Formula X from Sephora (Holiday 2014)

It’s that time of year, Sephora lovers! The VIB Friends & Family sale is going on right now and I’m sure you’ll looking for products to put on your shopping cart. Today I have 3 new limited edition Formula X polishes to share, Alchemy and two Ombré GlittersCapricious and Clever.

I was curious to see if these polishes were up to par with their hefty price tag of $12.50 and how they would compare with polishes from the drugstore that are half the price. I took advantage of this opportunity to indulge in this luxury brand to see if these were unique enough to justify my purchase. Let’s dig in, shall we?


If you’re a polish lover and have been on the Sephora site recently, I’m sure you’ve seen Alchemy in the What’s New section. On the site, it’s described as a “platinum-infused, mixed metal shimmer” with “an iridescent, micro-glitter base for an ultraluxe, full-coverage finish.” Oh my. This is the perfect description. It is certainly ultraluxe. This is glitter for the sophisticated, purely shimmer. In one coat it’s just fine, but with two, it’s perfect.

What you’re seeing in the picture below is not a metallic polish, there is no metallic base. It’s fully micro metallic shimmer that is super opaque. It’s a rainbow of metals. It’s like someone crushed up the finest gems, added dashes of gold and platinum and named it Alchemy. 

IMG_3783Alchemy- 2 coats, no top coat

There is no doubt that Alchemy is gorgeous, but are there similar nail polishes available at drugstores?

I rediscovered in my polish stash one that is very close to Alchemy. Covergirl had a line of polishes in honor of the Hunger Games Catching Fire movie that relatively display the same look on the nail. The closest match I have is Scalding Emerald. The biggest difference is that it strongly reflects green. Just take a look at the pictures. For comparison purposes, I also swatched Seared Bronze, from the same collection.

These glosstinis were released last year and were limited edition. Due to this, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to find these in stores. I would recommend checking discount retailers like Big Lots, they’re your best bet for discontinued items. If you would like to purchase these and can’t find them anywhere near you, I found them here on

IMG_3784L-R: Alchemy, Scalding Emerald, Alchemy, Seared Bronze

Next up, we have the Ombré Glitters. They were given this name because of its duochrome look on the nails. These have some gritty texture to them, but not chunky at all, more like a Zoya PixieDust texture.

Capricious is golden polish densely filled with micro purple glitter. It’s so hard to describe these because of all the little components. The glitter is packed in an purple almost-clear base. It’s opaque in 2 coats. Full coverage glitters make me swoon.

IMG_3481Capricious- 2 coats, no top coat

Clever is the more purple version of Capricious. It has a purple tinged clear base with micro purple and blue glitter. When it catches the light it really amplifies the metallic blues and purples. 2 coats was okay, but I added 3 to build up the opacity. This didn’t photograph well in my usual shooting area, so I had to take the photo in a different location. I hope it wasn’t too distracting.

IMG_3488Clever- 3 coats, no top coat

What were my thoughts of these Ombré Glitters after trying these out? Honestly, I was a little disappointed. From the images from the site, I thought these were going to have mixed sizes of glitter. Sadly, because there was only one size of glitter, it didn’t look as interesting as I had hoped. It was lacking the dimension that I love when there are a variety of glitter sizes.
Though they’re not exactly what I was expecting, I still love these two glitters and they are wonderful to look at. Let me stress that what you are seeing, that opaque ‘color,’ is created purely from micro glitter!

The polishes that reminded me most of the Ombré Glitters were Hors D’Oeuvres(Essie Encrusted Treasures) and Lavishly Lilac (Maybelline Brocades). Both of these have mixed sizes of glitter! Lavishly Lilac is a very close match, but sadly this was a limited edition nail polish from last winter. I actually like Lavishly Lilac better! My next alternative is Hors D’Oeuvres from essie, it’s like a champagne version of the Ombré Glitters. It gives the same look for half the price. Try On A Silver Platter also from Essie if you want something more purple. If you’re looking for an even cheaper option, but on the pink side, there’s also Gilded Rose from Maybelline’s core polishes.

IMG_3799L-R: Hors D’Oeuvres, Capricious, Lavishly Lilac, Capricious

An excellent line of polishes that remind me of these glitters are from L’Oréal in their permanent Color Riche Gold Dust collection. I only own one of these babies, Sexy in Sequins, and it has an amazing formula. There are 9 textured shades in total at about $6 each. I overlooked these when they originally came out and put off buying them to try when I found out they were added to the permanent line. That was obviously a mistake! I need all of these in my life! I foresee a haul in my near future…

IMG_3801Index&Ring: Capricious, M&P: Sexy in Sequins

Overall, these Formula X polishes are gorgeous and are of great quality. I was a bit disappointed with the Ombré Glitters because of the uniform micro glitter. The drugstore options are just as beautiful or even more so than the Ombré Glitters, so skip ’em!

The one polish I think was worth the $12.50 and I fully recommend is Alchemy. Unlike the Ombré Glitters, Alchemy really wowed me. It exceeded my expectations. Sophisticated, ultraluxe, gorgeous! I shared some similar polishes, but it’s beauty is unmatched. Put it in your Sephora shopping cart now while the sale is on beauty lovers!

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