Essie Ring in the Bling | Winter 2017

Happy New Year! I hope everyone’s holiday went well!

It’s been insanely cold over here. Every time I step out, I lose feeling in my face, fingers and toes. It’s awful.

Ugh, winter. Why do you have to be such a PAINFULLY beautiful time of year?

Any how, today I have polished from the Essie Winter Collection to share. Unless you’re living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve seen these around…but they’re so beautiful let me take a whack at ‘em!

The namesake of this collection, Ring in the Bling is a ruby red with golden pearly shimmer. To me, this seem like a more mature red. It’s beautiful with a great formula but is just not the type of red I’d prefer. Lucky for me and you, I’ve compiled a small list of my favorite reds over here in my most recent blog post.

Now this is the one people ran out to get. Social-lights is a gray with delicate copper shimmer. This reminds me of a beautiful snowy day with beams of golden sunlight shinning down, warming the cold frozen snow. It’s absolutely divine.

This collection had the new year in mind, so I thought, what better time than now with the new year, than to share it! Happy 2018! Goodbye and good riddance 2017!


  1. Ariadna says:

    Social-lights is on my wishlist!! Truthfully, 2017 was a little bit of a dud for me, polish-wise. I don’t buy indies, so mainstreams are all I go after, but even so, there were too many reds, and pinks. Two of my least favorite colors! I was honestly about to type that I didn’t even buy that many polishes this year, but I looked thru my pinterest page where I keep track of what I have and I got (either by buying or as gifts) around 50 this year. Whoops! In my defense, 24 came from Ciate’s advent calendar that my brother gave me as a Christmas gift this year, lol. Anyway, I forgot what the point of this story was, lol. What were some of your favorites this year?

    • chezadrienne says:

      There has been so much pink this past year! I get drawn in by every shade of blue and purple, but when it comes to pink, I can’t. The only pink I go for is a soft pale pink and it’s hard to find one with a good enough formula to hold on to.
      Oooh! How are Ciate’s polishes? I’ve never tried any from them, I don’t find myself being drawn to them. Any recommendations?

      I wish I could say I have mainstream favorites of this year, but I feel like most of my favorites are from indie brands. You need to check out Different Dimensions! They have drugstore prices and their polishes are GORGEOUS! They also frequently has promotions! I was actually debating on whether or not to do a yearly favorites, but I feel like my list would consist of only indies and to my dismay, some of them are discontinued since when they’re out of stock they’re gone forever. Ugh, I really want you to try these polishes!! I also hope that this year, mainstream brands will stop doing more of the same and try to get into some more unique colors and/or finishes.

      • Ariadna says:

        There’s nothing wrong with loving indie brands! There’s so many beautiful polishes that call my name but I can’t justify the price tag! I’ll check out Different Dimensions though, doesn’t hurt to look, right?

        I’ve only tried one of Ciate’s cream polishes and it was pretty good! The brush surprised me, it’s flat and rounded and even though all but one are minis, the brush is really nice to use. The calendar came with a nail treatment that I haven’t really used yet and a top coat which is really shiny but too thin in my opinion and doesn’t dry very fast. My favorite top coat is the Essie gel setter because it’s thick and super glossy and it dries in 20 minutes. Which sounds like a lot but I can go to bed 20 minutes after painting my nails and I don’t get sheet marks on them, with the Ciate one, I waited 45 minutes just to make sure it was dry and I still got sheet marks on a couple nails.

        It also came with a lot of shimmers and glitters and even though I’m not a huge fan of them, I’m excited to use them! Now I’m in the nail polish buying mood! Did you see Zoya’s promo of the mystery box? I mentioned it to my husband and said that it was a bad deal, lol, that I already had enough untrieds from this calendar box. And in my heart I know he’s right, but I’m afraid of missing out on some awesome goodies!! Have you picked up any of their mystery boxes before?

        • chezadrienne says:

          I’ll keep it in mind the next time I’m in Sephora to check out the Ciate section!

          No! I haven’t tried my luck with their mystery boxes before, because I feel like I have awful luck. In the past I’ve ordered mystery grab bags/boxes from companies, including monthly subscriptions and it’s like I’m always the one drawing the short end of the stick. Also, I practically own every Zoya that my eye’s been drawn to! When they have their special promotions for $3 (Earth Day, Black Friday, etc.), I always place a huge order of things I’ve been lemming for!
          If you don’t have much from Zoya, I think it would be a good chance to try a good chunk of their stuff for a discount. ” 11 of our favorite products” sounds pretty tempting (and coupons!). Just be sure to factor in that they’ll probably throw in lipsticks, lotions and the other spa treatment items they have. So you won’t just get a box of polish, if that sounds good to you, get it! If you’re iffy about the whole thing, maybe skipping it would be best.
          There are pictures on Instagram of past boxes if you’d like to take a look! Under the hashtag zoyamysterybox.

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