KL Polish | Paper Snow Wear Test

As promised, I am back with a wear test on KL Polish’s Paper Snow.

In my previous review, I was comparing it to my favorite white polish of all time, OPI Alpine Snow, and I said if this wore better, it would be my take the place as my ultimate white polish. So let’s get down to the nitty gritty!

I highly encourage you to take a look at my review here on this polish as well as Tuxedo Mask. You’ll find more information on these polishes there. If you want to know a little about the brand, what I think of the polishes based on first impression and also about the formula and application. I also included a little comparison of this and OPI Alpine Snow there if you’re interested.

For the sake of sparing you from seeing how badly dry my thumb is and the terrible condition my right hand is doing, I’ll be using the results from my left hand to base this review. My right hand and thumb that is not depicted sadly went through the same results as those pictured below.

The first day was great! It was nice and shiny and I had some tip-wear and a minor chip. I went to bed with a grin on my face knowing that my nails looked goooood.

On day 2, pretty much every nail had visible tip-wear and the minor chip developed into a full chip. This is the way my nails will usually look after one full day of wear, so the fact that this was day 2 was very impressive.

My nails were still nice and shiny!

This is where things went downhill. Day 3. For some reason I don’t even have a good picture of this day! I just have this terrible blurry photo to show for it! AHH!

Significant chipping, oddly enough just on my index and middle fingers. My ring and pink look pretty fresh. This was the day the polish started looking more dull and less shiny.

By day 4, I was done with this polish. Oh no. Take a look at the picture. My stained nails were exposed and I was not happy about this.

If I wasn’t testing this polish out, I would have changed my polish on day 3, but just for fun, I waited to see how it would look for one more day. The result was this horrendous sight.

The verdict? This is not a long wear formula. Not on me it wasn’t. It wasn’t all bad though. The first two days it performed phenomenally. It was still looking passably fresh on the second day and the shine was great. I had such high hopes for this.

When day 3 rolled around, things went for a turn. The polish started chipping off in larger sheets into day 4. I really enjoyed this polish, but the claim of it being a long wear polish didn’t prove to be true in my case.

To be fair, I am pretty aggressive on my nails. I’m not afraid to get in there with my hands, I’m active and I spend a great deal of my time on a keyboard, so my nails don’t exactly get tender care.

If you’re light on your hands and regular nail polish holds onto your nails for day, I’m sure KL Polish would be a great option for you. The colors are great and the brushes make things easy! If somehow you’ve forgotten what this brush looks like, go back to my post to see what I’m talking about!

For me, I don’t expect any polish to last on my nails. My nails just don’t hold onto polish, so I am pretty forgiving about how this performed. I’m just stoked that it still looked so great on the second day. I love wearing white polish to make a statement, to add a crisp look to whatever I’m wearing. So all in all, this didn’t perform outstandingly, but it did wear well. It wore as well, if not a tad bit better than my regular polish. That’s pretty worth it to me. It ticked all the boxes I wanted, just didn’t have the WOW factor that I was kinda hoping for.

KL Polish is currently running a promotion where you get any 3 polishes of your choosing for $19.95 until 1/31, link for more info here. That equals out to $6.65 for each polish. That’s less than what you pay for Essie and OPI. Like I mentioned in my review, I think the formula is just as good, if not better than those popular mainstream brands. This is a great way to sample some for a discount. It looks like the discount it automatically applied at checkout so that makes things even easier!

If you’re interested, now is a great time! Also be on the look out for one more post on two more KL polishes I bought. I wish I waited for this deal to get them on sale! UGH!

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