Essie Peach Side Babe Collection PART II for Summer 2015 (Swatches & Review)

The Essie Peach Side Babe Collection for Summer 2015 has hit stores! I reviewed the mini set of four polishes from this collection a couple of weeks ago and here are the two I was missing! If you haven’t seen that post yet, visit it here. This is the second part to the collection review so please don’t skip part one! It’s loaded with information along with swatches and comparisons too. Since trying those four shades, I have been patiently waiting for the release to get my hands on these two. Now that I have the full collection in my possession, I can share the two shades I was missing originally.


Private Weekend is a chic white with soft shimmer. You need just two coats for full opacity. It’s a strong stark white with a dash of fun shimmer. The formula of this is a little troublesome, it just needs to be worked with a bit. It’s nothing too bad, as long as you don’t go over spots again. This dries pretty fast so if you try to go over spots, it may pull the polish and you can end up with bald spots. Luckily, this self-levels excellently! Just apply your three strokes to cover the nail and let that it do its self-level magic. I’d also like to note that the shimmer in the bottle is much strong that what you get on the nail. Basically, it contains Essie shimmer.

What am I talking about? What’s “Essie shimmer”? Oh you know, that shimmer Essie likes to put in some of that polishes. It shows up in the bottle but then disintegrates once it touches the nail. That’s the name I’ve coined for it and I’m gonna stick to it.

Oh, careful with that shimmer though. That stuff can get absolutely everywhere during removal.

Private Weekend- 2 coats, no top coat

Private Weekend

There have been a couple polishes recently released that are quite similar to Private Weekend. Chiffon My Mind from the new OPI Soft Shades Collection and Pearl of Wisdom from the OPI Infinite Shine Soft Shades (pssttt… post on some from this collection coming soon!). I don’t own either of these so I can speak on how they compare. From the swatches of Chiffon My Mind and when I see the bottle in the store, they look like they could be dupes.

If you’re looking for a white with golden sheen, may I recommend Frosting from Orly’s Sugar High Collection. I recently reviewed this new spring collection and I ended up really liking the look of it.

Salt Water Happy is a light blue different from all the others. It’s like a mix of dove gray and cornflower blue. This may look like a straight up creme polish but it actually contains a touch of Essie shimmer. Even in the bottle, it barely shows up. Only under certain lighting can you even see it. Essentially, it’s a creme polish. It applied flawlessly, nice and smooth on the nails. I am really loving this formula and color.

Salt Water Happy- 2 coats, no top coat

Salt Water Happy

How unique is this polishes? Let me show you. Here are all the polishes I have that look remotely close to Salt Water Happy. I’m missing Essie Borrowed & Blue, but the color is similar to Find Me An Oasis and Zoya Blu.

(L-R) Find Me An Oasis, Salt Water Happy, Rock the Boat, Bikini So Teeny

(L-R) Zoya Blu, Salt Water Happy, Zoya Kristen

As you can see above, no dupes here. Whoo! Great formula and unique color? This one’s a keeper!

Now I can give you my top picks out of the whole collection. Salt Water Happy and Chillato are the must haves due to their uniqueness. You’ll have to deal with the formula for Chillato though. Check my post here to find out what I’m talking about. My third and final pick would be Private Weekend. If you have Chiffon My Mind (OPI Soft Shades 2015), you should probably skip on this. If you need to pick between the two, it’s just a question of if you prefer a soft or strong look. I am happy with Private Weekend and I think I can cross out Chiffon My Mind from my list.

Have you seen these in stores yet? They’re making their way in stores now so if you don’t yet, they will be soon! Let me know what your picks are. I hope my opinions and swatches helped you!


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