Formula X Aphrodite – The Divine Stardust Collection

Sephora is a beauty lovers favorite place to go. There’s literally something for everyone. For me, I rush on over to look at all the nail polishes that I can only dream of purchasing one day. Those high end brands have some steep prices, I would probably only splurge on one once a year. After drooling over the expensive Diors and Marc Jacobs, I head on over to the more affordable Formula X section. This time I wasn’t disappointed. There a new limited edition collection out and it’s got my name written all over it! Keep scrolling to see more and read more.





The Divine Stardust collection is a collection with five shimmery micro-flakie holographic polishes. That mean inside each bottle is a ton of super tiny metallic flakes that reflects the rainbow. Each is named after a Greek Goddess. Aphrodite is the purple one from the collection. It has a purple tinted base with pale purple metallic flakes with holo goodness. This is one of those times when a picture is worth a thousand words. I’m pretty sure that while I was applying it, I almost couldn’t breathe. That’s the type of effect this will have on you. To get my point across, enjoy these bottle shots.


Here’s another out of focus so you can see just how intense the holo is.


Aphrodite applied like a dream, it glided on and wasn’t grainy at all. It does dry down with just a tad of texture, nothing a top coat wouldn’t fix. I love that the flakies are so refined. You get the full sparkle without the teenage look, an elegant form of glitter. I needed three thin coats to build this to full coverage. This is so dense that it would be opaque over a base color or you could get away with two thicker coats. Once I added a glossy top coat, it shined so bright like a diamond. Swoon.

The micro-flakies are not as pronounced, they are so fine that they look like shimmer in the bottle. It makes a huge difference from normal shimmer because this way the shards will layer over each other nicely and appear seamless. The flakies give a smooth finish while still giving a strong shiny metallic effect. Not to mention it makes it so you can apply it and get maximum holo coverage. I tried to capture this to the best of my abilities but the holo just didn’t translate well in the photos. It is so brilliant, it not only reflects rainbows, it also looks like a straight up foil when it hits the light just right!





This is insanely good. The shimmer and holo without the chuckiness. You’ve got to try this.



This type of polish has only been seen from indie makers and I am thrilled to see this coming from a Sephora brand! Way to get ahead of the game! I’m hoping mainstream brands will follow in its footsteps.

There’s a silver, gold, pink and blue version. I’m going to hop over to buy some more, I need all of the Divine Stardust polishes! Oh, if only the polish fairy would grant me that wish… At the price point of $12.50 for each, I’m going to have to control my urge. If you’re into holographic polish or shimmers, give these a try! Take a look in the store and see which suits you best. Or take a chance online at Sephora’s website. Try to wait for a good deal to make the most of it! These are limited edition and exclusive to Sephora, so I wouldn’t wait too long!


  1. Ariadna says:

    Gah!! That’s so pretty!! I specially liked this line “You get the full sparkle without the teenage look, an elegant form of glitter.” That’s what I need!! 🙂 Loved your choice, I hope you get the other ones too. 😉 So that you can show them to us, of course!

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