Mani Monday | Sinful Colors Rain Storm

Who watched the Super Bowl last night? I’ve got Philly pride, so #SUPERBOWLCHAMPS! Our first time ever getting a Super Bowl Victory! 2018 looks as promising as ever.

Okay enough about that. I don’t want any tomatoes thrown.

This week’s Mani Monday, I pulled out one of my favorites, Sinful Colors Rain Storm. After the craziness that broke out last night, it’s nice to turn to something I can count on.


Stay tuned and click to see more. It’ll have you running to Walgreens and paying a couple bucks.

This has been one of my favorites for years now, in fact, I featured it in my 2016 Fall Favorites post! It’s a blue that holds its place in my collection against all the other blues I own.

There are so many great things going for this polish. It’s a richly pigmented grayed out navy blue. Like a cloudy late night sky, or a rainstorm. Heh. I like it Sinful Colors. I like it.

When I say pigmented, I mean it’s a ONE COATER!

It really is the perfect dusty blue, just as Sinful Colors says on its site.

The formula is unbelievable. I love pulling this out every now and then when I want something easy. Just one coat and go! I wouldn’t advise that you wear this without a base coat though, it’s always nice to have it for protection.


Rain Storm dries a little dull but nothing a little top coat won’t finish. I always top coat, just like I use base coat, cause again, protection. Look how beautiful! Heart eyes.

There’s nothing like paying for MORE than you get. Quality and quantity. That’s how you win at life. If you wait for a sale, this deal could get even better. Walgreen’s often has Sinful Colors sales for just 99¢. So you could get this AND a handful without breaking a sweat! Then you’ll still have money to buy more things, like snacks!

I encourage you to go in-store to pick this one up, it seems like there are crazy markups online, it is at a good price of $1.74 right now on Walmart’s website if you’re interested.

After the crazy hectic night yesterday, I thought I would go for something effortless. Thanks for stepping in Sinful Colors Rain Storm!

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  1. Ariadna says:

    Congrats on your Super Bowl win, being a Falcons fan myself, I can’t celebrate your victory but I will celebrate the Patriots loss, ha ha! Anyway, this is one of my favorite blues ever! It’s such a good, unique color from the drugstore and an amazing formula! Do you have OPI’s Less is Norse? I wonder how close they are to each other? Have a great day!

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