on for almost a week straight! That’s unheard of!

Seriously Citrus- 2 coats over OPI Silver Canvas (Color Paints Collection)

Here’s a shot from Instagram with my delicious mini frappuccino from Starbucks.




The second polish I picked up was DC Lover. This is a fine glitter polish. There are fine silver glitter pieces with some micro red glitter scattered all throughout. In the bottle, I thought it was going to be easily opaque in just one coat. Once I started painting, I knew this was not the case. All the glitter is in a clear base. The first coat was very very sheer and I knew I was going to need 3-4 coats to get it opaque so I wiped it right off and layered it over a silver.

DC Lover- 1 coat over OPI Silver Canvas (Color Paints Collection)

I thought I would instead try it as a top coat so I grabbed a red polish and painted it on. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way either. The glitter covers too much of the base underneath, making it look absolutely terrible.

DC Lover- 1 coat over Essie Dress to Kilt (Fall 2014)

DC Lover is the same way as Shine For Me from OPI’s Fifty Shades of Grey Collection. I didn’t pick that polish up because I heard it was so sheer on its own. I don’t think I will be getting much use out of DC Lover because of this.

Those are the two polishes I picked up from the Nicole by OPI Coca Cola Collection. I ended up really loving one and not caring for the other. I love Seriously Citrus so much I am angry at myself for not getting a backup when I spotted that unbelievable deal over at Ulta! MAN! If you’re looking for this limited edition collection, check out your local Ulta, CVS and Kmart stores. Those are the only places I’ve heard you can find them since not many stores carry Nicole by OPI. Don’t forget to check the Ulta site on the page I mentioned in at the top of this post! That deal might come up again… and if it does, GIVE A SISTA A HOLLA! Haaha seriously. Please?!

Thank you for reading my post all the way through… Or just scrolling all the way to the bottom! Let me give you the heads up now, OPI is releasing another collection with Coca Cola. It is their 100th year anni after all! I got my hands on the two I wanted and I will be reviewing them shortly! I’ll update this post when I do. Stay tuned!

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