Morgan Taylor Cinderella Collection

The fairytale classic, Cinderella, has been redone and has now hit theaters! To coincide with the new film, Morgan Taylor has released a collection to go alongside the movie. Morgan Taylor isn’t the only polish brand that has come out with a Cinderella collection, Gelish also collaborated with them to create this collection. In fact, all the polishes in the Morgan Taylor collection have a Gelish version. All except for one, which I do have to show you later on. Out of this 6 piece limited edition collection, I bought 3. So I will be sharing with you half of this new collection.

Morgan Taylor is a salon brand. It’s not as readily available at drugstores. Thank goodness for the internet though, it makes purchasing this brand a ton easier. Due to my limited access to the brand, this is actually my first purchase from them.

Even if you’re not interested in this new live-action adaptation of Cinderella, if you’re into polish at all, you’re gonna want to take a look at these. They’re good enough for royalty! Kinda like Cinderella herself…


Let’s talk formula first. The formulas on all three are very much the same. The first coat is sheer but once you lay on that second coat, you have perfect coverage. That first coat had me worried when I swatched my first one, but I was surprise and relieved on the second coat. I actually really like this formula. It’s an easy one to work with. When polishes are extra opaque, you kinda have to work with them a bit to get them to apply perfectly with no flaws. Conversely, when polishes are too sheer, you’ve gotta paint on several coats for full color intensity. This is the happy medium.

The brush? It’s like if you bunched up an OPI brush. OPI brushes are flatter. Imagine an OPI brush but more dense, you’ll get a Morgan Taylor brush. It also seemed a bit more stiff. Not in a bad way, I guess it’s just a touch firmer. It makes it so the brush doesn’t flop in other directions, where you place it is where the polish will go. Sometimes, a polish brush will kind of bend and cause polish to go where you don’t want it to. This one doesn’t do that and I like that it doesn’t do that.

Okay, now that the necessary jibber jabber’s out of the way, here’s the first polish I have to show you. Party at the Palace is a springy pastel turquoise with plenty of gold shimmer and fine gold and green flecks. The golden shimmer is very apparent in this and adds a nice golden sheen to the polish. With any polish like this, full of shimmer, it leaves brush strokes, but it’s nothing extreme. The shimmer tends to mask the soft brushstrokes left behind. This shade is very pretty and I have nothing quite like this. If you want something similar, I’d recommend you to Zoya’s Awaken collection from spring 2014, or even this year’s spring collection. Party at the Palace is super unique and those gorgeous flecks are stunning.

Party at the Palace- 2 coats, no top coat

Best Ball Gown Ever is what my eyes were drawn to when I first saw this collection. This is the polish that is exclusive to the Morgan Taylor collection. All the other shades of this collection, there is a Gelish alternative for. Gelish has a polish that is exclusive to their collection named “Live Like There’s No Midnight,” a dark jelly blue with shimmer.

Onto this Best Ball Gown Ever. This periwinkle lavender is also packed with golden shimmer and gives it a frosty look. This polish is on the sheerer side and leads me to believe that the base of this polish is a frosty polish, versus the creme polish base of Party at the Palace. The golden shimmer take the spotlight, but there’s also pink shimmer scattered in as well. Upon closer inspection and removal of this polish, I found there were very fine pearly flecks in this polish as well.

This is a minor observation, but I was surprised they named this after Cinderella’s gown. Frankly, Party at the Palace made me think of her dress more than Best Ball Gown Ever. It is normally portrayed as a light blue dress with shimmer everywhere. I am glad this is what the brand came up with, a purple with this shimmer combo is much more appealing to me than a light blue. It’s different and more original.

If you do want a light blue with shimmer, I’d recommend Sinful Color’s Cinderella or Maybelline’s Frozen Over. I don’t own either of these, so I can’t show them. I’d pick Best Ball Gown Ever over them any time, any day.

Best Ball Gown Ever- 2 coats, no top coat

The last polish I have is named If the Slipper Fits. We covered the outfit, now what about the accessories? If you took Cinderella’s infamous glass slipper, chanted a simple “Bibbidi bobbidi boo,” you would transform it to this nail polish. I mean, what else would you wish it to be? Forget about #pumpkinspiceallthethings, #nailpolishallthethings.

If the Slipper Fits is a sheer pearly frosty ‘Cinderella’ blue filled with small silver and holographic glitter. It dries a bit chunky from the glitter, but top coat fixes that right up! I used one thin coat below, but don’t be shy with the top coat! Oh man, they should sell this baby at Swarovski. Heh.

If the Slipper Fits- 3 coats, no top coat

If the Slipper Fits- 3 coats, with top coat

Are you like me and you had no interest in this new remake whatsoever, but now after seeing these gorgeous polishes, you’ve changed your mind? These polishes are so beautiful. These 3 are all unique and like nothing I’ve seen before. If you haven’t ventured into Morgan Taylor nail polishes, this is the collection to start your soon to be love affair with the brand.

My very favorite from this collection would be Best Ball Gown Ever. For Gelish users, it sucks that it doesn’t come in the Gelish formula. Although Best Ball Gown Ever is my top pick, other two are also gorgeous and I really love all three. They are all unique and if you can, I urge you to get all three! Morgan Taylor is a little more expensive a bottle at $8.50, but save up your lunch money! These limited edition polishes are worth it! If you want to order them, visit, they’ve got duos and trios at a reduced price for purchase!

If you’re interested in another movie polish collab, check out the 50 shades of grey collections I did reviews and swatches on here. There’s one from OPI, L’Oreal and Maybelline, too!

Are you gonna watch the movie? Are you gonna wear one of the polishes to watch the movie? I might. I’ll be sure to update instagram if I decide to!

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