Great Lakes Lacquer: First Impressions

Now that I’m back in the game and I am once again embracing my love for polish, I was sucked into the Instagram polish vortex.
I was scrolling through Instagram and suddenly, my eyes locked on this amazing purple polish. I clicked on the account, tracked down the polish, went on the site and the rest was a blur. I placed my first order for Great Lakes Lacquer.

Time to share the wonderful beauties!

Festival of Fantasies was added to my cart last minute because I just could not resist the overload of flakies! It’s a deep purple jelly with red-orawnge chrome flakies. I love that this has a jelly base. This makes it so with each coat, you are building dimension. You can get away with just two coats, but I don’t mind painting on three coats to get this finished product.

Festival of Fantasies

Chicago Schenanigans is the polish I was talking about in the beginning. I took one look and I knew I needed to track it down. Just look at that intense fuchsia shift from the bottle, it’s dazzling. I also used three coats for this and once again, the dimension and it’s SQUISHY! Yum. If this polish was food, it’d be dessert.

Chicago Schenanigans

Sadly, these two were limited edition polishes released for Polish Con from Great Lakes Lacquer. I’m sorry I shared with you something you’re unable to get now, but I really wanted to share this brand with you. It was my first experience and I enjoyed it so much I wanted to pass it along.

They have some other amazing polishes on their site that you and I should both check out. I’ve got my eye on a few but one is sold out! I keep going back and refreshing the page and I even have my notifications for their Instagram page on, that way I’ll know when they restock!

Before I go, how was your Thanksgiving? Did you do any Black Friday damage? I got a new camera I’m trying to get the hang of! Hopefully you noticed my picture quality has gone up as a result. I also placed a few indie polish orders, once they show up in my mailbox, I will be sure to share! Gosh, I’m practically drooling over the thought of them. Can’t wait!


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