Glam Polish Magical Spells Collection

I wanted to follow up Monday’s post with more Glam Polish. So here’s the rest of my little Black Friday haul from them. I really had to constrain myself from buy every single one, now I regret it immensely ’cause the one I really want is out of stock!

The Magical Spells Collection was inspired by the Harry Potter series. If that doesn’t get you excited, one glance at these polishes and you’ll be rushing over to place an order.

Alohomora! is a pretty ocean green with pink fairy shimmer and tiny iridescent flakies. The crelly formula in this makes it so the flakies look like they’re practically floatinging over a sea! Also, due to the crelly formula, this polish needs 3 coats to reach opacity, but it is really worth the little extra effort.


Expelliarmus! has a crelly purply periwinkle base with the same pink fairy shimmer and tiny iridescent flakies. The formula is very much like Alohomora!.


In comparison to Great Lakes Lacquer’s Chicago Shenanigans I reviewed a little while ago, Expelliarmus! is a little toned down, grayed out and more blue. These both are great polishes and I think you should check them both out! If you love purples get Chicago Schenanigans. If you love your blues and don’t mind a dash of purple, try Expelliarmus.

I wish I could have shown you more from this collection but at the time of purchase, most of the ones I wanted were already sold out. I’ve been checking the site constantly to see if they’ve been restocked but to no avail. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to get them before the holidays!

These polishes are regularly $12.50 each but I got them on sale for Black Friday. If you’re willing to wait, maybe Glam Polish will run a promotion for Christmas/New Year’s. However, if you’ve fallen in love with one of these and you just have to have it, scoop it up now! These are limited edition and won’t be around for long. Don’t make my mistake!

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