Maybelline Veils

Last week, I posted about the Maybelline Jewels collection, now it’s time for part TWO! What did I think about the Maybelline Veils? Keep reading for more!


I only picked up 3 of these top coat effect polishes. Why did I pick so few? The other ones just didn’t seem like something I would be interested in. They looked like a cross between a liquid sand and a normal glitter nail polish. I remember there was a copper glitter and it didn’t interest me at all, it was very orange and when will I ever use it anyway?

All the glitter polishes from the veil collection are micro glitters. They’re small so that they can cover your nail, like a “veil”.

For each of these glittery veils, I only used one coat. A single coat perfectly covered my nails and I didn’t need to add another.

Teal Beam is a green-blue glitter. If you love ‘mermaid glitters’ this one will catch your eye. The glitter particles are very packed, giving a mosaic look once on the nail. I like this, but I’m not sure how often I’ll reach for this.
20140716-142949-52189544.jpgOne coat of Teal Beam over OPI’s Can’t Find My Czechbook

Crystal Disguise is exactly what I would think of if someone said “veil nail polish”. Veil is the perfect way to describe this nail polish. The glitter is so fine, that when you paint a coat of this angelic shimmer, it creates a light shimmery veil. Words cannot describe my love for this one. You know how pretty much everyone from the nail community loves China Glaze Fairy Dust? Well this, I dare say, is better. To be fair, I’m not exactly a fan of glitters, I’m very simplistic. I love the clean look of 2 coats of a beautiful color topped off with a shiny top coat and nothing else. If you stop Crystal Disguise on shelves, buy it. You won’t regret it.
20140716-161834-58714845.jpgOne coat of Crystal Disguise over OPI’s You’re So Vain-illa.

Amethyst Aura is like a cousin to Crystal. The micro glitters make any nail polish transform into a shimmery polish full of energy. Just look at the image below, in the photo it reminds me of Essie’s Smooth Sailing; one of my very favorite summer nail polishes.
20140717-164235-60155555.jpgOne coat of Amethyst Aura over OPI’s No Room For the Blues.

That’s it, the only 3 I picked. When I saw these I was hesitant to buy them, I thought they didn’t look like anything special. After searching each of these, I’m really happy I bought them. My two favorites are Crystal Disguise and Amethyst Aura. Both are great effect polishes that can give your nail polishes a totally different look. I’m excited to try this out on some of my favorite creme formulas!

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