Maybelline Color Show Jewels Nail Polish Collection

Maybelline is probably my favorite drugstore nail polish brand. Revlon used to take that title, but recently, Maybelline has really been putting out some great collections. Two great collections in a row, Bleached Neons and now the Jewels & Veils. This collection consists of two parts, two different types of top coats with 5 polishes in each collection, making it a total of 10 new glittery maybelline polishes. The Jewels collection consists of more chunky glitter (glitter shards!), while the Veils consists of dense small glitter particles. This post will be on just the Jewels, I will be putting up another post on the veils. This week’s been pretty intense, we’re preparing for July 4th, after all!

Once again, there are 5 chunky glitter nail polishes in the Maybelline Color Show Jewels Collection. I skipped on the silver glitter named Platinum Adorn, it had a combination of hex and tinsel glitters. I’m not a fan of tinsel glitters and I have plenty of silver glitters, so I didn’t mind skipping out on this one. So, of the five nail polishes from the Jewels display, I picked 4 out of 5. From left to right in the picture below I have, Gleaming GraphiteGilded in GoldPrecious Pearl, and Mosaic Prism. They retail for ~$4.


Shall we start with the gorgeous glitter shards? Let me show you guys Gleaming Graphite. This has blue hued gray glitter shards, this was one of the first polishes I picked up. I love glitter shards, they’re an edgy twist to the average hex glitters everyone else has. I think this pairs best with dark polishes, it adds almost a galactic feel. Instead of going with a mysterious dark color, I chose a more spring/summer color and I am so happy I did.

1 coat, no top coat


I have it layered over a Sinful Colors nail polished named Lavandar, yes that is how the label has it spelled. I really like how it looks with just one coat, the sparse glitter really works for this, it makes it look sophisticated. The more I look at it, it reminds me of a speckled egg, maybe a dragon’s egg… Perhaps a precious stone?

For those of you wondering how this polish builds up, here’s a picture with 2 coats for your viewing pleasure. Sorry it’s not particularly in focus, this dang camera! Two coats looks beautiful as well, it really brightens up the base color.

2 coats, no top coat


The second glitter shard polish is Gilded in Gold. Gold shards, a must-have in a nail polish lover’s collection. It’s a beautiful thing. Especially when paired with a milky pink such as NYC’s Sunset Park Pink.

2 coats on ring finger, 1 coat on middle & pinky, no top coat


Gilded in Gold is pretty and a new type of glitter to appear at the drugstore, but how unique is it? Here I have it swatched next to a similar polish I own from American Apparel named Meteor Shower. Meteor Shower is on my index finger, the rest of my nails are the same as the photo above.

1 coat of each, no top coat


One coat of Meteor Shower gives the result of two coats of Gilded in Gold (compare index & ring fingers). Meteor Shower has bigger shards and is more opaque in one coat. Other than that, they are both very similar. They are both so similar, that I would say they could be dupes.

A bottle of Meteor Shower costs $7 for 0.5 Fl oz versus $4 for 0.23 Fl. oz of Gilded Gold. Meteor Shower is the better deal, more bang for your buck. That is especially so since you need 2 coats of Gilded Gold to equal 1 coat of Meteor Shower. However, if you just want to try this type of glitter and don’t want to pay more then five bucks, Gilded Gold is a good choice and more accessible. If you can’t find the new Jewels collection and have an American Apparel store near, you should check their nail products. American Apparel has some great polishes. This is the only one I own, maybe I should do an American Apparel polish haul soon…

When I saw this next glitter polish, Mosaic Prism, is a multi-colored glitter full of hex and mini speck glitters. This rainbow glitter top coat reminded me of the recent OPI Spotlight on Glitter Collection, specifically Chasing Rainbows or the famous Rainbow Collection. Sadly, I don’t have either of these polishes to compare. Mosaic Prism is not very unique, it’s an average rainbow glitter. If you don’t already have a rainbow glitter top coat in your nail polish collection and you’re looking for one, this is nice, but the glitter payoff isn’t that great. I do like the look of this over OPI Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around, rather than a bright in-your-face shade. I would use this more for glitter gradients since it takes a few coats to build up on the whole nail.

1 coat on ring and pinky fingers, no top coat.


Lastly, Precious Pearl contains various sizes of white matte hex glitter. This is perfection. The variation in glitter size really makes this polish look a great deal more expensive than it is. What I mean is, drugstore glitters are usually made up of 2 types, sometimes 3, which more expensive glitter nail polishes (i.e. Deborah Lippman) have more sizes. This one is a winner. Very comparable to Sephora’s Formula X Wham! minus the bar glitter. I had been eyeing Wham! since it first came out, I am so happy I waited for this wonderful nail polish to come out and it cost me a fraction what I would have paid otherwise! I would rather pay $4 than $12.50 at Sephora any day!

1 coat, no top coat over OPI I Just Can t Cope-acabana


There you have it, four out of five of the new Maybelline Color Show Jewels Collection. I really hope these aren’t limited edition, nothing on the packaging or display says limited edition and that’s usually a sign that they’ll be part of the core collection. Just in case these are though, get your butt to the store and grab up Precious Pearl and/or Gleaming Graphite! Hit up American Apparel for Meteor Shower for gold shard glitter instead, if you can.

The drugstore is really stepping up its game this year! Maybelline, you’re doing great. Keep doing what you’re doing, I’m waiting anxiously for your upcoming nail collections!

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