KL Polish | Tuxedo Mask & Paper Snow Review

KL Polish showed up on the scene a little over a year ago in the tail end of 2016. It’s been on my radar since the release but only now did I pounce on the site to place an order.

When I heard KL Polish was coming out with black and white cremes, I knew it was time for me to give the brand I try. These are the two simple colors that are hard to make right.

…So let’s see if they made them right.

AND let’s try to make this as in-depth as possible. I’ve gotcha covered.

KL Polish was created by YouTuber Kathleen Lights. The brand launched in November 2016 and has been doing well ever since. The polishes are 9-free and made in the USA, on top of that, it’s a cruelty-free brand.

I was skeptical about this brand at first. I knew who Kathleen Lights was, but I had no idea she was into nail polish, so when she announced she was starting up a polish brand, I was puzzled. I was curious but when the first collection was released, I decided to wait for some of the hype to die down and wait for the initial reviews.

Now a year later, I heard that KL polish was going to release black and white cremes and I knew it was time. This was the perfect way to test out their formula and see how they would stand up against the competition.

White is a hard color to get right. The formula can’t been too thick or thin, it has to be buildable enough to reach opacity in (maximum of) 2 coats. The formula can’t been too dry or too wet either because white is not a forgiving color. Too dry and you’ll see cracks develop in your dried polish, too wet and it won’t build upon itself.

The search for the perfect black seems as complicated as the search for white. I’m looking for something so richly black, so pigmented, you need one coat and BAM done. The night sky in the wilderness captured in a bottle. I also want it to have a shine so intense the polish looks like it’s perpetually wet.

Paper Snow is the white. The formula seemed on the thicker side, with a nice gel-like quality to it. It wasn’t the consistency of paint, it’s always a plus when white polishes don’t feel like you’re using Wite-Out. It was opaque in 2 coats and I think this is the glossiest white I’ve ever tried!

I liked that this dried with a nice shine. My holy grail white has been OPI Alpine Snow for years now and these two are very different. To be honest, I’m not sure which one is my ultimate favorite. They both have their pluses.

Alpine Snow is so stark white, it really pops off against your skin. Paper Snow is the shiniest, glossiest white I’ve ever tried. For these two reasons, I am going to justify having these two white polishes in my collection. I’m not going to push one ahead of the other, I just don’t know for now. Paper Snow isn’t as consistent of a formula, some patchiness can develop. If you have it around longer, the formula should thicken up and get better with time. Maybe after a few more uses, I’ll be able to choose one over the other, but for now, these are both in a tie for first place.

I will say that after the second time using Paper Snow, it is now much more enjoyable to use and I think it may be giving my Alpine Snow a run for its money…time will tell.

Below I have a swatch with one coat of each then both opaque at 2 coats. KL Polish on the left and OPI on the right.

For the black, Tuxedo Mask has a formula very consistent to that of Paper Snow. This was again a 2 coater and has that gel-like quality to it too. Most black polishes will go on liquidy and murky on the first coat and this doesn’t do that–yesss! The first coat is pretty good, even color for the most part, but the second coat is needed to bring it to opacity. I feel that with use, this’ll thicken up and you may even get this to be a one coater! It dries so darn glossy! I said I was looking for a polish that gave the look of wet ink and this may have satisfied that search.

I don’t have a favorite black. Now I do. That gooood.

The formula. I am so pleasantly surprised by how these polishes performed. My initial doubts stood no ground! The formulas of these two polishes were great and unlike any I’ve tried. It’s thicker than your typical polish, but still moves around easily. I don’t want to say they’re goopy, but in a way, they are a little goop-like. Gel-like is the best way to put it. I really like it!

The brush. Gosh. These brushes are PHAT. Thick and wide in all the right places! There’s a nice rounded edge to the brush to follow the natural curvature of your nail bed. It’s a stiff and ridge brush so no worrying about the brush hairs spreading apart and going astray. This serves as a disadvantage too because of the size of the brush, it can be a little clunky. If you can get used to it though, you would probably cut your application time in half!

At $8.50 this is drugstore pricing and depending on where you go, it’s even cheaper than OPI and Essie. You’re paying less without sacrificing quality!

I think they’ve made a believer out of me. Well done, Kathleen!

Along with these two polishes, I also ordered Magic City and Porter Miami. I’m thinking of featuring them in future Mani Mondays or perhaps posting a separate KL Polish review featuring them.

Browse their site KLPolish.com yourself if you want to see what they have to offer, or if you have a polish from them you think I simply must try, comment below!

As for a wear-test, that is my next order of business. Kathleen boasted about how the formula of the polishes resists chipping longer than most of the others she’s tried, so I want to give it a try for myself. Keep an eye out for that in the upcoming weeks!

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