Essie Wild Nudes

The season of nudes and neutrals. The time is now. So it’s only right that I share with you this Wild Nudes Collection from Essie. A wild nude, essentially meaning tame color. That’s what these are. This collection is for those of you who want some color without committing to an eyesore. Perfect for you to stick in a little color in your polish!

This collection was released late spring and by now, it’s not exactly s current release. They were just gathering dust on my shelf. I thought that it was much too late to type up a review, but then I thought, hey, it’s polish, it’s available…why not? Also, although I haven’t given them any attention here, I have worn them since I’ve gotten them.

Good polish should always be shared. That’s a good enough reason for me.

Exposed is a mossy green, with a tinge of brown. It coated the nail well and was nice a creamy, it even dried with a nice gloss. The formula of these polishes are a little thicker than your average polish so in the beginning, that may take some getting used to.


Then there’s Mooning, a wonderfully dusty blue creme. Essie has released some dusty blues in past, but they’ve always leaned more on the green side, like Maximillian Strasse Her and Who is the Boss. This is like a straight crime version of well-loved, Parka Perfect. If you don’t do shimmer, this will fit your taste. This formula is also thick and creamy, what I’d like to call full-bodied—making it easy to reach opacity.


If you want a dusty light blue with a trick up its sleeve, there’s OPI Check Out the Old Geysirs from the Fall/Winter Iceland Collection. It’s a cement blue with an icy blue shimmer that is to die for, check out my review and pictures here.

Vampy purple meets gray in Winning Streak. There’s nothing like pairing a rich dark color with a filter of white. It’s shadow and light combined. Ahhh, what a combination it is!

Winning Streak

The last I picked from this collection is Clothing Optional. This reddish Brown clay went on just as easily as the rest. The color isn’t my favorite, but it is a nice nude for when you’re looking for something not so traditional.

For some reason, this color makes me think of hot chocolate every time. Side note: I’ve been craving hot cocoa like a madwoman all week. I’m driving my boyfriend crazy.

Clothing Optional

The formulas of these polishes were all good and I didn’t have any trouble with any of them. These are extremely creamy and very pigmented, two thin coats is your best bet at even, full coverage. This stuff can easily glob, so wipe down your brush!

The Wild Nudes consists of 8 polishes, of these, I only have 4 of these to share with you. I do recommend that you take a look at the others, because these can work for anybody of any skin tone. Brilliant! Essie has shown us once again that they know their way around cremes.

These muted shades need to be shared because even though they are understated colors, they shouldn’t be understated polishes. Update your neutrals with a hint of color with this collection!

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