L’Oreal Dark Sides of Grey Collection

I’m sure it is common knowledge that OPI released a Fifty Shades of Grey Collection, but they’re not the only ones. L’Oreal has also released a not so official Fifty Shades of Grey collection named Dark Sides of Grey. With names like Bad Bad Grey, you can surely tell these are meant to go along with the movie release.

The Dark Sides of Grey collection consists of eight shades with mostly shimmer polishes. I grabbed 5 out of 8 and I have a feeling these are the ones that would catch your eye as well.

Aux Chandelles is a pale putty gray. This dove polish is a creme with a formula on the thinner side but it builds easily. It takes just 2 coats for full coverage. In darker lighting, Aux Chandelles can look like a bluey gray.

Aux Chandelles- 2 coats, no top coat

Caution Please is an ashy silver metallic with texture reminiscent of Zoya’s PixieDust polishes. The color and shimmer gives it glitz and the ashy tone puts some edge in that glitz.

Caution Please- 2 coats, no top coat

Bad Bad Grey is an interesting one. This deep eggplant purple is filled with silver, blue and purple shimmer. This has the same sandy texture as Caution Please. This is dark and mysterious, which is fitting since it is named after Mr. Grey himself.

Bad Bad Grey- 2 coats, no top coat

Although the texture finish is nice, I loved the way it looked when the polish was still wet. In the end, I decided to slap on some top coat. I like it better this way.

Bad Bad Grey- 2 coats, with top coat

Here’s one of my favorites, Totally D’Accord. This is so beautiful, there are no words to describe it. There are tons of components to Totally D’Accord. There are super tiny flecks and blue silver shimmer all embedded in a blue-black jelly base. This one isn’t as textured as the others. It has just a bit of texture due to the shimmer and flecks, but it’s pretty smooth to the touch.

You would think the jelly base would make it require more coats, but it just needs 2 coats because of the densely packed shimmer. Totally D’Accord reminds me of China Glaze’s Meet Me Under the Stars from their recent Twinkle Collection. It’s even more magnificent than that though! There is nothing like Totally D’Accord.

Totally D’Accord- 2 coats, no top coat

Can it get better? Yes. Here it is matte. If you ever want to tone down a glitter polish, a matte top coat does the trick.

Totally D’Accord- with matte top coat

It’s natural finish and matte forms are gorgeous and all, but it’s even better with top coat! I will be painting my nails this color as much as I can before spring rolls back around!

Totally D’Accord- with top coat

Lastly, here is Masked Affair. This is the one from this collection that has generated a ton of buzz all over social media, instagram especially! It’s a lilac gray holographic polish. Yep! L’Oreal, a popular mainstream drugstore brand released a holo polish!

Masked Affair is on the sheerer side, so 3 coats is needed for this one. You could layer it over another polish, but it’s better when layered over itself. That way, there’s more spectacular dimension. I love the look of this on the nails. I hope this is the start of something here to stay L’Oreal! Everyone’s gone bananas about it, so if you manage to spot this you had better buy it! It’s a steal at that amazing drugstore price!

Masked Affair- 3 coats, no top coat

Masked Affair made my camera go a little crazy and the holo isn’t very prominent in the photo above. Here’s another in dimmer light.


This collection is a winner! L’Oreal’s nail polish collections almost always excite me. These 5 are all stupendous, but there are 2 I would like to push forward. Totally D’Accord and Masked Affair are my very favorites from the Dark Sides of Grey Collection. I’d like to give an honorable mention to Bad Bad Grey. It’s a nice polish, but compared to my 2 top picks, it doesn’t stand out as much.

Totally D’Accord is like nothing I’ve ever seen. Masked Affair is a holo polish that’s a first at the drugstore, at least I believe son, and it must be tried. If you have tons of holo polishes, I’d say you don’t really need this one. It is, however, an new feat and it’s something that marks a trend I hope all the big drugstore polish brands will be embracing!

Everyone’s gone bananas over Masked Affair, so be on the lookout for that one. Don’t count out the others in this release! Take a look at this collection, I am 100% sure there is something for everyone!

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