KB Shimmer Birthstone Collection: Garnet

I have recently dabbled more into the world of indie nail polish and I would absolutely love to share these wonderful gems with you! Inspired by a gem, here is Garnet from the new KB Shimmer Birthstone collection. This collection debuted right on New Year’s Day. As I was celebrating the new year, I was placing my order for a couple of polishes from this jewel-inspired release. Hah, I was seriously stalking their page and I believe I was one of many that caused their site to crash! Only the first day of 2016 and my wallet already hated me. Oh boy.

Any who, today I have the birthstone for January. The most common shade of the garnet is red, although they can be different colors, such as green, purple and black to name a few. KB Shimmer has decided to go with the familiar deep red variant with hints of purple in certain angles and lighting. Take a look at all the amazing pictures I have in store, keep scrolling!



Garnet is composed of burgundy metallic flakes and a generous sprinkle of holographic dust. This polish gives a sexy vibe that you just can’t shake. This polish is so dense with flakes that you can get away with just one coat but if you want to intensify the look, give it that second coat! The formula is a joy to use, it somehow applies so effortlessly like a cream but yet it’s so full of glitter you can’t help but think what is this witchcraft?

Since this is a glitter polish, it does try with some slight texture. The flakes seem to stack upon one another very well so it’s not too bumpy but a top coat give you that smooth glossy finish that’ll push it over the edge.

No matter what lighting, this is a dazzler. Just take a look below and you’ll see. Take a look at how the color shifts from the blackened cherry to a rich plum. All photos below are two coats with top coat.



Here’s an interesting bit, garnets symbolize friendship and trust.


If you thought those pictures were stunning, you haven’t seen Garnet when it’s hit with flash! The little bit of brown in this red gives it a old Hollywood feel right? Classy.


Removal. Those dreaded words. A glitter polish is extremely stressful to remove, especially when it’s a dense glitter. You know what? KB Shimmer has some way, some how, created a glitter polish that doesn’t take a saw and a hard hat to remove! I placed and pressed my soaked cotton pad over my nail for about 30 secs and most of it slid right off. I then swiped it over the nail a few times, making sure not to scrub at the nail, and it was completely polish-free! Make sure when you’re removing a shimmery polish such as this one to avoid scrubbing because the shimmer particles will get everywhere on your skin and the scrubbing motion also ruins your nails. Press, hold and swipe. This method is truly the best there is.

So far this is the only one that I’ve tried from the Birthstone Collection. That’s because I can’t move on, I just love this so much. I am deeply in love with this and I know I have to include this in a future Valentine’s Day look!

If you want to purchase this, here is a link directly to the page. Each polish from the Birthstone Collection including this one is $8.75. I know it’s higher up there in price but I really love this nail polish and I know that with my purchase I’m supporting the maker so that they can continue producing quality items.

If this isn’t quite your cup of tea, check out the KB Shimmer website. There is bound to be something that will suit you, I certainly believe it!

I’m expecting heaps of nail mail in the coming week because of all the amazing sales and few Valentine’s Day specials some brands are releasing. I hope that I will be able to share these new buys with you and spread the word that indie is the way to go! They are really coming out with some blow your socks of incredible finishes, colors, and formulas!

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