Mani Mondays: Illamasqua Melange

From now on, I’m planning on posting on Mondays showcasing the polishes of the week. I pretty much change my polish once every week. I’ve gotta admit though, I have been a little lazy recently and I’ve been stretching it out to every two weeks. I’ve been in a little of a polish funk recently. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s just the freezing temperatures restraining me from spending extra time away from my warm cozy bed.

This is a great way for me to share older nail polishes that I love or new purchases that aren’t new releases. So, to start off “Mani Mondays,” my first polish is Melange from Illamasqua.

IMG_3904Illamasqua Melange is a minty sea green filled with micro golden and copper glitter.  It’s definitely more micro glitter than shimmer. Don’t let that scare you though, it’s not full on glitter, it’s like someone blended some gold and copper glitter into a state that is not glitter, yet not quite as fine as shimmer. This way, it shows up more when on.

This color paired with the warm gold and copper reminds me of a robin’s egg with a mermaid feel. The formula is superb. Usually with colors like this, it’s sheer on the first coat, but this was extraordinary. I laid down one coat and it was flawless. Normally I feel inclined to paint 2 coats on my nails, I didn’t have to do that with this one. There was no need!


In different lighting, the color can be more of a mossy green, but most of the time it’s a nice teal, like a lighter greener version Zoya’s Wednesday.

When your hand is tilted just right and it hits the light at the perfect angle, the glitter really stands out. It glistens beautifully. Here’s a much needed close up.


Melange is so unique. It’s a very interesting lacquer. It’s a splendid polish and the formula is remarkable. I’ve used to shimmery polishes like this being sheer, so this really blew me out of the water. Illamasqua’s polishes are on the more expensive side, so this isn’t very cost-friendly. In addition, Illamasqua is a UK brand and is no longer sold in the US. If you’re around the UK, lucky you!
The only way to get this in the US is through their website and with conversions, it’s approximately $24 a pop. I know, that’s a steep price to pay. If you’re willing to spend the money, I’d say it’s a good buy. The holidays are around the corner, after all. Maybe add this to your ‘Christmas Wishlist’?

To those of you that can never imagine spending this much on a lone nail polish, I feel you. This isn’t a MUST have, there are always more fish in the sea, right?

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