Essie Suite Retreat (Resort 2015)

I always looked forward to Essie’s resort collection every year. The In The Cabana resort collection (2013) left me with high hopes. That’s the collection that had my 2 spring favorites, In The Cabana and First Timer. For the past 2 years, those hopes have been squashed. I wasn’t interested in last year’s collection at all, the shades were pretty boring. This year, it wasn’t any different. The colors were bland and nothing like the ones I had fallen so madly in love with back in 2013.

I didn’t want to totally skip on the new Resort 2015 collection, so I took a look of the four polishes closely. There was one polish that caught my eye, Suite Retreat. Essie has tons of blue purple, “blurples” in their collection but there is not one dupe. Essie describes Suite Retreat as a blue orchid. Let’s take an up close look.


Suite Retreat is a dusty purple with indigo hues. I can see why Essie decided to go with blue orchid for the description. At first glance, I thought this was nothing out of the ordinary. When I applied it, it was such a glorious formula. One coat to perfection. It reminds me of the formula of the polishes from the Dress to Kilt collection, from the fall. The formula just glides on the nail.

Suite Retreat- 1 coat, no top coat

The color of Suite Retreat is unique and unlike anything I have. When I held the bottle in my hands, I thought it looked like a muted out version of Chills & Thrills from last summer’s Neon Too Taboo collection.

When looked at side-by-side, you can see Suite Retreat has more purple. Chills & Thrills on the other hand has more cobalt blue, it’s described as a blue violet. I guess that’s something to compare, orchid vs violet. I guess that about sums it up? Just in case you’re wondering, Chills & Thrills is much more purple than Butler Please (Essie) and Pacific Blue (original from Sally Hansen).

I&R: Suite Retreat, M&P: Chills & Thrills

L-R: Suite Retreat, Chills & Thrills

As I said before, I was very close to skipping this collection all together. I am glad I decided against that and grabbed Suite Retreat! I found that I’ve been reaching for it a ton lately due to the ease of application. If you’re someone that isn’t into Essie and you think the formula on them sucks, give this one a try. Or if you weren’t interest in this collection and this sounds appealing, grab it! It’s only in store for a limited time anyway. It’s a gorgeous blurple that I’m sure will get a great deal of use in the coming months ahead!


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