NCLA Swim Club Collection for Summer 2015

Make a splash with these pastel nail colors. A few weeks ago, I was browsing on Instagram and saw a deal on a set of NCLA nail polishes. It was an awesome deal at $19 for the whole set of 4! I have always heard of the brand and know they are a reputable polish brand so I jumped on the deal and purchased the Swim Club full set. At the time, I had no idea that these were a new collection. I just picked them ’cause I liked the colors! Isn’t that how we all pick ’em?

When I got them I was so excited. It’s one thing to see them in pictures and it’s another to have them in your hands. There’s something about these bottles that just speak to me. They’re so sleek with their rectangular bottle shapes and matte black caps. Gosh, these really feel so luxe! So I dug right in the moment I took them out of their little individual boxes. Let’s see how my first experience went with NCLA and see the whole Swim Club Collection in action!



Endless Summer is a bubblegum pink meets orchid purple type of shade. I’m not into pinks but for some reason, I was drawn to this one and tried it first out of the bunch. I ended up really loving the way this looked on my nails. For once, I think I may have found a pinky color I can wear for more than two days without feeling the need of putting on something else.

The formula was fantastic. It could have easily been a one coater. I went with two just to fix up my inconsistent polishing. This is one of those “no time to paint my nails but I can’t go out bare” type of polishes. Look at that amazing natural shine this has, too!

Excuse my stained blue cuticles. That’s all due to the beautiful Turquoise Aesthetic from the new OPI Color Paints Collection. My review’s up if you’re interested!

Endless Summer- 2 coats, no top coat

For those wondering, here it is next to L’Oreal Hint of Lavender from the Haute Florals Collection for this spring, which you can still find in stores at this time. Endless Summer is more purple and I enjoy its formula more.

Endless Summer, Hint of Lavender

Golden Coast is a tan taupe creme that reminds me of chocolate milk or hot cocoa. Mmhmm, chocolate milk. On a tangent, does that phrase make you think of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends? Okay… just me then? Anyway, the formula of this one is quite similar to Endless Summer. It’s nice and creamy (chocolate ice cream anyone?) and could once again easily be a one coater. I’m not one to wear brown polish but the shine on this one really captured my heart. PLUS, it makes me wish for some chocolate.

Golden Coast- 2 coats, no top coat

When I applied this light pinky peach, I was surprised by the change in formula. Bikinis & Molokinis is a crelly polish. This took my by surprise since I was using two amazing creme polishes previous to it. Nonetheless, the formula was decent for a crelly but we all know we don’t use crellies for the formula. The squishiness is what we crave! In three coats, I achieved opacity and a juicy squishy look.

Bikinis & Molokinis- 3 coats, no top coat

The color reminds me of Warm Filter from Wet n Wild’s Silver Lake Collection (spring 2014). Bikinis & Molokinis is a lighter peachier version. To compare it to a more known color, it’s also lighter and less bright coral than Essie Tart Deco.

Bikinis & Molokinis, Warm Filer

The last in this collection is a minty blue named Take a Dip. Now we’re back to the cremes. It’s just a touch thinner than the other two cremes in this collection. That change in formulation works for this shade because of how much white is in it. I find that with super paled out pastels, a thinner formula (not watery, just right) gives a carefree application. The formula of this one was just okay, I needed to work with it a little.

Take a Dip- 2 coats, no top coat

I don’t have a polish exactly the same shade. At first, I thought Essie Mint Candy Apple would be similar but it’s actually darker and more blue. I have heard, however, that there’s a new formulation of Mint Candy Apple that’s more green. That may be a possible dupe.

Take a Dip looks to be in the same family as Absolutely Shore from Essie. It’s a little more blue and minty looking but they’re pretty close.

If you’re looking for a mint shade, I would recommend going for Mint Candy Apple from Essie. It’s a must have for any polish lover. The price is half of that of this NCLA polish. Skip on this one and grab the classic from Essie instead.

Absolutely Shore, Take a Dip, Mint Candy Apple

I would say my first encounter with NCLA was a pretty good one. I have always been afraid of purchasing such expensive nail polishes and having a bad experience. The bottles are amazing and the polishes are pretty darn good. My favorites from the Swim Club Collection are Endless Summer and Bikinis & Molokinis. Considering that Endless Summer is so pink, that’s a shock to me, as pinky polishes aren’t really my thing. The one I would say to skip on would be Take a Dip. I do love this shade though and there’s nothing like it in my collection. It has a great formula for something that has so much white in it. These mint colors are a dime a dozen nowadays. There are cheaper alternatives and I can’t justify spending so much on just a single polish that didn’t completely wow me.

If you were looking into NCLA and whether they are worth the splurge, I give them a big thumbs up. Will I be purchasing more from the brand? Of course. One day. For now, I’ve got other things on my wishlist that are more necessary and less expensive. I’m glad I was able to get such an amazing deal on these! I took a chance and ended up scoring big time! For more pictures of these polishes, I’ll be posting up some shots over on Instagram for those interested.

Again so sorry about those stained cuticles! I hope they weren’t too distracting! That dang turquoise from the OPI Color Paints. It’s beautiful but you pay a price by using it. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you’ve gotta check out my review!

So, what are your thoughts on the brand? Have you tried anything you loved/hated? Did any of these polishes catch your eye? If you’re interested in purchasing anything from this collection, click here. It’ll take you directly to the Swim Club Collection on the NCLA site.


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