Milani Fierce Foil Nail Lacquer

I have been enjoying glittery shimmery nail polishes lately. I’ve been a little bored with straight cremes and after trying out so many wonderful glitter polishes, like Shamrockin’ and Love Spinkles, I have gone a little glitter crazy. I was at CVS and I saw these gems on display, saw the dreaded words limited edition and you know I bought a few.

I ran into a bit of a mishap with one of my polishes. Due to my tendency to drop anything and everything, I dropped one. You’ll see more on this later. You really need to look at these Fierce Foil polishes. They are fierce.


These sparkly luminescent polishes are each named after famous Italian cities. Although they’re named Fierce Foils, they’re not exactly foils. They’re all extremely glittery and pack a punch of shimmer. The polishes in this collection all have flecks and according to the Milani website, they have genuine gold flecks. These are all sheer polishes with one coat or you can build easily them up on their own in 2 coats or wear them over a base color. So don’t let the word sheer scare you away.

I can’t resist deep purple shades, Venice is no exception. Venice is a sapphire blue with blue and pink shimmer. I can’t quite pick out the flecks in this polish, it looks like there are super fine flecks of blue and pink. It’s very reflective and I love how it catches the light.

Venice- 2 coats, no top coat

Milan is a sparkly bronzey gold with some serious razzle-dazzle. It’s completely packed with fine gold shimmer and flakes of gold and a warmer bronzey gold. A multidimensional gold. Oh man. This one looks like you grabbed a gold bar and shaved off some bits and dumped it all in a polish. In 2 layers, it has an extremely glamorous look. It’s even better than liquid gold!

Milan- 2 coats, no top coat

Milan reminds me of Goldeneye from the OPI Skyfall Collection a few years back. Of the two, I prefer Milan. Milan contains all the glitter in Goldeneye plus gold flecks! You need this. They look identical on the nail, so they’re dupes in that aspect. Milan is soo much better though.

I&R: Milan, M&P: Goldeneye

(L-R) Milan, Goldeneye

I saved the best for last. I tend to do that. Sardina is a sheer pearly reflective polish with gold and silver metallic flecks dancing around within a clear base. It reminds me of crushed seashells. Well, the flecks are so fine, it’s more like pulverized seashells. That’s fitting, since Sardina is a island in Italy with dazzling beaches. A dazzling polish for a dazzling place. It’s beautiful worn alone, but this one is very sheer. I prefer wearing it as a topper. Mostly because of my short nail beds and stained nails. Insert sad faced emoji.

Sardina- 2 coats, no top coat

I chose to wear it over Sally Hansen’s Babe Blue, one of their new permanent polishes. I have a review and swatches here. It’s DAZZLING. Ah, my life is complete.

Sardina- 1 coat over Babe Blue

Here’s another over Bare It All also from Sally Hansen. Review and swatches in the same post as mentioned above.

Sardina- 1 coat over Bare It All

Now about that little mishap I had. Here’s Florence. I’m glad that out of the 4, I dropped this one. This olive green is not flattering on me at all. I didn’t like it. For some reason, it applied chunky. A chunky foil looking shimmer polish? No thanks. I wanted it off so badly I didn’t even get a good picture of it on my nails! The polish was shattered and it was not pretty. Not appealing at all.

Oh man, this swatch is so bad. I’m just including it here for those who love this shade of green. Maybe you will like it better than I did.

Florence- 2 coats, no top coat

I’m sure you agree that this new collection of Fierce Foils are fierce. The colors I didn’t pick up, I really didn’t like. Skip on those and Florence, the other 3 I have here are the true stand outs. My two favorites from this collection are Sardina and Milan. Don’t hesitate the next time you’re in the store and you see these on the display. You had better grab it before someone else does! The dimension and brilliance of these polishes need to be experienced. Oh Milani, please make Sardina permanent! I may just have to buy a few backups…

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