Formula X Determined (The Brushed Metallics)

Essie’s Cashmere Matte line reopened my eyes to the wonderful world of matte polishes, with a different category of mattes. My love for the finish was fresh in my mind and when I saw Formula X’s new Brushed Metallics collection at Sephora, the matte finish and shimmery look reminded me of the Cashmere Mattes, so I was definitely intrigued. I wanted to see how they would compare to the more affordable Essie polishes I tried.

Seeing as these polishes are quite a hefty price tag, I decided I had to choose just one. I chose a unique shade named Determined. More details on this special polishes are below! Click to read more.

Determined is a warm red brown with blue-green shimmer. As expected, it dries with a matte finish. Unlike the Cashmere Matte polishes from Essie, it dries to a totally matte finish. The shimmer in this polish adds a different look that makes it stand out against other plain mattes.

Determined- 2 coats, no top coat

It has a nice formula that flows onto the nail with ease, which is not out of the ordinary, since it is a Formula X nail lacquer. These are called Brushed Metallics, but don’t let that scare you. There are no pesky brush strokes to be seen. YES!

I love the interesting look the blue-green shimmer paired with the brown creates. I know there are many eyeshadows that look similar and I’m glad they created a nail polish with this idea. I’m not big on makeup, so I don’t own one of these eyeshadows to show you. I am very fascinated with makeup though. I commend those who are masters of the eyeliner flick! #fleek So, I did some digging and similar eyeshadows include MAC Club, Urban Decay Lounge and the Definer shade in Wet ‘n’ Wild’s Comfort Zone palette.

Here it is again in dimmer artificial light. In order to get the shimmer to really show up in the picture, I had to go with a blurry shot.

Determined- no top coat in dim light

The shimmer is much more striking in natural light. It is really something!

Determined- no top coat in natural light

I wanted to try Determined with a top coat to see if the shimmer would intensify. It did make the shimmer stand out a little more, but it lost the unique, one of a kind look that the matte finish gave it. In the end, I found that I enjoy it with its intended finish more.

Determined- 2 coats, with top coat

Here’s another shot in natural light. It’s just not as chic as it is when matte.

Determined- with top coat in natural light

I’m sure you’re wondering how Determine looks when compared to the Essie Cashmere Mattes. I have referred to them plenty of times in this post, after all. Well, none of the Cashmere Mattes are even similar to Determined. The closest one would be Comfy in Cashmere. It’s definitely not a dupe though. Look for yourself.

(L-R) Comfy in Cashmere and Determined

Comfy in Cashmere is a taupey brown and the shimmer is much much more subtle. Determined is a warm red toned brown with strong shimmer. Comfy in Cashmere has blue shimmer, while Determined has shimmer more on the green side.

Am I glad I bought this polish? Yes. Is it a must have? No. At $12.50, no you don’t necessarily need this nail polish. If you fell in love with the Cashmere Mattes and you want more, then sure, snatch this up! It’s only available for a limited time and it’s exclusively sold at Sephora. If this shade didn’t appeal to you, there are 9 others to check out. The Brushed Metallics are described as ‘first-of-its-kind, matte metallic lacquer infused with lustrous mica for an eye-catching manicure’ on Sephora’s site. Oh and if I didn’t say it enough already, be sure to check out my recent post on the Essie Cashmere Matte collection, they are beautiful and all have a satin soft matte cashmere-like finish.


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