Mani Monday| Different Dimensions Dream Come True

Have I bored you enough with my talk about the weather we’ve been having over here? Well, if you’re still interested, it’s finally starting to get warmer around here. After a brutal cold spell complete with freezing rain, I am breathing a sigh of relief.

Today’s Mani Monday is Dream Come True from Different Dimensions. This is from a haul I did a while back and I have tried every polish in that haul except for this one, so I thought, why not document this momentous occasion? Imagine the big grin on my face as I say this.

The Different Dimensions site describes Dream Come True as “a darkened teal polish loaded with color shifting pigment”.

That description is perfect. This truly is a color shifter. Sometimes it’ll look on the bluer side, sometimes more green. Depending on the lighting conditions, you’ll get a different look. When your nails catch the light, the gold fairy dust shimmer transforms into that gorgeous purply pink shimmer that’ll stop you in your tracks.

The photos below show how the polish looks when the light is hitting it directly. Yes, I’ll give you a second to catch your breath.

Here are some photos with flash in order to capture the gold shimmer you’ll see in indoor lighting.

Look! Doesn’t it make you think of the Aurora Borealis, commonly know as the Northern Lights. Gosh, isn’t it a specimen to behold?! Just like electrically charged particles colliding. Nature is beautiful, this polish captures nature, hence, this polish is beautiful. Not like you weren’t already ogling it.

The formula was good, a touch on the thick side. The first coat when on a little patchy, which had me worried but the thickness worked in its favor because the second coat layered nicely. The teal base is a pigmented jelly, so with 3 coats I got the bottle color.

This is a stunner of a polish. I have been a sucker for shifty shimmers this past year and this is another great one. This is why Different Dimensions is one of my top 3 favorite indie brands!You need to get a bottle for yourself. Seriously!

The price point of this polish is $12, a little steeper than the $10 I’m used to paying. At the time of this order, there was a promotion going on, so it made the blow a little softer. If you want to get a deal on it, you’ll have to take the risk of waiting for it to go on an end of season sale. I would not recommend this though cause there’s always the risk of it being sold out before that even happens and this is a polish that you do not want to miss.

Before I let you go, here’s one last photo captured with the help of Mr. Sun.

If you haven’t tried them yet, I urge you to give them a chance! I’ve mentioned them many times over the years!

Check back here soon for a post on a review of a brand I finally gave in to trying, that’s been around for a little over a year. I won’t spoil the surprise, come back and see!

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