Fantasy Makers (by Wet n Wild) Halloween 2014

Every year for Halloween, Wet n Wild releases its own collection and also one under Fantasy Makers. This year’s bottle design for their polishes are a little different than last year’s version and I am liking the change. The rectangular bottles are capped with matte black tombstones decorated with skulls. I find that my finger is able to wrap around the curve of the tombstone perfectly comfortably. Plus, because it’s matte, I get that little feeling of cool material on my finger, never feeling sticky or sweaty. It’s really something you have to try before you truly understand.

There are six nail polishes in this installment of the Halloween collection and they are called the RIP Nail Colors. Aside from these, there are also some Wild Shine polishes as well. I grabbed up half of the RIP colors. I passed on the shimmery lime green, black and glow in the dark. The glow in the dark made me think of the bad luck I’ve had recently with another glow in the dark polish. I’m happy with what I chose, although there’s one I could do without. Keep reading to find out more.

IMG_3344Once I opened Queen of Envy, I knew it was going to be super sheer. For the photo below, I painted 3 coats and you can still see my nail lines peeking through. If you would like it more opaque, you’re looking at probably 4-5 coats. The upside? This jelly green is perfect for jelly sandwiches!

IMG_3222Queen of Envy- 3 coats, no top coat

IMG_3225Queen of Envy & Sally Hansen Shattered Stars (LE Fall 2014)

How unique is this though? Sure, it make a great glitter jelly sandwich, but… From the moment I laid eyes on it I knew I already had something like it and also from the same brand. Wet n Wild released Contact High just this past summer with other Megalast nail colors and I am very confident when I say these two are dupes.

After a little scouting around, I leaned that last year’s Fantasy Maker’s collection featured a green that looks very close to Queen of Envy. The nail colors released last year and this year are very similar too. This information makes me wonder if Wet n Wild is just recycling and rereleasing shades they’ve already done, instead of bring out new ones.


L-R: Queen of Envy, Contrast High

This next polish is a jelly cream raspberry pink, much less sheer than Queen of EnvyGhouls Rush In  needs just 2 very easy coats-no visible nail lines! I’m typically no fan of pink, but I really like this one. It must be that bit of purple coming off from this raspberry jelly. I love how squishy the finish is, juicy squishy raspberry! This one’s unique and a must have for sure. Not a dupe in my collection.

IMG_3226Ghouls Rush In- 2 coats, no top coat

I layered 1 coat of Zoya Monet over Ghouls Rush In and topped with a coat of Ghouls Rush In to complete the jelly sandwich. I love how the iridescent glitter just barely shows through, but it shows itself when the light hits it. I don’t love this as much as I thought I would. Sally Hansen Shattered Stars would have looked amazing with this, but honestly, it looks great with everything!

IMG_3227Ghouls Rush In & Zoya Monet (Spring 2014)

Squishy jelly orange anyone? Goosebump Suit is somewhere in between the opacity of Ghouls Rush Iand Queen of Envy. This neon orange is a dream to put on, needing just 2 coats.

IMG_3231Goosebump Suit- 2 coats, no top coat

This orange jelly paired perfectly with Sinful Colors Splatter Spell from their new Halloween display, Wicked Colors. This look really yells Halloween, right? I mean, I never wear orange unless it’s Halloween.

IMG_3233Goosebump Suit & Sinful Colors Splatter Spell

Again, I found myself thinking Wet n Wild is putting out polishes we’ve already seen before from their previous collections. One look at Goosebump Suit and I instantly thought back to Wet n Wild’s Spitfire they released this past summer in their Wild Shine range. This time around they aren’t dupes, but to the untrained eye, they’re dupes. Goosebump Suit is a tad more neon and its formula is better than Spitfire. So, that being said, you don’t need both.


These three are really great jellies. From the pictures, I’m sure you’ll agree that they look amazing when used with glitters to create some delectable sandwiches. If you’re in the market for some affordable jellies to try out, here are 3 solid ones you should try. My favorite pick would have to be Ghouls Rush In, just because the other two are too similar to other polishes released recently, also within the same brand. In addition, Ghouls Rush In has a jelly cream formulation. It is a jelly without the pain of layering numerous coats to build opacity.

I’ve seen this display at CVS so far for just $2 for each. Be sure to check them out if you happen to see the display.

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