Essie Peach Side Babe Collection PART I for Summer 2015

Part II of the Peach Side Babe Collection is here!

Today I have a new collection to share with you. It’s so new, that there is barely any information available yet. I can assure you these are coming soon and they are the real deal. There has been talk of this new Summer collection recently in the blogosphere and when I spotted them, I ran to purchase them tout de suite! UPDATE: They are out in stores NOW! They’re on the Ulta website!

The colors didn’t seem all that interesting to me, maybe they don’t to you either. Essie is one of my favorite brands. For some reason, it’s the only brand that I find it okay to have dupe shades of. What do I mean by that? The best way for me to explain this would be by giving an example. I own Bobbing for Baubles, Stylenomics and Mind Your Mittens. They’re all deep dark navy blues and they are only a hair different from one another. It’s not practical, but I own them all and will not part with them (for now…).

There’s something about those petite square bottles with white caps and embossed branding that make me have the “gotta catch ’em all syndrome’ I have no control over myself when it comes to them. Even time I see a new Essie collection, I think to myself, “Man, I’ve gotta have that one!” It doesn’t matter if I have a drawer full of similar shades, I feel I need that one. That’s what came over me when I spotted this new collection, the Essie Peach Side Babe Collection for Summer 2015.


I bought these myself. These are all minis that will be available in a set once the collection is released. The packaging on these is adorable, very psychedelic. Watermarblin’?

Image found on Pinterest

Sunset Sneaks is a bright tomato red with some pink, maybe even like a vibrant red coral. It’s so bright it made my camera go a little crazy, just take a look at the collection picture from the start of this post again. It had a creamy formula and went on easily. For those who love a good red, this one may be one you should try.

Sunset Sneaks- 2 coats, no to coat

From the swatches I’ve seen of Essie Wife Goes On, it looks to be a close dupe. Another more popular option is OPI Cajun Shrimp. I don’t own either of these, so I can’t validate any theories. They both have a pinky red look that look very similar to Sunset Sneaks.

Chillato  was one of the shades I knew I wanted to get when this collection was leaked out. It’s a pastel honeydew green. The formula on this one wasn’t as easy as Sunset Sneaks. The formula is on the thinner side. The first coat was patchy, the second coat evened most of it out. I ended up adding a third to fix the slight patchiness that was left over. Chillato could be a two-coater if you use thicker coats, I just prefer to use thin coats.

I love how this color looks. It instantly gives me a tanned look to my skin, I can’t wait until I actually have a tan and wear this!

Chillato- 3 coats, no top coat

If you’re thinking this could be similar to ‘Til the Record Stops from the Color Club Poptastic Pastel Neon Collection, they are totally different. ‘Til the Record Stops is a neon pastel cool green. Chillato is a warm pastel green.

CoverGirl Salt Water Taffy is very similar, though it’s a shade lighter. The formula on these two are also very similar, both need three coats and suffer from patchy applications. If you would like to same some cash, try Salt Water Taffy, it’s part of CoverGirl’s permanent line and retails for around $5-6 depending on where you go.

I&R: Chillato, M&P: Salt Water Taffy


Now for the name sake of this collection. Peach Side Babe is a peachy pink coral. I don’t like how this one looks on my hands, this’ll probably end up being a toe color. the formula was good, two coats.

Peach Side Babe- 2 coats, no top coat

I have a dupe! A dupe that only costs $1.99! NYC Volcanic Orange from the new LE Spring Collection. You can’t even tell these two apart! Maybe if you really squint hard and focus, you can see some more orange from Volcanic Orange. The difference is more noticeable when in direct sunlight. Seriously, they are pretty much dupes. I actually prefer the brush and formula of Volcanic Orange a little more than Peach Side Babe.

There are tons of colors similar to this. Peach Side Babe is just not very unique. Everyone has a peachy coral in their collection, so this one can probably be a skip.

I&R: Peach Side Babe, M&P: Volcanic Orange



If you’re wondering how this compares to Stones n’ Roses from the recent Resort collection, Peach Side Babe is a brighter version with more peach. I don’t own Stones n’ Roses so no comparison pic for this one, sorry!

Onto my favorite, Pret-A-Surfer. This muted pacific blue has an amazing creme formula. I love blurples, I love dusty shades, put them together and you I’m going to love it! The icing on the cake is that this is a one coater! YES. I need the full size of this.

Pret-A-Surfer- 1 coat, no top coat

Another similar polish to one from the Essie Resort 2015 collection? Pret-A-Surfer looks awfully close to Suite Retreat right? Rest assured, these two are different. Suite Retreat is more on the purple side, I have a post on it here. These two are on two opposite sides of blurple. They’re both one coaters! I’m happy to own both and will be keeping them.

I&R: Pret-A-Surfer, M&P: Suite Retreat


Just for those curious, I’ve taken a bottle comparison of Pret-A-Surfer and Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (OG version).


How do I feel about this collection? I’m excited! My two favorites are Chillato and Pret-A-Surfer. The other two were nice, they just weren’t colors that appeal to me. Sunset Sneaks is a great bright red coral if you’re looking for one. I would skip on Peach Side Babe. Every brand has their own peachy coral, this shade is not unique enough for me to justify owning another.

As for the other colors in this collection that weren’t included in this set, I had to wait and purchase them full size. Here is the review! The white with shimmer, Private Weekend looks interesting and a cool twist to your normal white polish. The pastel blue lavender Salt Water Happy is one of the colors that caught my eye from the beginning.

For gel lovers, this Summer collection is available in both enamel and gel versions. As of now, Essie’s gel shades are different from their enamel nail polishes. They don’t have exact gel versions of your favorite Essies. I’m guessing they might be looking into beginning to releasing enamel and gel versions of any new polishes from this point on.

UPDATE: This collection is out in stores now! You can purchase them online now at Ulta or in stores. If you haven’t spotted them yet, don’t worry, they’re rolling into stores at this very moment. Keep your eyes peeled! Click HERE to see the rest of the swatches and review of Essie Peach Side Babe Part II.




    • chezadrienne says:

      There isn’t much info out about this yet. I would say look around at your local beauty/nail supply stores for your best chance. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait it out unfortunately. :/ I found them at a store near me, since they’re selling it, the whole collection’s probably set for release around May. I’ll let you know when more information becomes available!

    • chezadrienne says:

      I completely agree, I’m waiting for these to officially release so I can get my hands on a full size of Chillato! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, it truly means the world to me!

  1. Nail Polish Pursuit says:

    Thanks for the review and comparisions Adrienne. This collection actually includes two more polishes: Private Weekend and Salt Water Happy. The mini sets usually only include part of the collection. We share the same love for essie – gotta have ’em! I just posted this collection as well.

    • chezadrienne says:

      Thank you for taking the time to take a look at my blog! Yes, those two have been on my list ever since I saw the leaks of this collection! I just watched your in-depth review on these and love that you went into such detail with each one. After seeing your swatches, I am lusting over Salt Water Happy even more than I was. I love that you have live swatches AND comparisons, I instantly subscribed! Your pictures in your blog post are stunning too!

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