L’Oreal Haute Florals Collection LE for Spring 2015

Remember how I said in my Wet n Wild post that the drugstore is filled to the brim with new spring collections? L’Oreal has released a new collection of vibrant cremes and a unique glitter topper. I was quite surprised to see this glitter from L’Oreal and I think this is the polish that really takes the limelight in this collection.

Of the 7 in the Haute Florals collection, I picked up 5. I skipped on the two darker shades. They didn’t seem to fit in with the spring theme. The one named Violette seemed like a possible dupe to Flowerista from the new Essie spring collection, which I will be reviewing sometime this week (yay!).  For now, let’s focus on this new spring release. Just look at that bright coral. It’s washing out all the other great colors!


Before I share the glitter with you, let me introduce you to this pretty pinky orchid shade named Hint of Lavender. This is a bubblegum pink with some purple tones mixed in. I normally steer away from pinks like this, since they seem to make my hands look… lobster-like. I took the plunge and got it because it’s more purple than other colors I’ve tried like this. I’m glad I got this, it’s actually surprisingly flattering. The formula is fantastic, 2 coats. I can actually see myself grabbing this a ton for spring.

Hint of Lavender- 2 coats, no top coat

As I said earlier, I don’t usually go for these types of shades, so I don’t have anything in my stash that’s a dupe. I feel that Hint of Lavender is unique due to that little hint of lavender in this bubblegum pink! I do have a similar polish from Essie I can compare it with. Cascade Cool is an old polish from Essie and it has their old common watery Essie formulaThe formula of Hint  of Lavender is superior by far. Cascade Cool is a pure bubblegum pink shade. Hint of Lavender seems like a lighter version of Cascade Cool with a drop of lavender mixed in.

I&R: Hint of Lavender, M&P: Cascade Cool

(L-R) Hint of Lavender, Cascade Cool

With Hint of Lavender as my base, I applied Garden Bouquet. This is a gorgeous matte glitter packed with large pale pink flowers, smaller pink circle & hex glitter and short light green bar glitter. When you look at the bottle of Garden Bouquet, your mind automatically thinks spring. Those different types of glitter all jumbled up in soft pastel colors are really a pretty sight.

Garden Bouquet

Garden Bouquet- 1 coat over Hint of Lavender, no top coat

With larger glitter pieces, you always have those pesky pieces that don’t lay flat against the curved surface of a nail. To get smooth it down, add a little clear polish to act as glue and gently press it down with a dotting tool or toothpick.

Garden Bouquet reminds me of a polish I recently reviewed, Sinful Colors Shamrockin’. It’s in stores now and is also limited edition. Shamrockin’ is a flower glitter with a mix of green and white. Check out my post here for more info. There are actually 2 versions of Shamrockin’ sold in stores.

Sweet Nectar is a bright neon coral with a thin formula. The intensity of this color throws my camera off! It needs 2 coats to be opaque. When you hold it up in the light, there is a soft fuchsia shimmer running though it. Sadly, it doesn’t translate onto the nail.

Sweet Nectar- 2 coats, no top coat

When I had it on my nails, I instantly thought it could be a dupe for Essie Cute As A Button. Yep. It’s a dead on dupe for it. Okay, if you want to be exact, there is a soft shimmer in Sweet Nectar. However, because it only appears in the bottle, when painted on the nails, these two are dupes. Which one would I recommend? Sweet Nectar. The formula’s better and it’s a smidge more unique as a coral cause of that invisible shimmer. Plus, L’Oreal polishes are cheaper than Essie’s.

I&R: Sweet Nectar, M&P: Cute As A Button

No matter how many brands put out a light blue polish, I will probably buy them all. This is especially true if they stamp on the dreaded words of doom: limited editionWispy Clouds is a sky blue polish and I am in love with it. When you look at the bottle, it’s not very special looking. When I painted this polish on my nails with such ease, I was in shock. Normally a polish with so much white in it is annoying to paint with and it tends to have a thicker formula. Wispy Cloudgoes on easily and the formula is delightfully thin with just enough creaminess to glide on the nail. I used 2 easy coats.

Wispy Clouds- 2 coats, no top coat

I feel like there are a ton of blues like Wispy Clouds on the market, but it seems I don’t own a dupe. In my packed Helmer drawer of blue polishes, I don’t have a single one. Here’s a line up with Zoya Blu and Wet n Wild Putting on Airs, part of their new permanent Wild Shine range, review and swatches here.

(L-R) Putting on Airs, Wispy Clouds, Blu

For the last pick of this collection, I got Spring Showers. This is a periwinkle blurple that I almost didn’t pick up. I’ve seen plenty of periwinkle cornflower blues recently and thought I didn’t need another copy polish. I skipped on it and went my merry way. Later that day, I was browsing though instagram and saw some swatches. I regretted skipping on it and knew I needed it. After several days of hunting for it, since I missed my chance the first time, I had it and it was mine.

This periwinkle has the ‘blurple smell’. Almost all of my blurple polishes smell this way. I first noticed the smell in Sally Hansen (original) Pacific BlueSpring Showers has a very thin formula and applied super watery and patchy on the first coat. The second coat mended everything and it was opaque. I love it when that happens! I love it!

Spring Showers- 2 coats, no top coat

Spring Showers is darker than Wear Skinny Jeans from the new Wet n Wild Silver Lake collection for spring. It’s also darker and more blue than OPI You’re Such A Budapest. I found that it’s very very close to Essie Lapiz of Luxury. The polish that started my whole nail polish addiction! Lapiz of Luxury is more muted with some gray, while Spring Showers is more vibrant, other than that they look almost identical on the nail. The formula of Spring Showers much better than the watery old Essie formulation of Lapiz of Luxury.

(L-R) You’re Such A Budapest, Spring Showers, Wear Skinny Jeans

I&R: Spring Showers, M&P: Lapiz of Luxury

Honestly, I was not expecting to be wowed by this collection. The colors didn’t seem all that interesting and I almost didn’t purchase any. The colors really went above and beyond my expectations. I fell in love with the unique sky blue Wispy Clouds and the periwinkle Spring ShowersGarden Bouquet was a delightful matte glitter that I would urge anyone to snatch up if they are presented with the chance. If you don’t manage to get your hands on Garden Bouquet, check out Sinful Colors Shamrockin’They’re both beautiful spring glitters.  Any of these polishes from the Haute Florals collection deserve to be given a chance. L’Oreal’s nail polish formulation is really superb. The stand out of this collection, for me, was Wispy Clouds. It has such an amazingly creamy formula, one you would not expect from such a light blue.

Let me know if you, like me, have good luck with this collection. What did you get? What’s your favorite way of wearing Garden Bouquet?



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