Perfect Holiday Reds

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What are the holidays without the color red right?
Isn’t it funny how Santa, the man who knows if you’ve been bad or good dons this bold, naughty color?

It’s early December and before you know it, the holidays will be upon us and I can’t having you going about with anything boring on your digits. Embrace the holiday spirit. Grab a red and get to polishing, it’s an easy way to feel festive and like you’re the love interest in an old school film.

Maybe you don’t like the color red. Well, if you’ll give it a try, maybe it’ll make a pass at your heart. You can’t help but feel powerful when you have this color on. It’s the color of flames. It’s HOT.

I was never a fan of red, but as I’ve gotten more and more into nail polish, I’ve learned to tolerate it. Then there are time when a red polish will blow me out of the water. These are the reds that have changed my mind and will continue to have a place in my large collection.

Let’s start with a baseline. Here is OPI Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It. It’s a pure fire engine red on the warmer side, great for those of you with warmer undertones. This is a bold red with attitude. Perfect for everyday wear to make you feel your most powerful.

OPI Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It

Sticking on the creme wagon, next up is Essie Dress to Kilt. I reviewed this when it came out in Essie Dress to Kilt Collection back in fall 2014 and I could not stop raving about it! The formula is phenomenal and it dries so darn glossy! If you like reds that lean more berry, this is a great one. This is the one for you if you have cool undertones!

Essie Dress to Kilt

If the first polish was too fire engine red and the second was too raspberry, maybe you’ll like Essie With the Band. The slight brown tones in this polish gives it the look of burnt terracotta clay. A nice earthiness that neutralizes the intense fiery quality of the red. The formula of this one is just as great as the others, and dries exceptionally glossy.

Essie With the Band

Now to the more flashy reds! Zoya Amal is my go-to for the holidays. When this metallic red polish dries, it has a gorgeous velvety finish. What says “Happy Holidays!” more than red velvet?! I don’t need to say any more, just look at this!

Zoya Amal

If burgundy is more of your jam, how about Zoya India? This berry jam colored polish (see what I did there?), is what Zoya describes as a “deep, luxurious red with a gold liquid metallic shimmer”. It will dazzle at any holiday party. If you’re tried of the traditional reds, give this one a try and you will not be disappointed! Zoya always has superb polishes with formulas that last me longer on the nails than most brands!

Zoya India

I wanted to make a list of holiday reds that would satisfy everyone’s need for red, without listing the typical polishes, however, I do believe the classics deserve a mention.

A holiday list would not complete without these! I recommend Essie Fifth Avenue, a cream red-orange that is easy to find. Also if you don’t have China Glaze Ruby Pumps you should! It’s a red glitter polish that’s been a part of my collection for as long as I remember. It’s a little sheer so if you’re impatient, try using it as a topper. Then there’s also the newer reds that have been released in recent winter and holiday collections from your favorite brands. I’ll be reviewing those soon, but for this list, I wanted to put the spotlight on these gems.

Please check out these amazing reds! As I’ve stated numerous times, I have never really been a fan of red, so when I say that one’s good and worth checking out, I mean it!

If I were to nominate one that you simply MUST try, it would easily be Zoya Amal. I LOVE this one. Give it a try! Wait for the next Zoya sale and add it to your basket!


  1. Ariadna says:

    So happy you’re posting again! I pretty much only wear reds during the first Husker football game of the season and around Christmas. Otherwise, I really hate red. And I feel like that’s the color I have the most of, just because it always comes in the mini packs and it’s the most popular color people seems to think that I need. I shouldn’t complain, but you know what I mean, right? lol. Welcome back! I’m off to read the rest of the posts I have missed! 🙂

    • chezadrienne says:

      YES! I feel your pain! Red is such a powerful color and brings confidence to so many people, why can’t I embrace it and allow it to have that kind of affect on me? I hope you found a red you like in this little list! What’s your go-to though?

      Happy New Year! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so kind to me and continuing to encourage me! THANK YOU!!

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