February Favorites |2016

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I have had a tough week. In short, it has seriously been a whirlwind. It’s a new day, a new month and there is always something good to look forward to. This year we had the pleasure of enjoying an extra day, Feb. 29th and now it’s March! This is the time when the weather gets warmer, birds return, my nose starts itching, eyes start puffing up and the flowers start blooming. Hooray. I am excited for that. Well, I am excited about some things more than the others. I’m sure you can guess.

Joking and drama aside, I really am looking forward to this month. Spring collections have already started to flood stores. I have some new collections I need to get to swatching to get reviewed for you!

Before we jump into the new month, let’s wind back a little and see what polishes I have enjoyed for the shorter month of February!

I only have six favorites to share this month but these are really the polishes that stood out to me for February and I know they are some that I will continue using for years to come. These six are ones that I love and I have done reviews on all of these so to keep be sure to check out the posts for more details and more pictures!

I want to start with the polish that I almost missed out on. YSL Peace Green is a stunning fresh green with a veil of pink opalescent shimmer. It is divine. I can’t believe I almost missed out on getting this one! I remember seeing it and thinking wow. Then when I looked online, it was sold out so I had to go on a hunt for this one. It cost a pretty penny but boy, was it worth it. You need to take a look at the blog post to see this in its true glory.

YSL Peace Green

Here’s another fresh green. Going Guru is from Essie’s resort collection for this year. Out of the four from the collection, this was the color I knew I had to get and I knew I would like this one the best from the moment I laid my eyes on it. It didn’t have the best formula, it takes three coats to get opaque. I know, it takes some work but it really is beautiful and it is perfect for spring! If you find yourself tired of mint and pale pinks, give this one a spin! Review of the Going Guru collection is here if you would like to take a look.

I also reviewed the Essie spring collection for 2016 but I haven’t played with those as much as I would like to so even though there were some great polishes, I can’t name any as my favorites, yet. These six I have chosen are ones that really left an impression on me and I know I will keep reaching for. The polishes from the Lounge Lover collection, I’m not sure I feel that way about them. Check out my post to see them!

Going Guru

Let’s go from super expensive to more affordable and easy to find now, shall we? This past month I reviewed the new OPI New Orleans Collection and it had some stunners. Two of which are Show Us Your Tips! and Rich Girls & Po-Boys. I’ve been looking for some color in my life and these hit the spot. Show Us Your Tips! is an interesting purple shimmer with a thinner formula than most but there is no doubt that this was the stand out of the collection for me. Although I found a dupe for Rich Girls & Po-Boys in my collection, that didn’t stop me from sporting this on my nails! It has a wonderful one coat formula that I can’t pass up! Don’t forget to check out my review to see other polishes from the collection!

Show Us Your Tips!

Rich Girls and Po-Boys

I raved on and on about Have Faith in Destiny from Different Dimension. I love this taupey blush nude holo and you will too! There’s no need to say anything else. You need this. End of story. It is currently sold out for individual sale on the website and I’m not sure if they will be restocking since it was limited edition for Valentine’s Day. It is however still available for purchase in the full set of four and it’s on sale for $38 right now! Take a look, if you like what you see, you should definitely jump on that deal!

Have Faith in Destiny

The last is another indie. Berry Good Looking from Cupcake Polish is a purple holo. It’s not that simple though. This polish is so complex. It’s a purple with a red undertone. This purple holo is unlike any I have ever seen. It applied so easily and looked insane. Insanely good. A must have. This is one that I know will have a place in my collection for years and years to come. You need to go over to my blog post dedicated to this polish here for a better look.

Berry Good Looking

Those were my February favorites! Each and every one of these are deserving of a spot in your collection. I truly believe that.

I would say February was a very polished month. Heh. March is here and I have a plethora of polishes to swatch and review! I have done some hauling and I need to get to working on the swatching! I will happily do that and get to searching for my faves for next month!

Thank you for being here for me to share my love of polish with! As I said, it’s been a tough week and getting to share my passion is uplifting. Thank you!

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