Milani Bedazzled Color Statement Polishes

The hype around this newly released collection from Milani has mostly been around the new constellation gel eye liners, but not for me. The matte lipsticks have also been on everybody’s wishlists as well. Now, I’m not one for eyeliners and lipsticks so the nail polishes have gained my attention. It seems that with all the commotion over the other products, these polishes are being overlooked by shoppers. I think they certainly deserve some oogling over and recognition. Just like the Milani polishes recently released in their core line with their new formula, these are perfection in a bottle topped with limited edition gold caps! Enchanted shade for sure. Check out the swatches!IMG_3272

If you’re familiar with my recent posts on some of the new collections released for fall, you may be aware of my adoration of navy hues. Essie and Wet n Wild released some great ones and now Enchanted Sapphire is here to join the ranks. Enchanted Sapphire is a navy that does not look black, which is a quality I absolutely love in dark blues. Alert! This is a one coater, otherwise known as a OCW (reference to beautygeeks)!

IMG_3282Enchanted Sapphire- 1 coat, no top coat

I found that for autumn, I have been looking for jewel-toned, slightly metallic shades. Enchanted Garnet is just what the doctor ordered. This shimmery deep blackened red wine color is perfect for the coming chilly weather. There is just the right amount of sultriness in this deep red for fall nights soon to come. Formula-wise, this one started out very sheer and needed 2 coats for full opacity.

IMG_3380Enchanted Garnet- 2 coats, no top coat

The third and final polish in this limited edition display is Enchanted Emerald. This unique green is so creamy, it’s a pleasure to apply. I am obsessed with this deep forest green. After all, green polishes have a special place in my heart. Enchanted Emerald is going to spend a great deal of time on my digits these next few months. This color and the awesome formula are flawless.

IMG_3285Enchanted Emerald- 2 coats, no top coat

I am extremely impressed by these new Milani releases. Even before the transformation of their nail line, I remember really liking their lacquers. Now that they’ve changed, I find myself at a loss for words each time I use one of their new polishes. The formula is so smooth and ultra saturated, most of them need just one coat! Enchanted Sapphire and Enchanted Emerald both have this gorgeous impeccable formula.

These three from this limited edition collection are all fabulous. Although Enchanted Garnet requires 3 coats for opacity, it is such a beautiful shade. I actually bought this one first before going back for the others. All three are lovely and I am very glad I decided to grab them all! I serious love them all and cannot pick a favorite. At $4 for each, you must find a way to get both Enchanted Garnet and Enchanted Emerald!

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