Formula X Glory Glitter Top Coat (LE)

Today for Memorial Day, I thought it would be fitting to review two new glitter top coats I have. Both of these are patriotic and are at two different price ranges. On this post, I will be reviewing and swatching Glory from Formula X. Formula X is exclusively available at Sephora. Their creme shades retail for $10.50 and glitters are priced at $12.50.

With the price being so high, I thought I would review it to see if it’s worth the money and also to see how it rivals the drugstore polish I snatched up.


As always, the caps from the Formula X polishes come off to reveal a standard circular cap that makes polishing much easier. No clunky caps blocking your view!


This glitter polish holds an assortment of metallic red and silver star glitter pieces with varying sizes of metallic blue hex glitter. There is also some tiny tiny red glitter pieces that’s visible in the swatches. The first thing I noticed once I put the brush to my nail was that this base was thick and the clear base had been tinted red, most likely because of those red stars and tiny red pieces bleeding into the base.

The base is super thick and I found it hard to get the polish flowing. It was hard to manipulate the glitter cause of this. I didn’t have to do too much fishing to get the star glitters out. If you do have trouble with this or any other glitter with larger pieces, it’s always a good idea to flip over the polish and have to stand upside-down for a few minutes to loosen them up.

Glory- 1 coat over OPI Alpine Snow

I couldn’t help thinking this polish was missing something as I was looking at my nails. I thought maybe it was the color, so I decided to try it over a blue. I chose to put it over Wet n Wild’s Sky Me Mine from their new California Dreaming Summer 2015 line.

Glory- 1 coat over WnW Sky Me Mine (artificial light)

In natural light

I couldn’t help but still think this glitter was missing something. There was a good amount of star glitter dispersed onto my nails, I just felt like there wasn’t enough of ‘something else’… I think this polish would have been perfect if there had been some silver hex glitters in it. Right? It would have been so much better. Well, I can always add on a silver glitter over it but then why would I get a glitter polish only to layer on another glitter over it? Hmmmmm.

Glory was a nice polish. Do I think it’s worth the $12.50 I paid for it? In all honesty, nope. This polish performs no better than a cheap drugstore polish with star glitter in it. This makes me think of those cheap glitters they had around when I was younger. I expected better from Formula X. They have some of the best polishes around, so I expect them to kill it with this! So in my opinion, you should skip this one and save your money. Go with this amazing one from Sinful Colors instead! Head over to that post by clicking here or the pic below for the review!



  1. Mia says:

    Did you find it hard to get the stars out of the bottle and onto the nail. I mostly get just the blue hex’s on my nail and have to dig for the stars. It kinda looks messy and the stars seem to stick up and snag on things, definitely not as nice as yours look.

    • chezadrienne says:

      I didn’t have much of an issue getting the stars out. A good tip is to leave your polish upside down for a few minutes to let the larger, heavier glitter pieces make its way to the top. That usually helps with glitter dense polishes. I noticed when I went to the store that the amount of star glitter in the bottles differ, some bottles were super packed, while others had much less star glitter. That may also be the reason for our different experiences.
      I did experience some snagging with the stars on a few fingers too. I would say to use a toothpick or any small pointy object to push down the points of the stars to make sure they’re laying flat onto the nail. A nice thick layer of top coat would help too. Top coat always makes everything seem more polished!
      I am so sorry I replied so late! I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had as much time as I would like to dedicate to my blog. I need to get back on the wagon! I really hope I helped you out!

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