Mani Monday: Different Dimension Boy Blue

On Sunday was our first ‘official’ snowfall of this winter. Granted, it didn’t stick but it sure put a big grin on my face. I absolutely love the snow. Always have, always will. The snow can be a nuisance at times, but it still makes me happy once the first flake hits the ground. With the weather we had been having these past few weeks, I had started to believe that it wasn’t even going to happen. Then, after this dreadful cold week that’s passed, the weather graced us with some flurries!

For the start of this week, I’m sporting this white crelly glitter from Different Dimension in hope for more snow to come! According to the forecast, it seems we should be receiving some towards the end of this week. Good news indeed!


Different Dimension is an indie brand I have just gotten into this past summer. I love looking into indie brands for the best neons to suit the season, so naturally, I stumbled into the world of Different Dimension.

In December, they released their new winter collection, Babes in Toyland, which is filled with holographic polishes with metallic flakier embedded and this white crelly glitter. I love the three that I ordered and I have many more on my wishlist that I hope will be mine soon!


Boy Blue is a perfect winter polish. It has a white crelly base with silver and blue hex glitter. I love that there are several shades of blue glitter, giving it dimension (hahha DIFFERENT dimension!). Along with the hex glitter, there is also some silver star glitters in the mix. Due to the crelly base, the glitter peaks in and out of the polish and this effect perfectly mimics a blanket of snow covering all it falls upon. Layering this is the way to go.



The formula was a little finicky. I had to use a light hand during application. You have to make sure you’re letting your layers dry before carrying on or else you’ll end up dragging your polish and creating bald spots. To get more glitter coverage, I also dabbed the glitter from the brush onto my nail as I painted.

The best way to apply this that I’ve come across is to use a plain white creme polish as a base and then paint one or two coats of Boy Blue over. This way your end product won’t look thick and gooey from layering on this glitter polish alone. Since it’s a white crelly, chances are you won’t this opaque in one coat no matter how skilled you are! I used two coats of Boy Blue over a white creme (Sinful Colors Whiteout) to get it opaque. I opted for two coats instead of just one so I could get the layered glitter effect I mentioned earlier.




I found it was quite easy to get the star-shaped glitter on my brush, I didn’t have to fish for it. The glitter is so dense in this that you don’t spend forever getting the it to look the way you want it.

What do you think? I know white crelly glitter polishes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. I’m sure you can already guess that I’m definitely on the pro side! If you’re with me, then you’ll want to get your own!

If you want to get yourself a bottle, Boy Blue is actually currently on sale over on Different Dimension’s site for $5! I mean, who can pass that offer up?! While you’re there, you’ll want to prepare your bank account for the spending you’ll do because you’re going to fill up your cart fast with all the beauties they have! I know I’m guilty of adding way too much in mine!


  1. Amy Galli says:

    Very pretty polish, so perfect for winter! Different Dimension is one of my favorite indies! I’m waiting to receive an order I just placed during a recent flash sale, all from the recent holiday collection. I didn’t pick this one up, I might be regretting that!:)

    • chezadrienne says:

      I placed an order during the same too! Couldn’t pass up the deal and took the opportunity to get some of the ones I had been eyeing up for a while now! Did you pick up Jack? It’s a light blue holographic that is just as perfect for winter! It’s absolutely gorgeous and it’s safe to say it’s my very favorite from the Babes in Toyland collection.
      Thank you so much for checking out my blog and especially for taking the time to comment!!

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